do not limit yourself to panicking at the disco. 
panic everywhere.
follow your wildest most anxious dreams.

hi my name is [el]
I'm pretty fucking gay
15 years old
I just like throwing flags and swords a lot

"fuck" - daniel howell @ me 2K16

I will salt and burn you if you insult my fandoms

hamilton is my jamilton

favorite music: P!ATD, ed sheeran, tøp, pentatonix, FOB, MCR, dodie clark, melanie martinez, and troye sivan

my clock is more popular than me.

ALSO phil retweeted, dan noticed, and evan noticed 12/5/16

k that's me.
  • you might know me as the girl with the phan clock
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Story by el
your every color // Phan AU by thephantasticmrphil
your every color // Phan AU
Slightly inspired by the Train song 'Your Every Color'. AU where when you are born, you can see every colour...
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