Workingclass Stories

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Around Here by AlyWasHere17
Around Hereby Aly
"The moment that Jordan Shearer steps into the classroom, Lee knows that he's not from around here." Preslash short between two boys from two very different ba...
My Billionaire Husband by TotallyBookish
My Billionaire Husbandby Totally Bookish
The brave and hardworking Kehlani Winters crosses paths with the rude, highly respected and rich Elliot Rees. At first, they despise each other very much but what happen...
Big Girlz Squad by Just_Johann
Big Girlz Squadby Justme
A group of four girls, four big, bad girls. Some times, you need to look deeper to truly know people, most times, what you see is not really what it is. These ladies are...
Gull v. the Feathered Pyramid by CaptainGully
Gull v. the Feathered Pyramidby Captain Gully
This is the life of not someone-but a bird-stuck in the seemingly never-ending cycle waking, working, and sleeping; a cycle that many sea and city birds like himself cou...
Ang Working Class sa Paningin ng mga Nobela ng Precious Hearts Romances by elar_bee
Ang Working Class sa Paningin ng Lois
Ang Working Class sa Paningin ng mga Nobela ng Precious Hearts Romances Ito ay isang analysis kung paano sinasalamin ng mga nobelang nailathala sa Precious Hearts Romanc...
Rise of the Socialist Kindred by Dsin101
Rise of the Socialist Kindredby Dsin101
The purpose of this short book is to provoke thought and discussion regarding the impact the Liberal Elite on modern day Socialism and what the future holds for the Work...
This City Aint Too S... Gritty by WilloStars
This City Aint Too S... Grittyby Will'o'Stars
This will be a short story and poem series related to pictures, which I'll upload, taken from around Liverpool. I was inspired to do this simply because I found a poem I...
Echoes by Mimionah
Echoesby mimi
Sonia Blunt alias samm is the average girl about to graduate from high school with good grades and great dreams, she's new to the real world and must undergo lots of dif...
P.e.r.k.s. : Call Center Life (Made Easy) by VickyManalo
P.e.r.k.s. : Call Center Life ( Vicky Manalo
How to get ready, to apply and stay on this job, plus more...
Apoy sa Puso ni Ehitara by LisoDeLuna
Apoy sa Puso ni Ehitaraby faithplusspice
Hindi panahon ang makakapaghilom sa isang malalim na sugat kundi tapang. Tunghayan kung paano ito naipamalas sa buhay ni Ehitara.
Them..  Those... by WilloStars
Them.. Will'o'Stars
Them... Those... People you'd deal with at work: - co-workers - bosses - customers Essentially, anybody you need to be around who could make things more difficult then t...
These Black Swivel Chairs by AinaUntalan
These Black Swivel Chairsby TheLucidDreamer
Para sa lahat ng magigiting na empleyado na lumalaban at nagtitiis araw-araw para mabuhay.
We Met In May by tobikooo
We Met In Mayby tobikooo
My name is Marcus, and I'm one of the many, many people employed in my hometown's factories. I found out I was gay when I was twelve, stayed single until twenty eight...
Stronger than Words by pstokesbooks
Stronger than Wordsby Paula Stokes
For fans of Jennifer Niven and Nicola Yoon. Mackenzie Craig is no stranger to struggling. After a childhood marred by poverty and homelessness, she's worked her way up t...
With all my heart by Lotte_gw
With all my heartby Lotte_gw
The Netherlands, 19th/20th century While large groups of women are protesting against sexism, two friends are fighting for their own future. Through years of writing...
Blind (EXCERPT) by KRRodriguez
Blind (EXCERPT)by KRRodriguez
Non-racist and racist skinheads look the same. When Bryant's best friend dies at the hands of a rival gang, will revenge tempt him to switch sides? Blind was a top 10 H...
The Endless Playlist by annamgiosso34
The Endless Playlistby annamgiosso34
Natalia Hartley has everything--the wealthy parents, grades, and the family connections to get her into whatever college she wants...and she gets whatever she wants in l...
Me and You by Rae_Im
Me and Youby Lydia Im
Heather and Julian; two lover who met online. Few years later, they met again under the title coworker. What could possible go wrong?
When the Least Favourite Doesn't Care by karinelda
When the Least Favourite Doesn't K. E. Davies
Lars has just experienced the worst day of his life. He has always been too common for the title he will inherit and the fact he is the son of a Lord means he will ne...
White Noise by thatweirdpandkid
White Noiseby Otaco
Kurai Nagai is a shy and insecure teenager who lives on the bad side of town with his uncle who has high expectations of him. When his best friend goes missing he discov...