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|| Misplaced || Alastor X Reader by Smalls0624
|| Misplaced || Alastor X Readerby Gemini_Smalls
(Y/N) Abyss awoke to find herself in the wrong time period and the wrong world. Can she find her way home or will she decide to stay?
Through Life, Through Death: Alastor x Reader by 221b_blogger101
Through Life, Through Death: Anna || they/them
When his death took you from him, it was only fair for your death brought him back to you. Through life, through death, you would always be by each others side. ~~~ All...
Sugar and Sinnamon by UncharismaticCandle
Sugar and Sinnamonby Uncharismatic Candle
This is my first story, so I'm sorry it's not the best. What will happen when the pastry chef meets someone who doesn't like cakes and is definitely not sweet? Well, th...
Divine Mischief by VoltAgent
Divine Mischiefby VoltAgent
Y/N was an exterminator but is now assigned as the heavenly supervisor of a certain hotel in hell. It all began when paradise began splitting into two after the extermin...
Voodoo: Alastor x fem!reader by 221b_blogger101
Voodoo: Alastor x fem!readerby Anna || they/them
⚠️WARNING⚠️: This story was written and published before the first season was fully released! Details and revelations after the pilot episode were not known and this boo...
We meet again~ (Alastor x Fem!reader) by I0ThatOneIdiot0
We meet again~ (Alastor x Fem! Idiot
You and alastor were coworkers.. and more, when you were alive, but what happens when you meet again..? Only an unholy adventure with a plot line, a villain, and romanc...
Predator and Prey by JupiterStyx
Predator and Preyby Jupiter Styx
This is a Hazbin Hotel Alastor X Reader story ('cause there isn't enough of these already). All characters belong to their respected creators. ⚠️ this story will have s...
Hell's daughter|Alastor X Reader by Hazbin_Willow
Hell's daughter|Alastor X Readerby Hazbin_Willow
You are Lucifer's secret first daughter. When you show up at the hotel there are mixed emotions. When Alastor sees you though, there are new emotions. •••••••••••••••••...
✨Only In My Imagination✨ (Alastor x fem! reader love story) ✓ [COMPLETED] BOOK 1 by ValerieWinks777
✨Only In My Imagination✨ ( V.W.
Ever since Y/N was a little girl, she would dream of a strange man, always dressed in a red suit, with a frightening smile, who closely resembled a deer... Growing up...
Snow In Hell (Alastor x Fem!Reader) by JustAPoptart
Snow In Hell (Alastor x Fem!Reader)by PoptartsMehDude
(Y/N) was killed during the Great Depression and never did anything for herself in life and wanted to make up for hell. So she gets a job at I.M.P in Impcity...
So it's a deal then by Katnotbread
So it's a deal thenby Kat
The younger sister of Charlie Morningstar, the Youngest daughter of Lucifer and Lilith, Second in line for the throne of Hell who also happens to be a wine addict. What...
Radio demon and his wife by fallenangel176
Radio demon and his wifeby fallenangel176
When the Hazbin hotel characters meet the Gravity Falls characters. Ford finds out he has a 19 year old daughter and she's an overlord from Hell and married to the most...
Deals with the Fallen: Alastor x fallen fem!Angel!reader by 221b_blogger101
Deals with the Fallen: Alastor x Anna || they/them
⚠️WARNING⚠️: This story was written and published before the first season was fully released! Details and revelations after the pilot episode were not known and this boo...
Lucifers Older Sister // Alastor x fem¡reader by Im_gay_for_Yelena
Lucifers Older Sister // Alastor Not listed
"You will be stripped of your title as a seraphim and will receive great punishment if you attempt to return to heaven." Suddenly, before I could stop it, I w...
Masochism Tango | Alastor & Lucifer & Vox by rjcolette
Masochism Tango | Alastor & R.J Colette
"I ache for the touch of your lips, dear, but much more for the touch of your whips dear." ༒︎ When Lucifer fell, he wasn't alone. [Y/N] Pyrebloom, a fellow ser...
*•~Little doe~•* {Alastor x deer reader}  by SweetAngel888
*•~Little doe~•* {Alastor x deer *~•{Sweet Angel}•~*
A not to slow slow burn between you and Alastor. Are you innocent or just as guilty as your lover? In all seriousness I'm horrible at summaries so please bare with me. Y...
Sweet Talker by GalaxyWorldWolfsl
Sweet Talkerby Ryoko
Lucifer's little sister decides to visit her dear older brother in Hell after so long apart. But the visit shocks not only him but the others who were just there to visi...
Alastor x Female Oneshots(REQUEST OPEN) by bookwriter1235
Alastor x Female Oneshots( Britt
Alastor x Female Oneshots (REQUEST ARE OPEN) There will NOT be: Father! Alastor x Child! Reader Alastor x Child! Reader Alastor x OC Reader Alastor x Mother! Reader #1 i...
Angelic Turmoil (Alastor x Reader) by Hearteyemojis
Angelic Turmoil (Alastor x Reader)by dahlia <3
(Y/N) had done everything she could in life in order to be a good person. She didn't understand why she's in hell.
✧ Alastor x reader Oneshots ✧ by BloodyKitty3
✧ Alastor x reader Oneshots ✧by BloodyKitty
You know exactly what this is about you simp. Alastorxreader oneshots ! There will be mainly fluff because: - it's cute - I suck at writing angst - it's cute - and I...