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The Loner by ItsHabibe
The Lonerby Habibe
Lauren Rivera is a broken girl. She lives with her father & has built tall walls around her over the past ten years. She is poor and sings at the mall to earn money. No...
Nobody Compares. (Lauren Jauregui 5H and Zayn Malik 1D fanfic) by hallelujahchorus
Nobody Compares. (Lauren hallelujahchorus
Lauren Jauregui is your average teenage girl. During her Summer break she has no intentions but to spend it with her four best friends. That all changes however once her...
Offline ✉ zauren by itshannaboo
Offline ✉ zaurenby boo.
''oops, it looks like the person you're trying to reach has been offline for a while. We'll deliver your message as soon as they connect again.'' ― © itshannaboo
instagram | zauren au by babyyboi
instagram | zauren auby b a b y
@zayn: congratulations on your first album! @justinbieber: congrats! album sounds amazing!! 💯🔥 zayn started following you justinbieber started following you *DISCON...
Give Me Love. Sequel to Nobody Compares by hallelujahchorus
Give Me Love. Sequel to Nobody hallelujahchorus
In this sequel to 'Nobody Compares' Lauren Jauregui and Zayn Malik have been in a long distance relationship for a year, but things start to get hard for them, and no ma...
sweet disaster ♡ zauren by itshannaboo
sweet disaster ♡ zaurenby boo.
❝Oh, Zayn, i don't have enough middle fingers to show you how i feel about you.❞ ― Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ © itshannaboo
Love Triangle (ZAUREN) by Ronnie1229
Love Triangle (ZAUREN)by Veronica Turner
Nickie has always been the popular girl in school with the hottest guy in school Ian. The new student in school Zayn is a smart kid with a bad reputation. Everything get...
Grace. by zaurenflyin
#9 zaurenflyin
Lauren went to London to visit one of her best friends and one night out she stumbles upon a very good looking bartender named Zayn. He peeks her interest and they talk...
{ON HOLD} Melt|Zauren by bravadeaux
{ON HOLD} Melt|Zaurenby bravadeaux
"Are you.. stalking me?" "What?! I'm here for the deals of course."
With You (Zauren) by SavageBaenana
With You (Zauren)by January.
Her Phone ring "Hello?" Lauren said, "Hello,This is Bill" a man named Bill said,"Oh hi Bill. This is Lauren" Lauren Said, "I have a go...
Zauren (Zayn Malik and Lauren Jauregui fanfic!) by jazzymunmun
Zauren (Zayn Malik and Lauren jazzymunmun
Lauren Jauregui a part of the band fifth harmony and Zayn Malik is (formerly) part of one direction! For sake of the story it takes place before the separation! They mee...
It's a Summer Fling by twerkchel
It's a Summer Flingby adriana the (t)hottie
"Zayn, do you love me?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his waist pulling him closer to her. "Of course I do. I'd be crazy not to." he kissed her...
It's Not Easy (Zauren) by Simply_Us
It's Not Easy (Zauren)by Simply_Us
Lauren never knew that when she bumped into somebody, her life would change forever.
Cheerleader (Camarry) by CamarryLover10
Cheerleader (Camarry)by CamarryLover10
a short story of Camila being a cheerleader and Harry being a quarterback story base on the song Cheerleader by OMI
We Found Love (Diniam Fanfic) by JosipaIvani
We Found Love (Diniam Fanfic)by Dinah's-Unicorn
One Direction and Fifth Harmony were the two biggest bands on the planet.They had everything money,fame and fans.But they didn't have one thing that they needed the most...
Till Life Do Us Part (A Zauren Love Story) by ZaurenLove
Till Life Do Us Part (A Zauren Lia D.
A Zauren fanfic, where family means nothing, truth is your escape, leaving is your only option, love is your healer, and new beginnings are not enough to make you forget...
The Camping Trip by CamarryLover10
The Camping Tripby CamarryLover10
Students with different descriptions but are friends are force into a Cabin In The Woods due to a Killer in the woods after being left alone by their School Lauren, Sch...
Fifth Harmony And One Direction by BriannaNacion
Fifth Harmony And One Directionby Brianna Nacion
Fifth Harmony- Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Hamilton, Ally Brooke Hernandez One Direction- Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tom...
Photographs and Memories (Sequel) by __GooDVibez__
Photographs and Memories (Sequel)by Fallen Sky
After a devastating events that had happened in Normani's "past life" she thought agreeing with the terms to have a "new life" would change all of th...