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A.M.I.T.Y. - A white collar fan fiction by IrrevocableMadness
A.M.I.T.Y. - A white collar fan fi...by Resci Waters
Amity, a 16-year-old talented thief and escape artist. After three months in juvy she is finally ready to get out. However, she is certainly not ready to welcome a new b...
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Daniel Caffrey _ Neal's Little Brother by Blackthorn101
Daniel Caffrey _ Neal's Little Bro...by Blackthorn101
Neal had a little brother who thought was safe away from the crime world. What Neal doesn't realize is that his little brother is no loner so little. In fact, he's a gho...
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Neal Caffrey's Daughter by RogueRebel-501
Neal Caffrey's Daughterby Rogue Rebel
Caffrey has a daughter. A daughter he left when he had to serve his four-year sentence in a Super Max prison. However the Feds didn't factor in one missing puzzle into N...
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Imagines and Preferences: Book 1 by chalupa_tyler
Imagines and Preferences: Book 1by chalupa_tyler
Imagines and Preferences For Bands: Twenty One Pilots Books: Harry Potter Heroes of Olympus Percy Jackson Musicals: Newsies Movies: Into the Spider-Verse Marvel Sherlock...
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HACKED: a White Collar fanfic by juliast0ne
HACKED: a White Collar fanficby Julia Stone
"I like computers much more than people. But the people are the ones who named me Override because of my crimes." Blair Taylor is known as Override: the Hacker...
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White Collar ▶ Neal Caffrey by sunlitoud
White Collar ▶ Neal Caffreyby okaybut
*set pre-series* Follows the life of con woman, Kira Bailey as she moves to New York to help an old friend, Mozzie. This is a story of love, loss, and mystery. "if...
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I Walk a Lonely Road (TFP  Optimus Prime X OC Fanfiction) by WhiteWolf815
I Walk a Lonely Road (TFP Optimus...by WhiteWolf815
I have done many things in my life. I have run away, I have lived on the streets, I have learned to fight, and much more. But the one thing I have never learned how to...
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Caffery's Sister by _BreakingAway_
Caffery's Sisterby _BreakingAway_
This is the story of Neal Caffery's sister, Nikki Grace Caffrey. When 16-year-old Nikki lets herself get caught so she can see her brother, Neal feels that she wants mor...
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The French Ballerina: A White Collar FanFic by Emmalynne333
The French Ballerina: A White Coll...by Skylar Jersi
"Casse Toi!" I said to the very handsome man who was trying to stop me. He rolled his eyes at me. That's when I recognized him. Nick Halden, which was an alias...
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Young But Not Reckless (White Collar FanFic) by MissKaterina
Young But Not Reckless (White Coll...by Jo
Crime was always apart of Talia's life. Both of her parents were con-artists but that didn't turn out well for either of them. Talia's mother died when on a heist that...
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Criminal Minds x Reader x White Collar by YezaWrites
Criminal Minds x Reader x White Co...by Yeza Writes
Only for me lol
FEELING GOOD | WHITE COLLAR  by Siriusly_Slytherin
She was a brilliant criminal but love turned out to be her greatest weakness resulting in her capture. After four years in prison and a break out she made a deal with th...
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Four Times Someone Took Care of Neal When he was Sick... by owenharpersgirl
Four Times Someone Took Care of Ne...by owenharpersgirl
...and one time he took care of someone else. Contains sick!Neal, brotherly Peter/Neal, brotherly Neal/Mozzie, father/son Sam/Neal, Sara and Neal, and future!Neal/Sara...
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ENCRYPTED: Sequel to HACKED  by juliast0ne
ENCRYPTED: Sequel to HACKED by Julia Stone
Blair Taylor disappeared with just a trace of blood left behind. While Neal Caffery, Peter and Elizabeth Burke don't want to believe that she was murdered, there's no ev...
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White Collar by Carl4776
White Collarby Christopher Moreno
Neal Caffery is an "ex" criminal who is now a consultant to an FBI agent named Peter Burke. Together they both close up some cases and sometimes it doesn't end...
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ocean eyes ☼ neal caffrey by chrisxevansxo
ocean eyes ☼ neal caffreyby :)
"I didn't mean to hurt you." "And yet, you did." AFTER SEASON 6
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They met and fell in love as teenagers but sometimes love can't conquer all.
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Unauthorized by JasmineMRR
Unauthorizedby JasmineMRR
Two friends, split up at high-school, become the two top Agents in the world. What happens when they are partnered together to start taking down America's Most Wanted on...
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Together In Paris by theonewhosawitall
Together In Parisby theonewhosawitall
Neal Caffery is dead. Mozzie knows this. But the Suit had a baby Neal to replace him. He just needs a little molding. Mozzie decided to take this mission for his own. ...
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His Green-Eyed Puzzle by meet_a_lee
His Green-Eyed Puzzleby MN
Neal comes home to an abandoned baby and a letter claiming him to be the father. The only thing he knows about the birth mother is that she has enchanting green eyes li...
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