Creepypasta Zodiac signs  by Wild-Mind
Creepypasta Zodiac signs by •{|[ßrøøkë]|}• Random
Hello and welcome to my Creepypasta Zodiac sign book enjoy reading! (Random #14 08/16/17) [I do not own the characters in this book or the picture for my cover on this b...
100 Things Normal People Do NOT Understand by CoarilineRose
100 Things Normal People Do NOT Un... by A l e y a h Random
Don't you hate that one awkward moment when you bluff out on something you love, and normal people don't understand. Here's how to avoid all of that junk. ~Cover is yet...
Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped! by Amaya_Burke
Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped! by Amaya_Burke Humor
Sophie and Amaya get kidnapped by one of Australia's most fearful gangs. But are they really that scary? (Use to be The Girl With The Summer Blues) Highest rank so far #...
Ill Be There {♡TomTord Smut♡} by MyaTheSinner
Ill Be There {♡TomTord Smut♡} by ilovememes Fanfiction
!!PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS!! this is the shipping of the characters NOT the real life people! please take notice of that and be respectful to the eddsworld creators/vo...
Real Life Paranormal Experiences by ParanormalCommunity
Real Life Paranormal Experiences by Wattpad Paranormal Research S... Non-Fiction
[NOW OPEN] Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community. Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
108 WTF Facts by sarcasticallyalive
108 WTF Facts by sel Random
fact: (noun) a thing that is indisputably the case Everyday in our lives we learn something new. Just some things are just outrageously interesting, weird, a...
Naked Cuddling (✓) by _screamer
Naked Cuddling (✓) by Evelyn Summers Teen Fiction
*PREFERABLY READ THE NEW VERSION* (it's on my profile) N a k e d C u d d l i n g Picture this. It's 2am and you're minding your own business, pleasuring yourself w...
After school detention (Mark X Jack X Felix X Reader) by keewhite12
After school detention (Mark X Jac... by Social_Outcast Fanfiction
~Completed~ You are a rebellious kid in school, and having to go to lunch and after school detention everyday... You skip class and such, and you get patrolled in detent...
Short and Fluffy ♡ | Au Sans x Reader One-shots ~UnderTale~ by AnonymourWriter
Short and Fluffy ♡ | Au Sans x Rea... by ≫ CiCi ≪ Fanfiction
Requests: Open [x] Not open [ ] ----- Undertale Sans Underswap Sans Underfell Sans Outer!tale Sans Gaster Sans Geno!tale Sans Reaper!tale Sans Fresh!tale Sans Science!ta...
To Make Everyone Die Inside...2!!! by TheEvilShipQueen
To Make Everyone Die Inside...2!!! by Ship Queen~♕ Random
HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEH 😈😈😈Highest rank in RANDOM: #227😈😈😈
Kidnapped and running with the bad boys  by yahgurll
Kidnapped and running with the bad... by Sextingwbu Teen Fiction
What would you do if you were kidnapped by the bad boys ?
Logan Paul Imagines by stargirl_emily
Logan Paul Imagines by trini_gal_em🌺 Fanfiction
Short stories of you and this crazy 22 year old YouTuber ** Requests would be taken! Just let me know your name,eye and hair color. Also,if you have ideas,go ahead and...
The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by diickbicycles
The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by ♕ ملاك ♕ Humor
"You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the...
Rewriting us (not yours to keep book 2) by paris2445
Rewriting us (not yours to keep bo... by paris2445 Humor
HIGHEST RANKING IN HUMOUR #51 if you have not already read book 1 then you might want to go and do that. however if you are here because i freaked you out with the end...
Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Drawings! ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ by BlueDimond5
Drawings! ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ by BlueDimond5 Random
Have fun looking at my cringy drawings! ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
Being Different (Reposting) by AnneLutz
Being Different (Reposting) by Anne Lutz Humor
Chester is a self-proclaimed outcast, because to her, being an outsider is freedom. Jase Mathews, however, is new to the social pariah scene. After a tragic accident sto...
Llama's Meadow by -justgrace
Llama's Meadow by g r a c e Random
Where I pour my emotions out
Hidden☞Fick by -aestheticmillie
Hidden☞Fick by ☾gweny☽ Fanfiction
"I am as straight as a twig." "Twigs come in all shapes and sizes Jack."