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The Good, The Bad and The Dirty (B.U) by BrendonFuckenUrie
The Good, The Bad and The Dirty (B...by Brennyboi87
18+ only adult content, graphic images/gifs. Read at your own risk. Rosaleen Edwards comes from a rich family, a very snobby rich family. She is suppose to marry Caleb D...
MY SUGAR BABY by cyntmaricunt
MY SUGAR BABYby chintya
Ini cerita full 100% karya imajinasi penulis. Tanpa ada maksud menyindir, mencela, menghina, dsb siapapun, apapun, dan dimanapun. Thanks. ===========oooo============ My...
Carter's Saint(not edited) by cutefiercefire
Carter's Saint(not edited)by cute fierce fire
Semya Gonzalez is 21 years old working as a bartender at a strip club. It's very cliche til billionaire and mafia leader Carter Di viao shows up turning everything aroun...
It's You... (Book 1) by GMbooksandstories
It's You... (Book 1)by GMbooksandstories
Daniella Adams, a 19 year old from Manhattan, New York is searching for a job when Augustus King, a 25 year old, CEO of King INC gives her an opportunity of a lifetime...
Hired by Peckie12345
Hiredby Nita
Kayla Highlander,a modest but feisty 22 years old woman,who is forced to take care of her little brother after the demise of her parents in a car accident.After a chance...
25 Short stories that will make you feel loved by _ittefa_
25 Short stories that will make yo...by _ittefa_
Highest Ranking : #1 in writersofig #2 in poetsofinstagram #5 in writerscommunity #6 in writingcommunity #8 in 25 #12 in storyteller #12 in bookstagram #15 in wordporn #...
One Of The Boys by seeindark_25
One Of The Boysby Sid
Hindi ko inakala na makikilala kita sabi nga nila walang pinipiling lugar okaya oras ang pagmamahal love will make you happy but at the same time love will make you cry...
Fuck I'm 25! by KarolineChristensen
Fuck I'm 25!by Karoline Daae
A year in the life of a 25-year-old heartbreaking, job-quitting, world-travelling, life-confused Danish girl. Karoline is freaking out about growning older. She is uncer...
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo] [DISCONTINUED] by Jacqueline_Yandere
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo]...by I'M A DAISEN(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
A forbiten love betwen Guard and prisoner, But one of them just use his Lover to get what he want, Right? Jyugo was his whole life in prison. Without even know why he is...
11:11 turns into 12:51 by RhianChellseaDuquill
11:11 turns into 12:51by Rhian Chellsea Duquilla
What would you do if the person you were with to build your future suddenly change?
Carrying the demon's Prince by hide_25
Carrying the demon's Princeby hide_25
[TAGALOG STORY] Genre:Mystery/Thriller,Fantasy,Action and Adventure -My Son Is Not A mortal He Is so powerful Beyond my expectations eventhough he's a baby. This Child...
In Love With Mr Bully.  by baby_changkyunnie
In Love With Mr Bully. by Changkyunnie♡
I already ruined my first day in university. Why i can accidentally stepped on his shoes and now i was asked to be their maid?! Urgh, my brothers, Park Chanyeol and Park...
🐷Ranting 25🐘 by eddamgm
🐷Ranting 25🐘by Edda Mae G. Miego
In this page are my thoughts💭 about the reality of life that most of us had experienced, will experience, and are currently experiencing the bitter sweet of life.
Age is Just a Number by drunkteddybear
Age is Just a Numberby drunkteddybear
Veronica Louis has reached 33, and mate less. Well she had a mate, but he died a year after she found him. Adam Darling is 25 and hasn't found his mate yet, although ove...
No One Knows You Like I Do (Dawko x 8-BitRyan) by Manglepony3
No One Knows You Like I Do (Dawko...by EEF
Nothing came up when I searched up "Dawko x 8-BitRyan" so I guess I'll have to be the first. This takes place in an apocalyptic alternate universe, so if you'...
The wrong path  by HessasVariety
The wrong path by HessasVariety
Daisys life is going by just fine. She just recently graduated high school and was looking forward to taking some time off for herself. She had a loving relationship tha...
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo][Rewrite] by jin_windshield_wiper
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo]...by jin_windshield_wiper
Forbidden love between a guard and an inmate. Jyugo has lived in prisons all his life. His past haunts him as his future promises very little for him. Hajime has been a...
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SASHA BANKS FACTS  by TheBanksEmpire
SASHA BANKS FACTS by get well soon roman
everything you need to know about the boss right here. you're welcome:)
THE LIFE OF LUCY by OnoraWolfsong6
THE LIFE OF LUCYby Tyler Callaway
THE MEAN SISTERS by Nice Dark Angels her video I just added on into a book credit of story goes to her I came up with book but she takes part cause it's based off a vide...
They Got An Angel  by babekay_love
They Got An Angel by Kiershaun Johnson
This story follows the love life of a polygamous group of people who also happen to be youtubers, they fell in love with the same girl and decided to share her as a poly...