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Zombie Hotline by -iasonas
Zombie Hotlineby n a n i
'A light romance comedy tinged with drama but don't be fooled: the twists will guarantee you an entertaining reading' @officalfuryevans 'A quick, but a very amazing read...
The soccer boy by nor_nor91
The soccer boyby nor91
Nora was a promising soccer player when one day she saw a boy starring at her little did she know how it will turn out....
Writings of a Lover by JaimexBart
Writings of a Loverby TheNewEmbraceSadness
On everybody's eighteenth birthday, they wake up with a tattoo of what their soulmate will first say to them.
I dont want to be your teacher (camren) in editing by camren_ship557
I dont want to be your teacher (ca...by camren_ship557
Lauren Jauregui is now a senior at her highschool she's fairly known and by that I mean she had friends she talks to every now and then. Lauren doesn't let anyone in or...
yuri x reader by AnnieS845
yuri x readerby Annie S
heheh probs boring at first but soon to be lemonsss
The Ultimate Guide to Rejecting Pick-Up Lines by purpleunicorn4eva
The Ultimate Guide to Rejecting Pi...by Bill (lol)
Have you ever wanted to just shove a boy/girl's pick up line down their throat? Well don't, because that could be considered assault. Instead use these sassy comebacks t...
Texting Daniel Middleton...(A DanTDM Fanfiction) by DanTDMyouhottie
Texting Daniel Middleton...(A DanT...by EmilyTDM
Emma, A 23 year old girl goes to text her best friend, but puts in the wrong number.. and ends up texting the one and only Dan Middleton.. DanTDM.. What happens when lov...
Levi X Even 2 by Yaoi_Craver
Levi X Even 2by Yaoi craverrrrrr
please read the first book one this before you read this one thanks you. But please enjoy dis This is also completely made up, this is nothing like the real TV show, it'...
You're mine. | a jikook story~ by parkjiminieswifeu
You're mine. | a jikook story~by Bts for life
"O-oppa.. more." "Kitten, use your words. What more do u want?" "You. Your love. Please oppa.. I'm begging u."
Eren X Levi X reader lemon by SummerGamer36
Eren X Levi X reader lemonby SummerGamer36
Yup. Your read it right. This is for GIRLS
Rating BNHA Ships. by NotRubyG
Rating BNHA Ships.by C h e e s e c a k e
Hello Everyone! In this book I Rate BNHA ships. Please do not get offended on anything I say. Its my personal opinion, so I will not hate you for shipping things I don't...
Texting him {matthew daddario} by lilpeepsintern
Texting him {matthew daddario}by Samii
Lucy: Ugh I forgot my hat and basketball at your house! 786-555-9999: um....Who's this? lucy: sorry wrong number 786-555-9999: what is your name?
Beach time gruvia by CactusQueen17
Beach time gruviaby CactusQueen
Time for the beach! Couples are in the title, multichapter fanfic
Dark Charmer ♡ by Akuroku030
Dark Charmer ♡by Shora
Hey everyone! So this story is about Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It's a (Vanitas x Reader) Fanfic, so yeah, enjoy is all I can really say. This is actua...
It Started With Hatred, And Ended With Love (Nerrison fanfic) by Nekosco
It Started With Hatred, And Ended...by Terunori Kuga's Waifu
Nerris claims she hates Harrison, but really, she really likes him. A lot. But doesn't know it.
↝  stardust | graphics  by -blacknwhvte
↝ stardust | graphics by ━ 𝗬/𝗡
[ 🧋 ] graphics, tags and random shit aka the main objective of this book.na graphic portfolio in which I display my entries for contests.
ɪɴᴠɪsɪʙʟᴇ sɪsᴛᴇʀ [ a mackannie/hannie fic ]  by smilinginfinitly
ɪɴᴠɪsɪʙʟᴇ sɪsᴛᴇʀ [ a mackannie/han...by smilinginfinitly
This story is about 2 sisters but how one became more popular..while the other became kinda invisible. It was all like that until a boy entered their lives.