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My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heartby Sky
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
CRACCHEADS | tbz x skzby closed
it's the title craccheads
Hiding from the Alpha by Xx_Anon_writer_xX
Hiding from the Alphaby Xx_Anon_writer_xX
"I'm sorry." I whisper in his ear before turning around and grabbing my bag to leave. "I will find you. I will rip apart every single pack and every singl...
101 reasons why Ryan Ross is a top <3 by HeymoonImterrified
101 reasons why Ryan Ross is a top...by theheartrateofabitch
The title says it all. For more information please call 1-800-ryantopsfuckingfightme. I'm sorry.
COLORBARS by ToyPlushtrap
Sooooo here comes a trashy description, but give me a chance.... ok so a TV creature corrupts this one human guy who makes and sells TVs for a living. Then, they broadca...
ask me stuff cause im always bored. by Horny-Kitsune-Omega
ask me stuff cause im always bored.by Dark-Mist-Alpha
just ask me stuff about stuff XD I accept fandom questions in creepypasta, Naruto, death note, warriors, Percy jackson, blah anywho yup I'm done with this description.
Cosmic Creations by empyre-
Cosmic Creationsby empyre-
trash #100%truth requests- if you're on my friends list art trades- I ask. Unless you're my friend. collabs- sure Don't be annoying, I wield the power of the block but...
It's A Blessing and A Curse by turtlepiazza
It's A Blessing and A Curseby Digital Rainbow
SEQUEL TO 'DID YOU SEARCH FOR ME? A PTV FANFIC' Skye, Rydell, and Arcane have been living in San Diego with their father, Vic Fuentes, for about a year now, and life is...
Art And So On by Blame_Simon
Art And So Onby edgy™
Hi welcome to trash town population me what are you doing here (PS: This book has both OCs I make up and tales from my life so beware)
♕ Just Chloe Things ♕ by intensyfisolyte-
♕ Just Chloe Things ♕by ♕♛
Just girly things, but it's Chloe version.
Flat 293 by anabellethecreator
Flat 293by ana 🦭
A group of six people, three guys and three girls live in a flat near their university. Within the group there's a girl named Ana and a guy named Henning. Throughout the...
Knight in Shining Armor? More Like Mullet in Ugly Uniform with Hugeass Knife by ablondeweasley
Knight in Shining Armor? More Like...by ablondeweasley
"Lance wasn't really sure how it happened. It was all Hunk's fault, really-he'd gotten them lost in the corn maze, after all. And then it had grown dark and they'd...
Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplay {OPEN} by RelentlessBlueRose
Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplay {OPEN}by Open Roleplays
Well it is what it says. You can be a FMA character or one of your own. You can be a state alchemist, alchemist, homonculous, soldier, alchehistoriest(?), or a plain old...