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Always by -Devoid
Alwaysby t. ∆SLOW UPDATES∆
In which Bree Higgins falls for her dad's best friend's son.
HER PSYCHOTIC HUSBAND by Crazy_lollipop_lover
"You know what? You are a cheap trash who just deserves to be belonging to the garbage. Yeah. You belong to that garbage tin. Just go away. They're craving for you...
7 year old back to pull ups by Diaperstorys12
7 year old back to pull upsby Diaperstorys12
A 7 year old that has a little sister that was getting potty trained at 2 years old and she was Not ready
The First Day Of Summer (Sequel to The Lake House) by MarvelWorksWonders
The First Day Of Summer (Sequel Kelly Stark-Rogers
Three years after that epic summer at the lake house, the Feder family has found themselves back in Lenny's hometown...and that means a whole new ballgame for Greg and K...
I never thought I loved you (Ron Weasley love story) by TheChainHP
I never thought I loved you (Ron Kay Weasley
"I always thought my heart would forever be Draco's. But now, it's in two. One half belongs entirely to Draco Malfoy. But the other half of my heart now belongs to...
LOVING MY THUG by channelluv
LOVING MY THUGby channelluv
cameron the new baby the bedwetter by cameroncst1k84
cameron the new baby the bedwetterby cameroncst1k84
Cameron mom and dad have a new baby Noah but cameron's start wetting the bed and having day accident too also acting like a baby so his mom and Dad think it a good idea...
A Weekend at the Lake House by SkittlesDelight
A Weekend at the Lake Houseby christi
Mia Evans is born in a cold household with very busy parents and no siblings. She was born rich, but she has never been spoiled or bratty. On this particular summer, her...
I JUST WANNA SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU #Wattys2016 by writeups92
its a story of two individuals who are tied up together in a marriage but decide to live like friends... the male spouse loses his memory in some accident who is alread...
The Lake House by MarvelWorksWonders
The Lake Houseby Kelly Stark-Rogers
Kaylee Davis is the niece to Marcus Higgens and ends up tagging along with her parents to Coach Buzzer's funeral. There she meets Lenny 'Hollywood' Feder and his family...
Feder summer: Feder fiasco by lolzfanfics
Feder summer: Feder fiascoby lolzfanfics
This is the sequal to the first story about greg and zoey. This time, they're older. But that doesn't mean they've become boring!
Chameron ❤️ by chameron_goalss
Chameron ❤️by Tarah
This is for Cameron and China's friendship. Thank you Cameron for being a great role model and thank you for always being the best friend china ever had. We miss and lo...
My Life as Justin Bieber's little sister (Hi, I'm Kayla Bieber!) by ottawalieber
My Life as Justin Bieber's soph
(Completed) <Book 2> "Hi I'm Kayla Bieber." Is how Kayla, starts off most of her interviews and commercials. Even on Disney she'll say that-well, what sh...
The Curse by kittyslyfox
The Curseby Anime&Animals
COMPLETE I have been traveling for sixteen years,ever since I was five and adopted at the orphanage. I have gone by three rules my whole life.One,only attack if you are...
I confess, greg feder by lolzfanfics
I confess, greg federby lolzfanfics
This is the story about 5 childhood buds who haven't seemed to grow up! They're married. Have kids. And haven't seen eachother in years. But they're middle school basket...
My Brother Is My Mate! by bookworm101702
My Brother Is My Mate!by Faye & Charlotte
Avianna Fox has been waiting her whole life to find her mate but what happens when she realizes her mate is her brother? This is not a book about incest so get that th...
Silenced Love (Larry Stylinson Mini Series) by asbowden14
Silenced Love (Larry Stylinson Ashley Bowden
Louis is the school prep and bullies Harry, but he’s also secretly dating him. Harry get’s fed up with it and calls things off and finds a new guy Nick. Louis gets jealo...
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Pulled Between Two (One Direction Fan Fiction) by someblondesaresmart
Pulled Between Two (One someblondesaresmart
He looked at me, his eyes looking like they were piercing through my soul. I froze in shock and I felt Liam's arms wrap around me and squeeze me against his chest. But i...
Poopy One shots by Poopyboy1886
Poopy One shotsby Poopyboy1886
One shots of boys becoming poopy babies