Man of the Match: hot celebrity romance (FULL NOVEL) by noelcades
Man of the Match: hot celebrity ro... by Noël Cades
A shy student falls for a famous sports player... can their forbidden love survive? BASED ON A TRUE STORY! University student Cara thinks her happiness is over when she...
  • cricket
  • cheating
  • hea
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The Innocent Mate Of A Dragon by justmeeyano
The Innocent Mate Of A Dragon by Me yano?
#29 in Fantasy 4/16/17 ~ She's an elven princess of a small kingdom but what happens when she disobeys her father's orders and wonders into the dark forest where she mee...
  • dragon
  • princess
  • relationship
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My Dad's Best Friend (A Steamy Romance)[ Completed] #thewattys2017 by NessMartin
My Dad's Best Friend (A Steamy Rom... by Ness Martin ❣
Seventeen year old Victoria Evans is your typical run-of-the mill, sheltered and innocent girl. But she does have one secret. Her secret isn't exciting or life-changi...
  • forbiddenlove
  • truelove
  • cute
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My Teacher My Lover |COMPLETED| by Shayx15
My Teacher My Lover |COMPLETED| by Babygirl ❤️
{ COMPLETED } Becky is Popular young carefree and beautiful. She starts off Her senior year as fabulous as ever. That is until Mr.Parker The new English teacher arrives...
  • teacherandstudent
  • love
  • forbiddenlove
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Promise This ✔ (Fazza) by SophieQH
Promise This ✔ (Fazza) by Sophie
Sarah Anderson's big career break finally comes when she gets hired as a rider at a major endurance stable. But falling in love with Hamdan puts at risk everything that...
  • dubai
  • hamdan
  • crownprince
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7 Minutes In Hell by OfficiallyLaken
7 Minutes In Hell by Laken Marie
"I'm going to kiss you now." "What?" I backed up another step and hit the railing behind me. I watched his mouth descend towards mine. ~*~ Kimberly...
  • boys
  • bad
  • good
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The Babysitter by dustmop
The Babysitter by snicker knog
A little brat, who thinks he runs things, one day is told he is going to be babysat for a whole month. He was pissed to hear so, but he wasn't as mad when a sudden hotti...
  • ethandolan
  • greythan
  • lgbt
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Suit & Tie (BoyxBoy) by Emily_harley
Suit & Tie (BoyxBoy) by Emily
Aleister Blackwell, multi-millionaire, recently divorced, and owner of one of the biggest law firms, is having a good time. Everything is great in his life. That is un...
  • gayoffice
  • boyonboy
  • officelove
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Teach Me How To Love (Teacher!Levi x Reader)  by SatanicPickles
Teach Me How To Love (Teacher!Levi... by ~Nat~
Every day for you was hell. Constant harassment over nothing, being told you're not good enough and coming home to a broken home. Just as you thought it all went to shit...
  • aot
  • attackontitan
  • school
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Rags to Riches by FictionalCasualtiez
Rags to Riches by Madie Schulte
Teagan Carter was going to wait it out until Oliver Bartholomew, one of the richest men in America, stopped sleeping around with her underaged best friend. However, when...
  • mysterious
  • mystery
  • romance
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Assassin From Hell  by leeny1201
Assassin From Hell by L E E N A
Completed story! And please excuse the grammatical errors to my book. I just finished it and I'm in the process of editing everything. ************************ She was...
  • agent
  • romance
  • love
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Angel On Edge (Irina X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Angel On Edge (Irina X Reader) by AJ Torres
A boy who has an Excalibur Sword in his family. After one night his parents died and he was forced to move away from two good friends. One of those being his crush. He o...
  • dxd
  • irina
  • xenovia
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My Hero Academia X Reader💎 ||Collect My Heart|| by _HiXnc
My Hero Academia X Reader💎 ||Coll... by || Emerald ||
(Y/n), (Y/n) was such a sad girl. So sad to the point she became a villain. Poor girl, all she wanted was this ideal perfect cliche family, but no. Her unknown heroic fa...
  • betrayal
  • goodorevil
  • izuku
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Wolf of Cinders by TurtleCat5
Wolf of Cinders by Turtle Cat
The Alpha of the pack is the leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. The Omegas are the lowest of low in the pack, lower than the subordina...
  • cinderella
  • runawaymate
  • malexmale
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The Lonely Gilbert by AlizaRomaan
The Lonely Gilbert by SydneySimmons
Flare Gilbert is extraordinary. Spending most of her life trying to tame the beast in her while being abused by her so called family isn't easy. It was even harder whe...
  • romance
  • heretic
  • forbiddenlove
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Dramione: Chosen You (EDITING) by MignonIsAwesome37
Dramione: Chosen You (EDITING) by Mignon L
It has always seemed that Draco Malfoy hated Hermione Granger, but it hasn't always been like that. Ron and Hermione break up, seeing as Ron has never really loved...
  • noromione
  • chosenyou
  • granger
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Forbidden Love ✏️ marichat au by DipStick45
Forbidden Love ✏️ marichat au by Dippy™
He was enchanted, she was not. She was regular, he was not. He was magical, and she was not. Complete opposites they were. Yet, both continued to fall dangerously deeper...
  • marinettecheng
  • mirculous
  • chat
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Tempest's Embrace  by Angie8177
Tempest's Embrace by Angie8177
"Free me and I will save you," he promised. ~*~*~*~*~ A Pirate in peril... Pirate Justin O'Shea is finally captured by his enemy, he had no choice but to sit...
  • pirate
  • tempest
  • restricted
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You're cold and I burn... (Camren A.U) by tabbycatt45
You're cold and I burn... (Camren... by Jauregay🌙
Lauren is an ice bender and Camila is a fire mage, what happens when the two that are forbidden to meet finally do? G!P Camila!!!!
  • girlxgirl
  • gayfiction
  • lesbian
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