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Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorrow} by Lucinda2015
Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorr...by Lucinda2015
Based off of the Legends of Tomorrow TV show...basically I loved the show and thought hey what if I wrote in another character? And boom. This happened.
Brooklyn Archer //Book Three// - Legends of Tomorrow by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Three// - L...by MCWAYY
Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow **I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only my character Brooklyn**
Cold Meets Fire by SushiSushi12347
Cold Meets Fireby Sushi
My name is Hayley Pluto and I'm the daughter of Hades, I was born 25 years after earth was made and I once I turned 38 years old I always will look the same age even kno...
Legends Of Tomorrow Memes by KendraNullings
Legends Of Tomorrow Memesby KendraNullings
A collection of fine memes of everyone's favorite space-time screw-ups!
The Time Witch - Jefferson Jackson [1] by LilBeanNick
The Time Witch - Jefferson Jackson...by BETH 🎈
Hi I'm Callie Hunter the daughter of rip and Miranda hunter but I'm from my fathers future my mother and brother where killed by Vandal Savage I was only a baby I didn't...
What She Craves by Summer_Haze__
What She Cravesby Summer Haze 💛
Lexi's a surfer and surfing is her passion, but a new boy comes to town bringing a certain type of passion, a certain type of love she's been craving . Her past broke he...
Legends Of Tomorrow Imagines by ProbablyPanickingNow
Legends Of Tomorrow Imaginesby Let Me Sleep Please
Literally because I can Only the girls: •Amaya •Ava •Sara •Zari
legends of tomorrow one-shots by sxftsara
legends of tomorrow one-shotsby 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐡
Short stories from the Waverider and their team of misfits!!! 1. Introduction 2. Avalance: Six Feet Under 3. Avalance: I Can't Wait to Go Home 4. Avalance: Rock Bottom ...
Brother's Best Friend (Sara Lance/You) by ProbablyPanickingNow
Brother's Best Friend (Sara Lance...by Let Me Sleep Please
*Highschool AU* Y/n Palmer. Younger step sister of Ray Palmer, who just came back from a trip to Washington D.C.. Y/n is a lesbian who has been out of the closet since s...
The Bad and The Good (avalance) by liongryffindor
The Bad and The Good (avalance)by Lion
AU of avalance in highschool. Sara being a cool/bad girl that's also in the soccer team. Ava being a good girl with good grades who just moved into town. I do not own th...
Bellow Zero :: Legends Of Tomorrow(O.H) by Smileykylie200
Bellow Zero :: Legends Of Tomorrow...by T R A S H Y
"Awe c'mon! It was one time!" "Orla, it exploded" "...so?" Or In which an ice cold hero leaves her Historian boyfriend to join a team of 'L...
CaptainCanary (Book 1) by Birddog_Flarrowfan
CaptainCanary (Book 1)by Birddog_Flarrowfan
I do not own anything. Rights go to Legends Of Tomorrow/Arrow
Unforgotten Love by MARVELrox123
Unforgotten Loveby CW.MARVELrox
(Based in Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. I do not own anything but my OC and part of the plot). When Sara's life is in danger, an old 'friend' of hers takes it upon hi...
Live Like Legends ➤ Arrowverse Children by Versfa
Live Like Legends ➤ Arrowverse Chi...by Versfa
When a mistake in the future causes the Flash to mess with the timeline again, it's up to the children of heroes and villians alike to fix it.
Captain Canary: The Spin Off-Sub Zero (Book 3) by Birddog_Flarrowfan
Captain Canary: The Spin Off-Sub Z...by Birddog_Flarrowfan
WARNING: There may be some spoilers for the new season's plot. If you haven't seen the new season yet you may want to wait!! Sara and Leonard are happily married and ar...
CaptainCanary: A Second Chance (Book 2) by Birddog_Flarrowfan
CaptainCanary: A Second Chance (Bo...by Birddog_Flarrowfan
Sara had decided to stay in Star City after what happened with Leonard and Laurel. After the team had been able to track down where Vandal Savage was, they found out th...
LEGENDS NEVER DIE | ( 𝚓𝚘𝚑𝚗 𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚎 )  by Marie24267
LEGENDS NEVER DIE | ( 𝚓𝚘𝚑𝚗 𝚌�...by ☆:**:. marie .:**:.☆
Elizabeth Ramon, or how she likes to be called Liz, the sister of the one and only Cisco Ramon. When the particle accelerator blew, due to the evil intentions of Harriso...
Waverider Shorts (Or Basically Anything To Do With Legends Of Tomorrow) by ironmess
Waverider Shorts (Or Basically Any...by that cat that jumps into your...
my short fics on what happens onboard the Waverider (or, as the title says, 'anything that's related to Legends of Tomorrow). Mainly Captain Canary, little hints of Stee...
 Frozen Hearts || Arrow & Legends Of Tomorrow  by LostInSkyxzy
Frozen Hearts || Arrow & Legends...by LostInSkyXZY
A criminal? A murderer? An assassin? No, He's worse than that. More like a monster. The world nowadays is crazy. People are only chatting about villains who try to make...
Tidal Wave (Arrowverse & Avalance) by Ellagjos
Tidal Wave (Arrowverse & Avalance)by
14 year old, Alexis(Lexi) al Ghul, grew up experimented on, tortured, and training as an assassin. She was trained by, whom she thought was her father, Ra's al Ghul. He...