Falling Into A Different Destiny by harrish6
Falling Into A Different Destinyby harrish6
(I do not own the picture and it was made by FMgufa77, Error Sans, Undertale, any cartoon in this, or any AU in this unless stated. They belong to their respectful owner...
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Horror Movie Cliches 2.0 or just random Cliches by Bin_Of_Junk
Horror Movie Cliches 2.0 or just LightlyFriedFish
If you find this, no I'm not copying Bin___ I'm the same person just with another account ._. Edit: I'm not just doing horror stories cliches
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Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x reader) by LawyerInLaw
Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x ♤ D.Spade ♤
"Change doesn't always mean growth, just as movement doesn't always represent progress."
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Minecraft Daughter scenario by gamingbyles
Minecraft Daughter scenarioby Les
I never seen one so here you go and it's my first x-reader yeah and no YouTubers I stick with the main people
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To You, My Future by JuneTheGlassesBearer
To You, My Futureby Dolos Of Trickery
Error was never before so confused. He doesn't even know what to do in these kinds of situations. It's not like he knew what to do after someone pulls him and his childr...
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Two Starcrossed Lovers by TheRealNull
Two Starcrossed Loversby Null
~based on a true ongoing story~
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How I met Entity_303, Herobrine, and Null in MC by CreativelyCrafty
How I met Entity_303, Herobrine, CreativelyCrafty
Running around a few minecraft worlds, something goes horribly wrong while playing with a sibling. Three unexpecting figures pay a visit to a minecraft world as the code...
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Weird Error One Shots by A_Random_Cup
Weird Error One Shotsby Cuppie
This all honestly started with a comment with Error ruling the underworld just by looking at Satan himself from "Falling Into A Different Destiny", chapter, &q...
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Kisses Make The Hurt Go Away by Tiger_Lily01
Kisses Make The Hurt Go Awayby Rachelle
kisses take away the hurt, even the hurt that's not visible. Death starts to panic as he is surrounded but people, but Error finds a way to calm him down based off &quot...
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Brother Silvally by NightmareSteve
Brother Silvallyby Tyna Epright
Type: Null wants to save his brother Silvally, but fears he won't be able to due it, because of the condition the humans put him in.
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The Lava Dancers - Herobrine's Tale by anithenetherqueen
The Lava Dancers - Herobrine's Taleby glItchtAlE Is bEst tAlE
Two wild girls, who lost their families to an unknown cause a year ago, walk through the woods. Looking for a new place to call home. These girls have a strange ability...
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The Synthetic Pokemon(Various! Legendary! Pokemon x Silvally! Reader) by ShadeDaBanette
The Synthetic Pokemon(Various! Shade
In this You're Nickname is Going to be Y/n, you're a "female"(Silvally is genderless) And your trainer is going to be Moon(Aka, the Female Character). Also You...
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The Diary Of Herobrine by Sonicpow234
The Diary Of Herobrineby Sonicpow234
The secret diary of Herobrine that Notch found.Find out a more accurate story whilst reading this.
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Núll by Lukexdon_Epoch
Núllby Lucas
They believe me to be a god. Truth is, I don't even know what I am.
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the test subjects  by EndingAmber
the test subjects by Amber
"test subject-003 finally opened its eye" said someone as I scanned the place seeing two more tubs having a person in them I started to freak out banging on t...
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Light Through Darkness - A Null Story by candyflossed
Light Through Darkness - A Null ♡CandyFloss♡
Null was created in a lab. He was sent out into the wild to complete missions. But when he meets 2 immortals, Hero, or Herobrine, and John, or Entity3_0_3, he stops doin...
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My Friend Is Related To Herobrine by coconutpotato23
My Friend Is Related To Herobrineby coconutpotato23
Marina and Cressida are normal girls who love Minecraft. It's just another day in Minecraft when something feels off. That's when they see Null, Entity 303 and Herobrine...
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Corruption Inside by candyflossed
Corruption Insideby ♡CandyFloss♡
Steve sacrificed his life for 3 others. Herobrine, Entity303 and Null are free from the corruption. Candy, Diamond, Tea and others live peacefully.... but temporarily. S...
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