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Their Sister, Their Strength by gracesilverleigh
Their Sister, Their Strengthby gracesilverleigh
Madison hasn't had it easy. On her 13th birthday, she witnessed her Mother pass away in a tragic car accident. Just nine months later she is informed of her step-father'...
Within The Bonds by nightlighe01
Within The Bondsby Kia Coelho
She is innocent They are manipulative She plays it safe They thrive in danger She likes her normal life They rule the world of crime She didn't know they existed ...
Luna by sdvwrites
Lunaby sdvwrites
Luna's life was drastically changed by the sudden death of her mother. She became Nick's housemaid and personal punching bag. She sees light at the end of her dark tunne...
His and his only||Tom Riddle by squshysuga
His and his only||Tom Riddleby 표범
Abandoned at the wool's orphanage at the age of 5, Y/n was left in the protection of Tom Riddle. They grew up together, she was the only one he trusted, and the only on...
The Omega's Daughter by Myst3ry007
The Omega's Daughterby Orlaith Hunt
***Featured on Wattpad Werewolf profile - Female Alpha Reading list.*** My mother is Dead. My father is an Omega. We're on the run. We've always been on the run. But thi...
Shy, Scared, and Weak. I'm the Alpha's Mate. by D_Nichole
Shy, Scared, and Weak. I'm the Alp...by D_Nichole
When you live your life in fear how will you turn out? Jillian Sadem might be an Alpha's daughter, but social anxiety runs her life. She always looks over her shoulder...
Assassin's Shadow by buttoners
Assassin's Shadowby 🐦Phoenix_Bird🐦
Valentina is a sixteen year girl and a trained assassin. But she has been broken, Her mother left her when she was six leaving her with abusive stepdad, just to find out...
My Scared Little Omega by DGwerewolves
My Scared Little Omegaby D G
Hello everyone !! This is my first book and I hope u like this one . Feel free to comment and please do vote for the chapters u like . Alena Jordan is the packs...
Padfoot's Weakness - HP / Marauders time travel by videle-
Padfoot's Weakness - HP / Marauder...by —moxie
When Henrietta Potter accidentally time travels to her parents' time, she must cope with questions, new problems, and her teenage Godfather she's falling in love with! I...
The badass tomboy kidnapped by the gangleader by 2stephanie2
The badass tomboy kidnapped by the...by ❣️EXO_KINGS❣️
Sylar gets kidnapped by the most feared gang the vipers. their gangleader Xavier sends his friends to go and kidnap a 15 year old boy but they accidentally mistake skyla...
Stay With Me (Come Back to Me #2) by reannekennedy17
Stay With Me (Come Back to Me #2)by ReAnne Kennedy
Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path. Those are the words that Justin McCallister has been repeating in his mind since the day he was...
Inhumane by lastingsummit
Inhumaneby wolf queen
What once was a harmless fascination for a species of wild animals became a hatred that ran deep through her blood. That beloved field journal and thoughtful pencils exc...
Female by lastingsummit
Femaleby wolf queen
COMPLETED! "You are weak, unstable, and arrogant! You are not a good wolf!" A laugh barked out of the Alpha's throat, shaking his head, eyes so bright. "G...
His only weakness. M.R. by mystorys_x
His only weakness. M.R.by mystorys_x
A story about Maddison Lockmoore and Mattheo Riddle. An innocent girl fell for the cold-hearted boy. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT A FEW!
The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto Fan Fiction) by Insomniac_Lullabies
The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto...by Insomniac_Lullabies
Cashile Kuroki has discovered the Frailty of Genius, the shortcomings of prodigious talent, the weakness that comes with strength. Standing alone she fell, with no one t...
His Only Weakness (Peter Pan OUAT) by Sammie2244
His Only Weakness (Peter Pan OUAT)by Samantha
She's Peter Pan's little sister, and just as bad as him. She is the only girl in Neverland, but she doesn't mind. She is happy to just have her brother and the Lost Bo...
POV:your nudes gets leaked 😩 by roseaaa1
POV:your nudes gets leaked 😩by xkathrine.piercex
As you can see by the title this is about an imaginary story of your nudes getting leaked onto the internet.... it's not the best thing for the entire world to see and i...
The mafias weakness by someonewhoisme
The mafias weaknessby someonewhoisme
4 boys have been friends since childhood. But when one of the boys, Marcus turns into the leader of one of the strongest mafias, what happens? Or what happens when he de...
Deceptive Weakness  by serenawhite503
Deceptive Weakness by Serena White
Olivia has joined THE BLACK FEAR mafia gang as a secret agent. Ace is heartless ruthless cold and a very dangerous mafia leader of the THE BLACK FEAR.
I'm The Antagonist Of This Story (Or I'm supposed to be) by kenyamars
I'm The Antagonist Of This Story (...by Rani H.
This story follows Orpheus, formally known as Nicholas, and their adventure to a new world called Everis. Nicholas Grimsby is brutally murdered by his best friend of fiv...