Menacingly✔️ by ASummers1
Menacingly✔️ by Autumn Summers Romance
"Your problem is that your heart is too big, it leaves you vulnerable and makes you weak." He spoke in such certainty that it brought tears to my eyes, because...
In Your Name  by Your_amazyn
In Your Name by queen Romance
" I - I love you" The young woman spoke with a louder voice. Her plump lips quivering seeing the man stalk towards her. His hands gripping on to hers and pinni...
Loving Mrs Archer (GirlXGirl) by livinginarainbowland
Loving Mrs Archer (GirlXGirl) by livinginarainbowland Romance
TeacherXStudent Mara leads a strange life, without many adult influences, or friends she can confide in. She has just turned 17 and is starting a new college, but on her...
Can't You See It? || Larry  by scarlet_36
Can't You See It? || Larry by Deadpool Fanfiction
Harry meets Louis in school, they talk, laugh and play. Maybe they even fall in love. But there's just a little problem: Louis is a 26 year old teacher. Okay, so maybe...
Tempest's Embrace  by Angie8177
Tempest's Embrace by Angie8177 Historical Fiction
"Free me and I will save you," he promised. ~*~*~*~*~ A Pirate in peril... Pirate Justin O'Shea is finally captured by his enemy, he had no choice but to sit...
Hired To Love by XxSkater2Girl16xX
Hired To Love by Jordan Lynde Teen Fiction
For Bennett, the plan was simple. Hire a girl to pretend to be his girlfriend, keep the facade up for six months, stage a break-up and then claim he was too heart broken...
Falling | Emilio Martinez by martineztwinss
Falling | Emilio Martinez by rebekka ✘ Fanfiction
She didn't mean to fall in love, but he made it so easy. (Highest rank: #492 in Fanfiction)
Dirty Secrets by -choleric
Dirty Secrets by Lina Romance
Rocio is mildly annoyed when her boyfriend decides to invite one of his long time pals to join the couple and their friends on a trip to Ibiza. What she isn't prepared f...
'The Teacher's Pet.' Camila/You. {GxG} by shipper040
'The Teacher's Pet.' Camila/You. {... by Alyssa040 Fanfiction
One day , at Lakeview High in Copperfield, a new face shows up that might just change everything.
The Perfect Intern by skippingqueen
The Perfect Intern by 🤧❤ Romance
Ariella Faure is just a woman who's looking for one thing and one thing only: a better job to provide for herself. After just starting in a major trading company she ge...
Teach Me How To Love (Teacher!Levi x Reader)  by SatanicPickles
Teach Me How To Love (Teacher!Levi... by ~Nat~ Fanfiction
Every day for you was hell. Constant harassment over nothing, being told you're not good enough and coming home to a broken home. Just as you thought it all went to shit...
INDECENT (Harry Styles) by MySillyHarryDiary
INDECENT (Harry Styles) by Just Lou ♛ Always Lou Fanfiction
'' It's not wanting you that is wrong Jade. I have craved for other women before you.'' '' Then, what is it?'' '' It's liking you, a simple servant, that makes it total...
Zachary  by Your_amazyn
Zachary by queen Romance
He was a sinner. A sinner who craved the angel. She was his Sin. A sin that would be his greatest downfall. She would be his greatest destruction. ••••••••••••••••••••••...
House of Cards by FictionalCasualtiez
House of Cards by Madie Schulte Action
Some things are better left unknown. For example, your best friend sneaking around with one of the richest men in America. Teagan Carter was going to wait it out until O...
Angel On Edge (Irina X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Angel On Edge (Irina X Reader) by AJ Torres Fanfiction
A boy who has an Excalibur Sword in his family. After one night his parents died and he was forced to move away from two good friends. One of those being his crush. He o...
Nights on the Sand by SilverReins
Nights on the Sand by Silver Fantasy
Zahra is the last of her kind, a creature of wind and sand. A horse-shifter. After witnessing her parents deaths, Zahra is mistaken for a normal filly and captured in th...
The Lonely Gilbert by AlizaRomaan
The Lonely Gilbert by SydneySimmons Fanfiction
Flare Gilbert is extraordinary. Spending most of her life trying to tame the beast in her while being abused by her so called family isn't easy. It was even harder whe...
Beauty and the Geek Boy by POMlove
Beauty and the Geek Boy by Phoebe Romance
Head-cheerleader Ellie Kent has had a crush on William Johnson since the beginning of forever. He's smart, cute, and totally out of her league. The only problem is: how...
The Girl in The Green Scarf | ✓ by PearlandIvory_
The Girl in The Green Scarf | ✓ by His Queen ♛ Spiritual
[COMPLETED] "Green, don't die on me! I can't lose you too.ً" °~•~° Hamsa Tahir is free-willed, she's bold, she's stubborn. And she's a Muslim. Her parents were...
But Why Not by Avery9902
But Why Not by Avery Thompson Teen Fiction
Sequel to The Boy At My Window "It's always my reputation." he said bitterly. "What's always your reputation?" I asked confused. He sighed audibly...