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In Your Dreams by _haileyyk
In Your Dreamsby _haileyyk
•Completed• Claire Fields has dreams and visions about a boy and a life that she's never had. Because of her delusions, she is put in a mental institution. Things begin...
The Vampire and The Ghost | ✔︎ by SammyE9
The Vampire and The Ghost | ✔︎by Sam.L
[BOOK ONE OF THE VAMPIRE AND THE GHOST SERIES] She's dead, he's undead. An unusual duo make their way through the modern world, and its modern challenges. Annalise Red...
Risky Fling<3 by graychibun21
Risky Fling<3by GRAY
After graduating from college, Lena's friend Nat plans a trip to Hawaii along with their other friend Sadie. Arriving in Hawaii, the three young adults get drunk on Lava...
LOVE FOR ETERNITY || Kol Mikaelson love story || by TanjaMikaelson
Kol and Natali met 1002 while his family was in France. But they got together again after hundred and plus years and were together for almost nine hundred years. Klaus d...
The Vampire Prince by Hanleigh_Bradley
The Vampire Princeby Hanleigh Bradley
I'm not like the vampires in your books, little girl. I'm not agonising over my own soul or the ethics of drinking your blood. I don't want saving or to find some great...
Pet Human by belgiumeveruthing
Pet Humanby Faas Verbruggen
Micheal has mysteriously been transported to Transyl, the eternal dark land of vampires. While straggling on the road, he has been captured, locked in a cell, chained to...
THIRST || Vanitas no Carte  by alyseiki
THIRST || Vanitas no Carte by Artem Kudo
Can Y/N lift the curse of the vampires? A young and fragile human girl wanted to be a detective when she grows up but she never thought of having this case. The case stu...
The Wedding Crashers by bana1215
The Wedding Crashersby bana1215
After two years on her own, and two more as a hunter with Sam and Dean Winchester, Leah thought she'd escaped her old life at La Push. But when she's called home to atte...
The Lost Boys Imagines + Prefrences.  by Meggy_Cade
The Lost Boys Imagines + Megan Street <3
"One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach... All the damn vampires." Welcome to my The Lost Boys Imagines and Prefrences. I hope you enjoy...
Blood dreams  by Goony_12
Blood dreams by Goony
y/n Johnson lives her boring life in a town in Oregon in the XXI century. After her ruined 14th birthday she wishes to be in one of her favorite movies (The Lost Boys) B...
American Nights。⁠*゚✯ (The Lost Boys 1987) by cel3br1tysk1n
American Nights。⁠*゚✯ (The Lost cherry bomb✯
"American nights, you kids are so strange. American nights, you're never gonna change*⁠.⁠✧" - The Runaways. Imagine working in a record store just trying to do...
The Vampire's Prey  by AshleyVale5
The Vampire's Prey by Ashley Vale
-Anything for her blood- Luvida finds herself in grave danger after her mother's death. Thirsty for her unique sweetness, vampires from all corners of the world descend...
I finally found you mate alucard X reader  by NatashaPalma
I finally found you mate alucard VienneauWolf
No life king going give up finding his mate sir integra told him there signed of ghouls headed in at a high school him and police girl going on the mission what hap...
The Cask of Manhasset { Ranpoe } by Knockyasocksoff2022
The Cask of Manhasset { Ranpoe }by Just More Fanfictions
When his Dad gets a teaching job at an American University, Ranpo must move with them to the American state of Connecticut. Once there he starts his Junior year of high...
The Doctor Meets the Vampire [Completed] by talitypanda
The Doctor Meets the Vampire [ i am nobody
Rank #1 in bloodlust! 10/09/19 Rank #1 in vampireseverywhere 04/09/21 Rank #1 mystery thriller! 04/20/2022 Monique is a doctor and at the same time one of the best surge...
The Vampyre's Princess by EVBrowne
The Vampyre's Princessby Evelynne V. Browne
The world had fallen into ruin long ago. Vampires ruled the supernatural world and were the highest in the royal monarchy. Any humans that did survive were turned into s...
Who is Baby Daddy? by jazzibee26
Who is Baby Daddy?by Jazmine
It is a fanfiction piece from the Vampire Dairies, continuing from when Elena becomes a vampire from the accident at the Bridge, while she is the hospital it is uncovere...
Stiles X Bonnie  by EdenZero4
Stiles X Bonnie by Eden Zero
Summary: After her father found her passed out, he decides to move her across the country after taking a promotion. They move to Beacon Hills, which to Bonnie is normal...
Taken (a path of certitude) by feliolo
Taken (a path of certitude)by feliolo
Haunted by her tumultuous past, Amira strives for a balance in her life which leads her to find solace in South Nile, but just before stability could be acquired, unexpe...
Inferno Ascendant  by Venti_______Simp
Inferno Ascendant by Prankster
In the past, according to folklore and fairy tales, the world was once flourishing but has now descended into chaos and despair. Decades ago, the vampire race rose to po...