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The Vampire King's Mate [Completed] by Mystery_Angel6
The Vampire King's Mate [Completed]by Mystery_Angel6
"What are you doing here?" I gulped at the hoarse voice. Instead of replying, I stared at Maria's corpse lying on the floor. "You smell so sweet." I...
The Vampire Lord by missmama1216
The Vampire Lordby Miss Mama
Olivia has been living in fear most of her life. At least ever since she was a small child at, when the vampires took over. She is separated from her family and despite...
Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The...
The Love of Twins~Vampire Knight Story by AnimalsEML
The Love of Twins~Vampire Knight M.H.L
What if Kaname, the pureblood king had a younger twin-sister, the only real blood connection and also woman ancestor of the Kurans. What if he was fated to marry her and...
The boyz One Shots by x_lightthenight_x
The boyz One Shotsby x_lightthenight_x
-Josh Dub -Your Narrator -Eddie VR -Mully -Juicy -Ree Kid The storys will be fucked up. You can expect everything. Requests are open!
Irresistible  by _Lmxchi
Irresistible by 🦋
"Your scent is like a trail of candies just for a kid." -P•JM
Aiyana (Twilight) by PezPezzy
Aiyana (Twilight)by pez
↩"You're captivating."↪ ↩"You're exhausting."↪ The town of Forks may be clueless to their true nature, but one girl from the La Push reservation can'...
Misunderstood [K.P] by jellyfish42069
Misunderstood [K.P]by Isabella 🥰
Don't underestimate the allure of darkness, even the purest hearts are drawn to it. Prequel on my page now:))
Best Friend's Brother // Klaroline High School AU by klauslovescaroline
Best Friend's Brother // he’s her last love
Caroline Forbes and Kol Mikaelson have been best friends since the third grade, the two of them inseparable. That is until Kol's older brother, Klaus, comes into the pic...
Life with 7 vampires/BTS/ by _army_forever_06
Life with 7 vampires/BTS/by I'm ARMY just ARMY
y / n does not have a good relationship with mom and dad. they do not love her, and one day they leave her alone in the forest that she remains left to herself. after a...
Kidnapped by bigbang  by ateezlovely
Kidnapped by bigbang by ATEEZ lover
Jasmine stark lived a normal life with his foster brother peter parker and my friend tami until strange things happened they going back home as their enter their are sho...
The Lord of Bryn Du by ayanderssen
The Lord of Bryn Duby A.Y. Anderssen
After a traumatising breakup, a young city woman takes the spur of the moment decision to accept a job as a private teacher to the daughter of a rich aristocrat in the s...
My Vampire King💖kth by AlexIiTangapa
My Vampire King💖kthby Using my Dad's Email😂
"No! Touch me and you die!!" I screamed at his face. His face. It felt like home. But at the same time my worst fear. "Come closer, my love." He sa...
DECEPTION by writer-me
Aastha wants to know about her uncle who is different from everyone else. He rarely visits them and barely speaks a word. In the need of knowing him, she starts to follo...
The Witch Code by wtf11Gray
The Witch Codeby W
Get involve with Rogue Lancaster. Her name was one of the rare casters at the West of the continent Roman. Her town was intruded by a very powerful pack of bloodsucker...
Vampire's Last Kind by x_Rivalryxx
Vampire's Last Kindby Lex
In one colossus world, lived many creatures. Some powerful and fearless. Others weak and scared. This world was known as, Magnolia. Vampires. The creature known as quee...
Bloody Sins. [p;jm] by -lovelyjkj
Bloody Sins. [p;jm]by .
"Your blood is addicting, like candy to a child" __ Park Jimin. ⚠️ Slow Updates ⚠️
My Beautiful Life With A.....Vampire???(PART-2) by AnushkaNath
My Beautiful Life With Anushka Nath
The story of Emily and Jake continues here, If you want to be a part of there adventure, read the first book first or else you won't understand this one. 🔹🔹🔹🔸🔸🔸🔹...