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Loving My Reject(BOOK 1 OF TRILOGY) by awshlay
Loving My Reject(BOOK 1 OF TRILOGY)by ashley
Klover has been bullied and insulted since the day she didn't change into her wolf form. Her brother, sister, and parents abandoned her and completely left her in the da...
The Brothers by i_jimintoday
The Brothersby crackhead38
You get a new friend, and along with that new friend comes two brothers. One soft, one tough. What will happen when they walk into your life? Which one will you choose? ...
The Volturi Girl ( Demetri x Oc x Alec) by XxLost_Girl192xX
The Volturi Girl ( Demetri x Oc XxLost_Girl192xX
(Take place in New Moon) Bella's friend came with them to Italy. She was brought into the vampire world when Jasper tried to bite her . Now she will meet the most danger...
Used 'N' Rejected | ✔️ by Saturn_A_Wolf
Used 'N' Rejected | ✔️by GRACIE JANE
She was an Omega They were Alphas She turn rouged They became Kings She wanted love They wanted power She was fighter They were Murders Her first mate rejected he...
One Night With Royalty by Alanna00
One Night With Royaltyby Alanna00
The world is different from how it use to be, humans aren't in control anymore. A war had led to a world ruled by supernatural monarchy's. Evelyn was a girl who tended t...
Belonging to Two  by aPieceOfGranite
Belonging to Two by JustNiamh
Wendy lived a comfortable life. She was nearly finished college and was still living at home with her mother, At her best friends' wedding, she locks eyes with two men...
The Secret (Complete) by Viking454
The Secret (Complete)by ✨Jessica✨
Alexandra Stan was always on the run because of what she did. She just keeps moving never stopping for no one. Will she ever stop? Will she find someone that is worth st...
Having Two Mates by byawhdpf
Having Two Matesby AJ | hiatus
Hailey Spencer moves to the quiet town a Newport, Oregon expecting it to be another move because of her mother's frequent job relocation but her life gets turned upside...
Bride To The Alpha Prince by JasmineRose_xx
Bride To The Alpha Princeby Jasmine
Princess Armelle Nostovia belongs to one of the wealthiest Royal families present. She is the youngest of 3 brothers, pure and the last to be wed. A marriage between eac...
The Fae's Chance  by SociallyAwkwardMime
The Fae's Chance by SociallyAwkwardMime
[Completed] "Are you scared kitten?" He whispered in my ear. I squeaked out a 'no' and continued to look at everything other then him. I could feel that he was...
I Have Two Mates!?!?!?!? by that_trans_guy_max
I Have Two Mates!?!?!?!?by Max Lawley
Charlie is the only sister to her three brothers Jaden, Alex, and Derek. Her brothers are very protective of Charlie. So what happens when Charlie finds her mates. Blak...
#0 Fates of Meriel. The Dark Owners by ownerfather
#0 Fates of Meriel. The Dark Ownersby GREY
The owner, Elfinate needs you! Control temperatures if you are the calidite, build cities if you are the terrester, and destroy everything around if you are the escuride...
AZIAN (PRINCE OF DRAGONS BOOK 3) by mckaylachinyamaqueen
AZIAN (PRINCE OF DRAGONS BOOK 3)by MckaylaChinyamaQueen
I'm looking for my beloved. she was taken from me. hidden from my very eyes till it was to late. but my dragon will find her even if it means the end of the world. if sh...
I'm Back for Revenge (EDITING) by Nationals_duhh
I'm Back for Revenge (EDITING)by Nationals_duhh
I'm Elizabeth and I hate my life. I hate how I live, my role in this house, and my adoptive family. It was Noah and I, but we got adopted and then life started to fall a...
The Human and the Wolf ~ Tom Holland X You by Wild_Mustang
The Human and the Wolf ~ Tom Jasmine Lewis
You are a werewolf and Tom is a human and you guys meet ⚠️ LOTS OF TW'S⚠️ ⚠️MATURE READERS ONLY⚠️ ⚠️THIS STORY IS FINISHED⚠️ I might write a sequal if lots of people li...
The Beloved Queen by IamAngelSkullz
The Beloved Queenby Pauline Tajanlangit
She wants them. They want her. She's ready. They're scared. She grew tired of waiting. The beloved Queen of both nations, yet made to feel unloved by her own mates. How...
Only Human by EccentricWithAStop
Only Humanby EccentricWithAStop
Captured and used in a Vampire laboratory test, Juliet is beaten and broken. The poor human's tests failed, and that did not bode well with the Vampires. It is for this...
Snow White by Noble_Silver
Snow Whiteby sara
Eria White is one of the few Cougar Shifters left in the world. Her life revolves around her job with the FAD {Federal Assassination Department}, a secret government ope...
I'm Dying, Mate. by seaweedismine
I'm Dying, Anna
18-year-old human Iona Blackfield is dying with cancer. In her last year of living, she is saying goodbye to her werewolf uncles, but they weren't going to let her die j...
My Mate (Sample) by amateurFiction
My Mate (Sample)by amateurFiction
Highest Ranking: [#87 in Vampire], [#4 in twomates], [#583 in mates], [#210 in werewolf's], [#250 in werewolves]. Tory is an ordinary girl who is a senior in high schoo...