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*Completed* "No smart move.. I suppose I can trust you on this.." He said in his deep voice leaving my hand.He didn't need to tell me that.. I was so taken by his presence and voice that I Couldn't move even if I wanted to.. He pushed me down to the ground by holding my shoulders. I felt his body going away from mine, his heat disappearing, scent fading.. I heard footsteps and saw his figure coming in front of me.. His tall masculine figure walked to the chair in front of me. He took off his suit and placed on the chair. He turned to face me, sitting on it dominantly.. Like he owns the damn world.. He started rolling up his sleeves to his elbows, his eyes not leaving me. I froze in my place as he gazed at me intensely. I couldn't bring myself to look into his eyes but I felt his gaze on me.. Observing my every move.. Closely, Very closely..I am sure he could feel my raged heartbeat and my fast breathing.. And even the slight shaking of my fingers beside me. His gaze on me was suffocating and too intense to ignore.. I looked into his eyes and my heart stopped pumping blood for a moment and went wild the next as my brown eyes met those electric blue orbs.. *** She is a bad news.. She is a nightmare.. She is a Street fighter.. Not just any but the best among them.. She is hellfire and holy water.. That depends on how you treat her.. She is not the one you wanna mess with.. She can make your life a living hell.. She is not just any other girl.. She is Argyl.. If this is her, I will just let you wonder about him...! Started on: 2nd August, 2017. WARNING : It has violent scenes and deaths. You have been warned.


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by 32Quincey