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Let them watch by xo_dramione_xo
Let them watchby Sasha xo
Hermione is heading back to Hogwarts to redo her 7th year with her brother....wait WHAT? How will her two best friends react to the news and what happens when a new rela...
The Zabini Twin by XxpotatoeeexX954
The Zabini Twinby ⚡Laila⚡
Hermione Granger. Know it all. Gryffindor princess. Muggleborn. Mudblood. All of that changes when she wakes up on her eighteenth birthday and feels different. Soon will...
Hermione Zabini by south_slutherin
Hermione Zabiniby South_slutherin
The war is over, the devastation of the losses is affecting everyone. But mostly Hermione she lost her parents, until she finds out about her new heritage. She finds the...
The Zabini Twins by BlueSeraphos
The Zabini Twinsby Valentine
It's already after the war and on her 17th birthday, Hermione finds something that changes her life, forever. She also receives a letter from Hogwarts, to invite her to...
The Forgotten Zabini by OrbitAstra
The Forgotten Zabiniby OrbitAstra
The Wizarding War is over and life is just getting back to normal for the golden trio. But an unexpected letter arrives leaving Hermione's mind reeling. What if she was...
Related to a Zabini!? ~the Zabini  twins~ [ON HOLD] by Fremoine05
Related to a Zabini!? ~the Fremoine05
Hemione granger, gryffindor princess, bookworm and brightest witch of her age, thought she knew who she was. Her whole world turns upside down we she hears she is a Zabi...
The Lost Zabini Twin    [Pansmione] by fanfictionfan6666
The Lost Zabini Twin [Pansmione]by • lilbookworm •
I've already read a lot of "Zabini twins" stories but, each time, the part where Hermione discovers who she is comes at the very beginning of the book. I wante...
Understanding is another word for love by christinajovi
Understanding is another word christinajovi
Hermione is woken up with a big surprise plastered on her face. But that's not the only one. Hermione will go back to Hogwarts with the biggest change of her life. The l...
Hermione zabini ??  by HungerGames24794
Hermione zabini ?? by Dramione forever
Dramione fanfiction Hermione boards the hogwarts express for her re do of her seventh year, she does this with her boyfriend but he has a secret that he will do anythin...
The truth about Hermione granger by xo_dramione_xo
The truth about Hermione grangerby Sasha xo
As her 18th birthday was coming close, Hermione started to notice a change in her appearance, longer hair, darker skin, brighter eyes. She didn't think much of it till h...
From granger to zabini! by BlobbyPiggy
From granger to zabini!by ALowe
After the war the wizarding world is changing for the better. Most students return for their last year at hogwarts. Hermione finds out that she isn't a granger but a zab...
Being a Zabini (Dramione)/ON HOLD by AnnaJ05
Being a Zabini (Dramione)/ON HOLDby Ana🌻
Hermione looked at her mother with a really confused look on her face..."You see Hermione the truth is..." What happens when Hermione starts falling in love wi...
Arranged Marriage For Zabini Twins And Malfoy Siblings by Anna_K2005_
Arranged Marriage For Zabini Anna_K2005_
I do not owe anything, except of the plot. (There are Dramionie and Blinny!) All the characters belong to my favorite writer J. K. Rowling. One day on Hermionie she w...
Mudblood No Longer by Lynx_Athena_Malfoy
Mudblood No Longerby Panda Alpha Storm
Hermione Jean Granger, brains of the Golden Trio, all round goodie two shoes, war heroine, bookworm, teachers pet, filthy little Mudblood. These were things she was know...
Love you always | Dramione | by salty_bookworm
Love you always | Dramione |by salty_bookworm
A dramione fanfic with a lot of twists and turns, hope you like it. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry has invited all the sixth and seventh years back to school...
The Zabini Twins (Draco Malfoy x reader) by WeHaveToFindTheCrab
The Zabini Twins (Draco Malfoy x ☆
Y/n and Blaise Zabini are twins, Blaise born a few seconds before y/n. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini are best friends and have been since they were young but what happe...
Pureblood Hermione and the cursed scar  by wattworld98
Pureblood Hermione and the
After the war, everyone has changed. and so has Hermione and Ginny. they have new families and new lives but where do the malfoys fit in. awful at descriptions but ?‍♀...
New Beginning by KryptoniteCutie
New Beginningby Jasmine Cameron
After finding out her whole childhood was a lie Hermione Granger is determined to find her true family and discover the truth about who she is. With all the twists and...
The Zabini secret  by WolfStarissocute
The Zabini secret by WolfStar
Pure blood families aren't supposed to have twins in the family line but soon enough Blaise Zabini learns he and the Zabini's have broke that rule but I'm sure everythin...
Hermione Zabini by Slytherclaw2009
Hermione Zabiniby Slytherclaw2009
What happens when Hermione Granger the war heroine, 1/3 of the golden trio, the know it all bookworm, and the brightest witch of her age finds out she was adopted and is...