✨•Zodiac Signs•✨ {The Second Book} by XBluexStarX
✨•Zodiac Signs•✨ {The Second Book} by MEAP Random
This is the second book of the Zodiac Signs. If you did not read my first story I'd go read that one first. Anyways, this book will about anything from stereotypes or re...
Behold the Zodiacs 3 by KaitlinAnnetteDavis
Behold the Zodiacs 3 by Kit Kate :3 Random
Two books wasn't enough so welcome back again! ^~^ [Started February 16th 2017] #19 in random July 25th 2017
• || Anime Zodiac Signs || • by XBluexStarX
• || Anime Zodiac Signs || • by MEAP Random
Anime Zodiacs →{Highest Rank #57 In Random}←
Zodiac Signs: Book 2 by xXxRed-RosesxXx
Zodiac Signs: Book 2 by xXRedXx Random
Here's the second installment of my zodiac signs book. More crazy and weird Shit to be had and experienced in book 2. ~* Some are from tumblr and some I made up by mysel...
Pisces by livinginmydreamss
Pisces by livinginmydreamss Random
All about pisces.
Anime Zodiacs by KawaiiPeachyPeach
Anime Zodiacs by KoRnJunkie Random
these are just what the title says, your anime Zodiacs
Zodiac Signs by MercyxLolita
Zodiac Signs by Mercy Doll Random
Curious about your zodiac symbol and the traits associated with it? Well you're in luck! This book contains fun facts,stereotypes, jokes, beautiful artwork and much more...
Phan Zodiacs by simplyyhowlter
Phan Zodiacs by d ä d d ÿ Random
P H A N Z O D I A C S A M I R I G H T ? ? °°° Highest Ranking: #86 in random
Proving They're Worth (Zodiac) by Snowlette
Proving They're Worth (Zodiac) by Snowlette Adventure
Every century, the land of Zodiaca chooses 12 teenagers to be the new Zodiacs. But before that happens, the people of Zodiaca, must know that the chosen 12, are capable...
Zodiac Sign Scenarios by itessa
Zodiac Sign Scenarios by Xx Bitch Lettuce xX Random
This will contain scenarios, reactions, short stories, and other fluff that the zodiac signs will be faced with. Don't take any of this personally it's all for fun. Feel...
Individual Roleplay by luvugirl1000
Individual Roleplay by Snowberry Random
<Highest Ranking #525 in Random> Hello! In this book you can roleplay with my original characters. These are either from another roleplay I've been in, written do...
Zodiac Signs by cakecookiepop
Zodiac Signs by Mrs.Bieber Random
Don't Define Your World In Black And White Because There Is So Much Hiding Amongst The Greys |#170 in random|
Zodiac Signs by InsomniaHD
ZODIAC SIGNS 2 by Cosmotypic
ZODIAC SIGNS 2 by Scorpio at heart Random
CAUTION: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK YOU MIGHT GET ADDICTED 😉 Dudes and dudettes Cosmo is back bringing you the best of Astrology posts Prepare yourself for tons of Awesomen...
Little Mix Zodiacs by MegaMix4
Little Mix Zodiacs by Δηgιε Random
How the zodiacs best fit Little Mix situations! Keep in mind these may not all be literal. They're just for entertainment!
♔ Zodiac Signs ♔ by -Endgamer-
♔ Zodiac Signs ♔ by ℰmpty Random
|zodiac sign book ! | |daily posts ... | |tag your friends for me please ! | |leo myself ... | | cover made by Euphxnious, ty bb. |
 Zodiac Signs  by _goldenstiles_
Zodiac Signs by Abbie Random
Just another book of the Zodiac Signs. All from Tumblr. (Completed)
Zodiac Signs etc. by rainbow_kisses1
Zodiac Signs etc. by Naresha❣ Random
Its going to be about everything pertaining to Zodiac signs and astrology etc. :) Hope you guys enjoy. © COPYRIGHT 2015 by @rainbow_kisses1 .....All Rights Reserved
Zodiac Signs by TumidStar375
Zodiac Signs by Artistic Aquarius Random
This is written for fun. This book will tell you who you are. Some things might be true, some things might be false. It's just fun comparing who you are to what you're s...
☆ Zodiac ☆ by -_alix_-
☆ Zodiac ☆ by t r i g g e r e d 🌝 Random
I've seen a lot of books about zodiac so I decided to make one too :D enjoy ♡ P.S I DON'T OWN ANYTHING HERE CREDITS GO TO THEIR OWNERS (includes anime stuff too :D) Mak...