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Harry Potter Oneshots by Intensely_Reading
Harry Potter Oneshotsby Intensely_Reading
Name says it all. Requests are needed and asked for (private messaging is what's asked but comments are ok too). It can either be story ideas (but the main character wil...
Fragile Musings by BEHaynes
Fragile Musingsby B.E.Haynes
A collection of short stories, one-shots and fragile musings of a hopeful writer.
Message Sent | ✓ by crystal5466
Message Sent | ✓by 𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚
Reading the message over, I cringed and shook my head. I sound way too desperate. I sighed and went to delete the message, but nearly had a heart attack when I realized...
forever • mgc by burned2bright
forever • mgcby burned2bright
(COMPLETED) carmen and michael grew up together, experienced million and one first-times together, and promised they'd be together forever. but when their own lives take...
Shameful Desires 4 'Shared' by autumn_raine18
Shameful Desires 4 'Shared'by Autumn Raine
An hot erotic one chapter. A biker. A good girl. She was a wife. But he wanted her.
Romance One Shots by Sophie841
Romance One Shotsby Sophie841
Are you waiting for your favorite book to update and don't know what to read until then? Need something to kill time? Too lazy to read something big? Well, then I think...
Grethan One Shots (Grayson X Ethan Dolan) by jetpackblues_
Grethan One Shots (Grayson X divinitydols
On-going :) : A collection of One-Shots I've written or will be writing about Grethan. : Check my account for socials and info, and check in on the conversations option...
EYELINER TEARS ⤳ harry hook by eviternitys
EYELINER TEARS ⤳ harry hookby jade violet
" is there something i could have said to make it all stop hurting? " in which harry hook finds love, only to lose it in the end. " it kills me how your ...
About Me (Bio) by QueenOfSass8
About Me (Bio)by Rowena Ravenclaw
This is my bio, which is just too long 😊
Jikook Short Stories by CurlPower48
Jikook Short Storiesby Curl Power
Jikook short stories True blue Jikook stan will really find this interesting as some events are in Jikook history. ***Credits to the owners of the pictures. I don't own...
Seconds [Lee Min Ho×Kim Yong Sun]EDITED by Yysellepein
Seconds [Lee Min Ho×Kim Yong Sun] Elie
Lagi kang mananatili sa puso at isipan ko kahit na hindi man ako ang mamahalin mo, Papakinggan na lamang ang iyong tinig sa pamamagitan nang pag-iisip sayo, Dahil iyon n...
BTS OneShot Stories [Taglish] by AzThae30
BTS OneShot Stories [Taglish]by AzThae30
A one-shot (or oneshot) is defined as a fanfic that has only one chapter.
Sacrifice for the Soul Stone by my_favorite_fanfics
Sacrifice for the Soul Stoneby Me
What if Peter Parker not only survived the snap, but it was him and Tony Stark who went to Vormir to get the soul stone? =========================================== This...
Timely Assassin (Oneshot) by Headmaster_Monokuma
Timely Assassin (Oneshot)by Headmaster_Monokuma
Izuku was born with an overpowered quirk that could stop time at a snap of the fingers, quite literally. When everyone found out he was called the strongest person in sc...
One Chapter Stories by MistyXavy
One Chapter Storiesby Krizelle Andrea L Vargas
Silent treatment; jungkook short story by infiireman
Silent treatment; jungkook short ~{Marizela}~
"Im sorry that i said those things about you. I only thought that was the best way to solve something but it turns out it wasn't" "ITS MY FAULT" - - ...
The Boy in the Biker Jacket & Other One Shots by Joseph_Evans
The Boy in the Biker Jacket & Joseph Evans
"My heart is racing. I'm about to have my first kiss." A fortune telling app has told Clare her first kiss will be with a boy wearing a biker jacket. The only...
My Lucid Dream (A Short Story by Thea P.) by Thea_P
My Lucid Dream (A Short Story by Thea_P
Enma had the best dream ever! She flew and had powers! Things that are impossible to reach in the real world. She loved her dream so much. But what happens when she gets...
hurts like hell | + h.js by SOLMINN
hurts like hell | + h.jsby k
{completed} minho cheats and jisung can't handle it anymore.
one mississipi • tony stark  by Wolf_Queen_101
one mississipi • tony stark by a bisexual disaster
in which their love was always on and off • " one mississippi, you're here lovin' me with your whole heart • {AVENGERS} {TONY STARK X OC} {ONE SHOT}