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Q U E E N ( Tchalla Love Story )  by tupaclover1
Q U E E N ( Tchalla Love Story ) by Nia
"Please I can't! P-p-please I can't do this Okoye" I exclaimed, as my breath and heart quickened. I felt sick to my stomach about the news that I just received...
White Wolf and Arctic Fox by HalfMiralukanJedi
White Wolf and Arctic Foxby Aleckina
SEQUEL TO "WINTER'S SISTER"!!! T'Challa takes Ree to Wakanda only days after Steve breaks her out of the ocean prison, to protect her and keep her near her bro...
I Won't Say It (T'Challa Udaku) by Boring712
I Won't Say It (T'Challa Udaku)by Boring712
Dr.Ayesha 'Storm' Rhodes , born a mutant has been though a lot of hurt and pain in her life what happens when she finally meets someone who only wants to love her. Can s...
foreigner || black panther by queenofthenight1211
foreigner || black pantherby queenofthenight1211
He was a king, she was a foreigner. They were never meant to love each other, but they did. A love that cannot happen, could not happen, should not happen, but it did. •...
The Black Panther  by kayla0531
The Black Panther by Kayla Elrod
This is a story about Asha Abdulla daughter of Wakandan warrior, but her mom was American. She lives with the avenger see what her life is like. Will she fall in love wi...
It all started with a drink (Michael B. Jordan) by bakkarii
It all started with a drink (Micha...by Bakari ❤️
When Ryan and Michael, who aren't from entirely different worlds, meet at a club where Ryan and John are promoting a new clothing line that Michael, was also modeling fo...
Peter Parker? by jvgisme
Peter Parker?by Wink Wonk
Who is Peter Benjamin Parker? Is he just a regular High School student from Queens? Who knows? Only two people know other than Peter. MJ and Ned. His two best friends. W...
Your Majesty ♡   by JustFromQueens
Your Majesty ♡ by Beau ♡
( 🍀; 💚) " I love you." T'challa whispered softly, a grin falling over his features. He carefully picked Adisa up, holding him close. " You're amazing...
If it isn't Love by Boring712
If it isn't Loveby Boring712
T'Challa loves Ayesha, but Ayesha is still struggling with her feelings for T'Challa. She knows she cares for him deeply but can't bring herself to say the words 'I love...
Rewind To The Past  by Aragon420
Rewind To The Past by Coraline Aragon
Peter also known as Weapon-S, was never normal. He always knew things would be out to get him, but he always wondered why. It all started with what was supposed to be...
Queen of the Mountain - T'Challa Udaka by JaeMonroe
Queen of the Mountain - T'Challa U...by Yours Truly
"Never fear the storm my son. For storms draw something out of us that calm seas cannot."
A Buddy Companion (5) by BoosCorner
A Buddy Companion (5)by Boo's Corner
This story is about Bucky Barnes and his other best friend Ramona. Welcome to the next installment of "A Buddy Companion." Ramona have been living in Wakanda f...
❦.| T'Challa; the man known as the handsome Black Panther. While visiting the U.S., his father pressures him to find a Queen fit for the Wakandan throne. Kirsten; the w...
The Fire in My Heart - Black Panther by LAC1940
The Fire in My Heart - Black Panth...by Lindsay
"This alliance just keeps getting more and more complicated..." Set briefly during 'Civil War' but mostly during 'Black Panther'. The nations of Sokovia and Wa...
Behind the mask - Erik Killmonger by 3riche
Behind the mask - Erik Killmongerby ˗ˏˋ𝕽𝖎𝖈𝖍𝖊 ˊˎ˗
This story has been discontinued. There will be no more updates. - Everyone has a mask. Whether it is a mask to hide your emotions, or a mask to cover your imperfections...
KILLMONGERby Loading...
The beginning may not be all that and a bag of chips and coke but it gets better...I promise. Enjoy loves ! I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT OWN ANY BLACK PANTHER CHARACTERS OR ANY O...
Erik Killmonger x Reader one shots! by JadaThePerson
Erik Killmonger x Reader one shots!by Jada
A book full of Black Panther's Erik Killmonger x Reader oneshots,
ALL THE STARS  ─Erik Killmonger by BlackVelvet999
ALL THE STARS ─Erik Killmongerby Miu
When Erik sets foot on Wakanda to bring Klaw's dead body, he laid eyes on a girl. His enemy's adopted sister. It was love at first sight between the criminal and the pri...
Pray For Me ⇝ Black Panther by Carefree2222
Pray For Me ⇝ Black Pantherby N.
His name repeated in Aadya's mind. Her mind raced for possible reasons why the name sounded so familiar to her. When the memory struck her, the young woman turned to the...
I Spy - Black Panther (M'BakuXOC) by LAC1940
I Spy - Black Panther (M'BakuXOC)by Lindsay
Kiara is a Wakandan war dog and spy, daughter of Zuri, sister to Nakia. When she was just little she went with her father on an assignment in America, where she was for...