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pretty boys don't cry by hemmoxxkayla
pretty boys don't cryby kayla
I was just a pretty boy With a sad personality. They did things to me That I hope will never Happen to you. The end was near.
tumblr boy // nouis au by _louis_centric_
tumblr boy // nouis auby Carli
Louis is a Tumblr Boy. He's pretty famous, girls, and even some guys, drooling over the adorable sixteen year old. Then there's Niall. Famous YouTuber along with his b...
Austin's Second Bio xD by that_guy_austin
Austin's Second Bio xDby Austin
Other Bio was getting quite long... So i decided to make a second bio Umm I think thats all Peace
Why dose he like me? by _lily_irwin_
Why dose he like me?by Lily
So I'm some what obsessed with tumblr boys so I got photos from tumblr to create this story I don't own any of these people I changed their name cause I only know user n...
De vuelta a tí ® by KylieCass
De vuelta a tí ®by ĸ y l ι e 🌙
Él ya borro las fotos, la eliminó de sus contactos, la saco de todas sus redes sociales y tiro a la basura todo lo que hiciera referencia a ellos dos. Ella esta planeand...
The View Of A Bad Boy by brendaluvzobey
The View Of A Bad Boyby Brenda Lerma
"Come on, let's go, we have no time for crap like this." He said lastly before locking our hands and pulling me away. I sped up with his fast steps to his car...
That Boy by DatAwkwardBean4
That Boyby DatAwkwardBean4
Andy, a bisexual and non-binary bean, meets the new boy in his school. His name is Tyler. This is the fluffiest story I've written.( And saddest. I'm sorry.) I'm also te...
The Episodic Adventure Of Gregory And Darius by CamiHanna
The Episodic Adventure Of Gregory...by CamiHanna
Gregory and Darius set out a life remembered documentary as they venture through the past and present generational traits that have been passed on by each earlier time.
The Love Game by TeddyVelvet
The Love Gameby K y r i a & T i a n n a
Brian O'Connor is Greymoore High's player and Eleanor Daniels is the pretty, popular girl. What happens when she challenges him to a game that may jeopardize his career...
Old Friends Become Friends Again by magconwhyy
Old Friends Become Friends Againby magconwhyy
Zoe, a 13 year old girl, starts thinking about her old friend Trey, a 16 year old boy, and misses him a little more everyday but is afraid to ask him to be friends again...
Hey Skater Boy *On Hold* by Annaxo99
Hey Skater Boy *On Hold*by Annaxo99
Anna Brown and Austin Taylor had both grown up in a world where they were expected to be perfect. When Anna fell in an accident, she was forced to give up almost everyth...
𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘮𝘴 💃 by anellisemay
𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘮𝘴 💃by a n e l i s e m a y
Just tryna make things a bit easier for fellow wattpad writers 🥰 Still in progress 🦋
The Guy That Got Away by bbunnyy_
The Guy That Got Awayby Bbunnyy
Austyn Jackson and Nick Smith were in a strong, happy relationship, they were sophomores at Northshore High. Until, a member of Austyn's past comes back to haunt the cou...
Hipsters Don't Mix with Internet Geeks by xVintageBearx
Hipsters Don't Mix with Internet G...by xVintageBearx
In school, I’m part of the outcast. Well, I’m probably outer than the outcast seeing as I don’t even hang out with my outcast friends. To be honest, I’m the loner of hig...
Falling for the Tumblr Boy by yalittlenasty
Falling for the Tumblr Boyby yalittlenasty
Ever since her father cheated on her mother, Cassie James swore to herself that she will never fall in love with a boy. In Cassie's world, boys are just arrogant fools w...
Watch out for those killer eyes  by hiden_girl17
Watch out for those killer eyes by hiden_girl17
A school year of being alone always alone ever since grade one and now it's grade twelve, *boom* I fall down I'm on my ass now thanks to this jerk! He turns around as he...
The Gay Boy Diaries (BoyxBoy) by vodkabeforeboys
The Gay Boy Diaries (BoyxBoy)by vodkabeforeboys
His name was Jacob. His hazel eyes, short brown hair, and beautiful muscular body was just enough to turn anyone on. "He'd never associate with me" is what I t...
My Tumblr Camp Love (Discontinued For Now) by JazalinStarz
My Tumblr Camp Love (Discontinued...by Jaz
On the internet there are many different social media websites. One of the more popular ones is Tumblr. My name is SlytherinPrincess013.. I go by The Slytherin Princess...