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|| Abusive Boyfriend|| yoongi FF  by ArmyProductionss
|| Abusive Boyfriend|| yoongi FF by cocopuffs~
After looking over your time with your long time boyfriend you decided to leave yoongi but what will he do...... P.s this is just for fun and i honestly don't think he w...
You're my dad?!  by TeaIsLove
You're my dad?! by TeaIsLove
Aunt May is abusive. There is spidypool but is it legal!! Don't want anyone to say any thing bad. COVER DOESNT BELONG TO ME!! IF YOU KNOW WHO PLEASE TELL ME <3
My vampire mate  (slow updates)  by fuck_off04
My vampire mate (slow updates) by fuck_off04
I grew up with a abusive family, all of them reminding me every day how worthless I was, how i was the mistake and the one ruining the family name. Until one unexpected...
The best of strippers[on hold] by Queen_la
The best of strippers[on hold]by Dope Peddler
Two best friends love the money but when one have a abusive and the other have a confusing love life this Story will have betrayal lust lies and all
Dark To Light by WhitneyMcCormick
Dark To Lightby Whitney McCormick
Elisa Willis was abused all her life by someone who was suppose to take care of her and love her no matter what. After years of being beat and locked out from the wolrd...
Bang Bang! by FeliciaParsons
Bang Bang!by Felicia Parsons
I've been hit and hit and now it's time i hit back
Help me /Student/Teacher romance by kiki1459
Help me /Student/Teacher romanceby kiki1459
Her name is Lillian and is in a foster home who hates her And a man comes to her rescue when she was walking home a stalker was following and she did'int know And the re...
Happily // Narry Storan by annclostre312
Happily // Narry Storanby ♔†Ⱥŋŋ ƇƪơƨƭƦƐ†♔
'You don't understand, you don't understand What you do to me when you hold his hand. We were meant to be but a twist of fate Made it so you had to walk away.' I hated t...
His Love  by Arie216
His Love by _TheyHattin_.Arie
She is in a abusive relationship. She is broken and doesn't know how to love any more . She wish she can leave but she can't. She feel trapped until she meets him...
The Rotten and the Perfect by AphmauandMarySwan
The Rotten and the Perfectby Disha
Paige has had a rotten life filled with mental and physical scars But what happens when she meets a girl who has it all .the perfect life never lost anyone never had m...
Thats No Nerd by QueenFabulous087
Thats No Nerdby Sasha linbe
" Your just Some Nerd! Adrian yelled " Please leave me Alone! Diamond cried * 10 years later " Diamond? The Nerd? Adrian asked " Nerd? Oh She's long...
How You Found Me, I'll Never Know by Dirk_Strider413
How You Found Me, I'll Never Knowby Dirk_Strider413
Kyla Peterson is empty. She has no emotions or feelings. Her Mother's dead and her Father is abusive. She's invisible at school and likes it that way. She tries to avoi...
why does no one love me? by irishrrffa5gf
why does no one love me?by irishrrffa5gf
about a girl who life is filled with trouble and sadness who lost everything wat happens when she gets kidnapped by an old friend but he changed
Remember me? by bluebearwriter
Remember me?by bluebearwriter
This book is about a 18year old Girl Briland, who is in a relationship with her 20 year old boyfriend Jaylen who beats her. Until Jaylen has to go away for a few years...
Faded by deanislyfe
Fadedby deanislyfe
This book used to be called "dark enough" Olivia a abused teen seeks help for her highschool crush Sam and his brother to protect her from the world. When se...
My Heart Saver by SavageCami
My Heart Saverby SavageCami
"I will always find you" He said whispering in my ear.