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3 people one bed by anonstoryanon
3 people one bedby anonstoryanon
3some between yourself, Colby and Sam. It's very sexual with involvements from all parties (gay and straight sex)
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kisah aku dan isteriku by CekAton
kisah aku dan isterikuby Cek Aton
adik angkat membawa je arah curang membawa ke arah penceraian kmudian khawin semula n lastly ke arah 3some
all work, time to play by TiffanyFields4
all work, time to playby Tiffany Fields
sometimes you gotta lift your head up from the books and enjoy life
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Uncle Jiang will Scold us! by Yu_dikkieYaoi
Uncle Jiang will Scold us!by Han Min Wai Aung
က်င့္ရီ စစ္ေကြ်းနဲ့ ဂ်င္းလင္တုိ့ကို 3some ေရးမွာပါ😷
smut demanded by shania by ReverseHowell
smut demanded by shaniaby 831 303
James x Max x Hunter. For safety reasons, all names in this story are fictional. ;)
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Stepmom Lust and Discrection by Entity911
Stepmom Lust and Discrectionby Entity911
My Mom passed away 3 years ago. My dad remarried. My Stepmom teaches me how to be a man in so many ways.
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8: ĐẾ MỘNG (đam mỹ) by nyphanny
8: ĐẾ MỘNG (đam mỹ)by Nyny Phan
Thể loại: Đại thúc thụ, 3x1, xuyên, huyền huyễn. Tác giả: NyNy Phan Văn án: Vương Sơn Quân 36 tuổi, nghề nghiệp giáo viên dạy toán. Vừa tử vong do xe đụng trong lúc cứu...
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3 Friends (laughing jack vs candy pop vs jason the toy maker x reader) by Scarlet_killer_wolf
3 Friends (laughing jack vs candy...by Scarlet wolf
What happens when three killers fall in love with you and you need to decide who you will chose the most they go through hilarious scenarios of what they will do to prov...
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n o t h i n g  is never lost - EXO - CHANBAEKHUN - by Churicat
n o t h i n g is never lost - EXO...by Elaiyun
Il a suffit qu'il débarque pour que tout change. Un chat ramassé au coin d'une rue que tu as décidé de ramener à la maison, en toute innocence. Un chat qui a foutu le...
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The Perfect Chemistry by _ray19
The Perfect Chemistryby Ray Males
"Hey Belle, I'm sorry, I - " Chris started as he came through the front door. "SHHHHH!" I said, as I greeted him, wearing only a white satin robe. &q...
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Human by vearni
Humanby jana
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stray kids one shot by chio__nee
stray kids one shotby chio__nee
just some one shots from skz couples WARNING: smut chapters will be announced boy×boy requesting is free read with your own permission enjoy ~~
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Strangers by queenBlivinglife
Strangersby queenBlivinglife
Bee Shavale i a 17 year old girl who needs mony for college. When she meets Toby and Kolby Denver the rich twins there looking for a dog watcher but what happends when t...
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The way you make me feel... by lillyreed05
The way you make me feel...by lilly reed
a very sensual fanfiction showing the love and affair between 4 people at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Magic.
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3sm by normanisvagina
3smby Real Bisexual Shit‼️
Three friends live their life of fame knowing they could get any bitch whenever they wanted. On the low they mess around with men and they also mess around with each oth...
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Fantasies|Blackpink³some| by KOKIEEGCF
Fantasies|Blackpink³some|by spacejamjoon
"I can't stop these fantasies about my girlfriend and her roommate" .................. ................ ............ .......... A Blackpink smut Jennie×Rose×Ji...
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Unseen Love (kidxLizxPatty) by sociopathic-juuzou
Unseen Love (kidxLizxPatty)by Jeff the Killer
First of all I do not own any of these characters. Kid is a boy in his teen years. Then he meets Liz and Patty. His world was never the same.
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× /The Ones Who Haunt Me\ × Darkiplier × Antisepticeye × Male OC by UnicornRainbowPotato
× /The Ones Who Haunt Me\ × Darkip...by UnicornRainbowPotato
Ashton Miller has a fascination with the alter beings of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. He always has loved Dark and Anti. For some reason, he just seemed to have a draw...
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~ERECTED~ |jihopeXreader| ff | 21++++ | by BangTanSuckmyass
~ERECTED~ |jihopeXreader| ff | 21+...by BagnTanSuckmyass
I take the ally to get to my house. I've always taken that way back. As i was walking i swear i can hear footsteps behind me, but when i turn to look theres nobody there...
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One Shots  by promise57
One Shots by promise57
Read and find out. One shots Promise57
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