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Possessive At First Sight EBS 1 (Unedited) by MsDreamerGirl84
Possessive At First Sight EBS 1 ( MsDreamerGirl84
Previously entitled, My Overly Possessive Billionaire. "Fine!" I acquiescently cave in. "He better keeps his eyes off of you, or I'll poke his...
The Infamous Billionaire by katrinaasalvador
The Infamous Billionaireby Katrina Salvador ♔
Maximillian Bravucci is the young and wealthy Italian man behind the Bravucci Enterprises, Inc. Famous for having a new arm candy each month and spending millions of mon...
Mafia's Babygirl (Mature) by sillybear605
Mafia's Babygirl (Mature)by sillybear605
Knowing there was nowhere to run, I remembered the sacred knowledge my personal trainer told me. One: Eyes If your opponent can't see they can't hurt you Following that...
Emergency Room || James Barnes ✓ by sunfliers
Emergency Room || James Barnes ✓by H
EMERGENCY ROOM || © sunfliers Started: 1/28/19 Published: 3/3/19 Completed: 2/21/20 Kairosclerosis Series James Barnes x Original Character Cover By: @starkvader
A Mute Rejected Mate by twilight27
A Mute Rejected Mateby Sam
Lucy Mason didn't ask for her parents to be killed. She wasn't expecting it to happen, let alone being accused for killing them. Over the years, Lucy is consumed with sa...
Single Mother (Glee & Cooper Anderson Fanfiction) by ryderlynnfever
Single Mother (Glee & Cooper Fara
"We are a family, Aubrey and we are gonna stay this way forever." Cooper says to me. I just can look at him and being quiet. I don't know what should I do. Thi...
Brooklyn Amelia Caffrey by allyphifer1234
Brooklyn Amelia Caffreyby #fangirlingoverDonovan
I'm Brooklyn or some people call me Book or Roo or Brooke and by the some people i mean my Brother Neal. You may know him as Neal Caffrey and let's just say I haven't s...
Lost Cause // James March by thewinterheroine
Lost Cause // James Marchby Beth Jones
Lorna White is the new girl in the hotel. A journalist and hopefully upcoming famous blogger. Wondering around the old hotel she can't help but feel a slight chill and u...
Wanted (White Collar) by _MIDGE
Wanted (White Collar)by midge
If you want more white collar, you've come to the right place. Daphne Ryan is a convicted criminal. She's 28 years old and she has a small apartment in Manhattan. One n...
There's No Way ✧ Neal Caffrey by nealxcaffrey
There's No Way ✧ Neal Caffreyby nealxcaffrey
a story in which Neal's neighbor saves his life. slightly different than season 6, still the same storyline.
Smuts And One Shots [Boyxboy]  by PsychedelicParanoid
Smuts And One Shots [Boyxboy] by Duodenum
I want to write but I need suggestions. You can put some scenarios and put a ship name for them. Thanks. A bunch of smuts and one shots. It's random. I'm sorry, but I d...
Daddy List by hooker_at_once
Daddy Listby captaindeckerstar
Male celebrities that are hot af and daddy af. In no particular order. Just gifs and facts about them! I take requests so dm me?? not really sure where this is going but...
Home 2 (Sequel Of Home & Glee Fanfiction) by ryderlynnfever
Home 2 (Sequel Of Home & Glee Fara
"What about the kids? What about you? You can't raise the kids alone. They need a father figure in their lives." Those what they said to me. But I don't know w...
I fell for my Teacher           (Matt Bomer fan fiction) by Tess_The_Messy_One
I fell for my Teacher ( Tess_The_Messy_One
It's my junior year in high-school. I'm sixteen, brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and the hormones are raging. If I see a hot guy at school, I'll probably hook-up with him...
Hotel Cortez  by frank_liver
Hotel Cortez by frank_liver
You came to the Hotel Cortez to see if the legends are true but a totally unexpected adventure happen to you.
One Night Only by OneLittleWeirdo
One Night Onlyby OneLittleWeirdo
Raymond Spencer is a self-absorbed, smooth-talking Casanova who gets his way easily while Kevin Bryson is a hopeless romantic who just got out of a messy relationship. T...
The Boss's Daughter by artemismischief
The Boss's Daughterby JJ
Alexis Chambers is young, intelligent and beautiful, the perfect daughter in the eyes of her parents. She plays along with their life style, despite her dislike for the...
Drugged | White Collar by thecrazyandweirdgirl
Drugged | White Collarby ♡call me eMMA♡
[DISCONTINUED]> @bluecandifloss made me publish this a collection of drugged!Neal & Peter stories. Disclaimer: I do not own the show White Collar or its' characters...
Business Rivals by messed_up_soul
Business Rivalsby Ayushi Pandey
Ashton Garett ,CEO of Garett Enterprises, the best venture in the world. Ashton is humble, sweet, caring but he does not have time for love and can't risk his heart agai...