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My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heartby Sky
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
CRACCHEADS | tbz x skzby closed
it's the title craccheads
Hiding from the Alpha by Xx_Anon_writer_xX
Hiding from the Alphaby Xx_Anon_writer_xX
"I'm sorry." I whisper in his ear before turning around and grabbing my bag to leave. "I will find you. I will rip apart every single pack and every singl...
Finding Awenasa {Watty Awards 2011} by Britski
Finding Awenasa {Watty Awards 2011}by Brittany
A story of a Native American as she travels across America to find her long lost mother. Along the way she will face many trials and dangers, but good things will come...
Ask Asuramaru by Ex-Vampire_Asuramaru
Ask Asuramaruby Asura Tepes
Yeah, so about this.
One Shots by Quacktales033
One Shotsby InkGirlHalo
The assortment of one shots! This will include all undertale, FNAF, Demon slayer, MHA, etc! Most of these will come from my idea book.
Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplay {OPEN} by RelentlessBlueRose
Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplay {OPEN}by Open Roleplays
Well it is what it says. You can be a FMA character or one of your own. You can be a state alchemist, alchemist, homonculous, soldier, alchehistoriest(?), or a plain old...
The Batman's Daughter (except she doesn't know it) by sassybatmanrivera
The Batman's Daughter (except she...by sassybatmanrivera
The sequel to My Night With the Dark Knight told from the perspective of the Batman's secret love child about her exploits before graduation trying to get autographs fro...
Him and I by hoefanficsss
Him and Iby hoefanficsss
Number Five, he was mysterious , powerful, smart, we met when he was in public trying to help people with his siblings. This group of people was trying to hurt me and he...
Flat 293 by anabellethecreator
Flat 293by ana 馃Ν
A group of six people, three guys and three girls live in a flat near their university. Within the group there's a girl named Ana and a guy named Henning. Throughout the...
G_Law FanFiction by HannaCaylyn
G_Law FanFictionby HannaCaylyn
Totally written by Hanna Caylyn and not a male viewer from G_Law's stream
An Unexpected High School Story (High School Story Fanfiction) by SlytherinsWife
An Unexpected High School Story (H...by SlytherinsWife
The Mc inherited a large amount of money from their deceased parents. Scared of being an outcast while in school, they both decided to build a school of their own. Where...
Yum by JoshSan
Yumby JoshSan
I took a shit on the lawn
101 reasons why Ryan Ross is a top <3 by HeymoonImterrified
101 reasons why Ryan Ross is a top...by theheartrateofabitch
The title says it all. For more information please call 1-800-ryantopsfuckingfightme. I'm sorry.
Born Lucky (1D Fanfic) by YummtoBite1701
Born Lucky (1D Fanfic)by YummtoBite1701
Who knew that living out in England with a new found friend Danielle would change Lani's Life forever? She's an amazing dancer, loves life, and has made a sister out of...
Fire by HopefulGirl02
Fireby hopeful
Okay, this is fantasy/Sci-fi. I usually don't write this. But we'll see how it goes. Anyways, this book is loosely following the plot of an old book I wrote awhile back...
Short Stories to Pass the Time by itsmeLbee
Short Stories to Pass the Timeby itsmeLbee
I find myself having a lot of stories roaming about in my head so I decided that I'd put the ones I've written so far and add more as I go along. I might do some fan fic...