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Angel [Victor Nikiforov] by pale-blueheart
Angel [Victor Nikiforov]by 『だれ』
Shirayuki Mizore, an ice skater from Japan that's widely known. But after a fall she decides to take a break from her ice skating career, and for now stay in Japan. Fina...
The Potions Master's Daughter (Book Three) by pagesofmyheart
The Potions Master's Daughter ( —kayla
[Book Three] It's Jessica's fourth year at Hogwarts. Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard Tournament, but that's lot the only danger Jessica will be in.
Catch My Heart (Viktor Krum x Reader) by AbbyStrong
Catch My Heart (Viktor Krum x Abigail Strong
You are a sixth year with the intention of going to the Quidditch World Cup with your family and friends for a once in a life-time experience. It was great fun cheering...
An Arranged Marriage to Viktor Krum by Royal_Wars
An Arranged Marriage to Viktor Krumby Royal Wars
I OWN NOTHING BUT MY OCs!!!!! Viktor Krum, Worlds best Quidditch player and a Drumstrang student. Lilly Rose McGonagall is professor McGonagall's granddaughter. He...
Eccentric|| Yuri On Ice x reader by TranquilNinja
Eccentric|| Yuri On Ice x readerby TranquilNinja
"The way she moves is astonishing!" "She's like a whimsical flower in the wind." "Her performance is truly...eccentric." ★彡 Korean figure s...
Chasing you by several_mi
Chasing youby several_mi
A transferee from Beauxbaton knocks in Hogwarts Castle doors. Nobody knows her or have heard from her, but her last name was interesting since her father is popular in E...
Never Have I Ever [Larry Stylinson] by AndreBsGirl
Never Have I Ever [Larry Stylinson]by brie
Things couldn't have been better in Harry Styles' life. He has the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for, the fame, the fans, the money, and most of all, the boy, Lo...
Her Skate of Life (Victor Nikiforov X Oc) by Sakura_Cherryb1ossom
Her Skate of Life (Victor 𝓢𝓪𝓴𝓾𝓻𝓪❃
"She's going for it! Will she make it?!" Then; She went for it. She jumped. Then, darkness. Hanako Shinohara tries to live a life of solitude in her room, refu...
Snow Tiger - Yuri On Ice {Editing} by otacoxpanda
Snow Tiger - Yuri On Ice {Editing}by o t a
A Yuri Plisetsky X OC Story - Her name? Valentina Nikolaev. Her talent? Dancing like there was no tomorrow. Her future? Not what she expected. When famous d...
Yurio X Reader by msn116
Yurio X Readerby Azuma and Kirakiraboshi
(Y/N) (L/N) has a passion for ice skating and has fantasized about pursuing her dream as an international ice skater. Sadly, her focus has been blurred after her mother'...
verisimilitude (Yuzuru Hanyu X OC) by 93TIMES
verisimilitude (Yuzuru Hanyu X OC)by — hiatus —
verisimilitude: [ver-uh-si-mil-i-tood, -tyood] noun the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability something, as an assertion, having merely the appearan...
His One and Only Agape by musicrider
His One and Only Agapeby musicrider
(Now Edited) Hi everyone I'm (F/n) katsuki I'm a figure skater like my older brother Yuuri Katsuki. Well in a way you can say I don't really know people unless it's my...
Love on the Ice (Victor Nikiforov Love Story) by KatherineIn
Love on the Ice (Victor KatherineIn
At the age of six, Katerina Samarina had moved to Russia with her family. She hated ice skating. Everything changed when she met Victor Nikiforov. He taught her to love...
THE DURMSTRANG GIRL ( Viktor Krum L.S.) by Emmy_hump_
THE DURMSTRANG GIRL ( Viktor Emmy_hump_
Emily Groundwater, She was a first for a lot of things. First American to go to a wizarding school across the seas, and that she goes to Durmstrang. But one other thin...
Unyielding - Yuri On Ice Reader Insert by Otaku_at_best
Unyielding - Yuri On Ice Reader 지호
Y/n is just a girl who loves to ice-skate not for the competition or the fame, just for the feeling she gets when her blades connect with the ice.
~A.G.A.P.E~An angel gets an empty promise #PremiosKatsudon2017 by kazen_nova
~A.G.A.P.E~An angel gets an Jeyra
Yuri Plisetsky, es un omega afortunado, nacido de una familia humilde, en una sociedad rusa; donde los omegas son tratados con igualdad y poseen los mismos derechos que...
Èclairs || Cedric Diggory by Seraphic_devil_mione
Èclairs || Cedric Diggoryby Mione
"Can I ask what exactly are you trying to do with that èclair?" A sweet, humorous fic written by Flaignhan... Enjoy this delicious treat, with chocolaty goodne...
Icy Love~Victor Nikiforov x Reader by Eliza__S
Icy Love~Victor Nikiforov x Readerby •Eliza•
When Victor Nikiforov came into your life, you never thought it would turn out like this. He helps you soar through the ranks in skating, but along with a status of the...
Yuri On Ice ( Viktor X OC ) by cutiepanda4542
Yuri On Ice ( Viktor X OC )by MaRy
Fame. That's what Viktor had, he had so much he pushed a very important person that truly loved him for who he was. Carolina Feltsman was that person, she was his best f...