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The Stray and the Divine |Kellic| by Gabisnotfab
The Stray and the Divine |Kellic|by Weirdo
Victor Fuentes Senior was the alpha of the Pierced Veils pack but when he suddenly is murdered by a rogue werewolf his son, Vic has to come back from his nomadic life to...
Unwanted   •Cashby• by Driftwood_Heart
Unwanted •Cashby•by Ginger Princess 👑
Alan lives in a world full of shifters, people who are half animal is the easiest way to explain it. His kind are accepted and get along well with those who don't shift...
Random Fluffs/Imagines/Smutts/Short Storys by Lily-Reckless
Random Fluffs/Imagines/Smutts/ Lily Reckless
It's all in the title! READ SOME OF THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!
You Took A Part Of Me (Cashby) by dearjalexcountmein
You Took A Part Of Me (Cashby)by what
Alan is starting his first year of college and trying to convince himself he'll survive. Though after meeting his roommate, Austin, he's not so sure anymore.
Hypocrisy (Austlan Cashby) by Um_Jackbarakat
Hypocrisy (Austlan Cashby)by Um_Jackbarakat
It started with name calling. Fag, emo, gross, ugly, anorexic, boney. Then, he laid hands on me. On December 19th of 2011, Austin Carlile gave me a black eye. ~TRIGGE...
✿ The Last Night || ♡ Cashby Austlan ♡ by JalexUnite
✿ The Last Night || ♡ Cashby Alan
Alan Ashby is a boy that lost his way and needs help recovering from his mean, depressed old self. Austin Carlile is an angel, but not just any angel; Alan's guardian an...
I Met You At KFC |Cashby| by Driftwood_Heart
I Met You At KFC |Cashby|by Ginger Princess 👑
Alan is a seventeen going on eighteen year old who works at KFC. Between a sick mother, twin brothers, and bills piling up he has a lot on his plate. All he want to do i...
A Lesson Never Learned [✔] by sun_bean_
A Lesson Never Learned [✔]by Bean
Lily Holly Sykes is the little sister of Oliver Sykes, who is the son of notorious gang leader Ian Sykes. When Ian is killed, he leaves Oliver in charge, but what happen...
Jaime's Sister (Pierce the veil Fanfiction) by gerardwayshappyplace
Jaime's Sister (Pierce the veil Gerard way
Hannah Preciado is constantly tormented by her brother's Friend, Mike. What happens when she has to spend a whole summer with him, will she cope?
Sufficiency by Um_Jackbarakat
Sufficiencyby Um_Jackbarakat
Alan was never good enough. (Third book to series Hypocrisy)
Room 116 (Austin Carlile + Alan Ashby) by anotheryvu
Room 116 (Austin Carlile + Alan anotheryvu
Homophobia and two boys kissing. (Austin Carlile + Alan Ashby)
Conspiracy (Sequel to Hypocrisy) by Um_Jackbarakat
Conspiracy (Sequel to Hypocrisy)by Um_Jackbarakat
Sequel to the Austlan Cashby fanfiction, Hypocrisy.
Insane Asylum || Justin Hill {Editing} by mikeybaex
Insane Asylum || Justin Hill { betch
all rights reserved. copyright © 2014 || mikeybaex
You're My Best Friend (Cashby Mpreg) by Ventura_caren
You're My Best Friend (Cashby Moonbaby 👽✨🖤🌚
Can they really just be best friends when it seems like the complete opposite. /// The description sucks but I'm sure the book might be better give me a chance.
Adopted by Austin Carlile by ashesbvb
Adopted by Austin Carlileby Serenity
Jinxx Winters has never believed in miracles, until that one day when she is adopted by Austin Carlile from OM&M. How will her life turn out? Will she finally find her h...
The Lost Boys / ATL, PTV, OMAM - AU by easy2481
The Lost Boys / ATL, PTV, OMAM - AUby easy2481
Mel gets lost while on a hiking trip and ends up meeting strange creatures. Is it all a trick of the mind? Read to find out!
Party 'till you pass out by ofcoffeeandfanfics
Party 'till you pass outby ofcoffeeandfanfics
(Close to finishing in Word, really need to update on here!)) Alison Evans thinks she has her life back on track after a mistake that has almost cost her everything. Whi...
Darling, I'm Doing Just Fine ((Cashby)) by McDougallBooty
Darling, I'm Doing Just Fine (( :-)
Austin has just moved to LA for a job. He knew that he was going to enjoy his job it was a simple one, all he had to do was show up assist some teachers then leave. Aust...
One-Shots by PrisonerOfMyDemons
This was originally a single Kellic oneshot, but I decided to just make it a book of one shots instead. I'm not sure when I'll update, but I will. There will probably be...
And you thought it would be Easy by easy2481
And you thought it would be Easyby easy2481
Hi, my name is Easy, female, 22 years old and I'm band bus driver for Warped tour America 2011. This is my story. Fan fiction featuring all your favourite bands.