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Faceclaims by WritingBeAurora
Faceclaimsby rori (:
This is a gathering of my discoveries as an artist for faceclaims. I have a tremendous diversity for you to glance through. Get ready to scroll. I wish to be able to aid...
thoughts by minifreecss
thoughtsby 🗡
•still hear you in the breeze, see your shadow in the trees• dove Harry James Potter e Draco Lucius Malfoy sono due ragazzi normali, capitati in una classe di sole donn...
Why dose he like me? by _lily_irwin_
Why dose he like me?by Lily
So I'm some what obsessed with tumblr boys so I got photos from tumblr to create this story I don't own any of these people I changed their name cause I only know user n...
Chapter 1 by fuxkinglove
Chapter 1by fuxkinglove
Irelyn Brown. Straight A student and only child. She wasn't popular, which she liked. No attention, no drama, just a boring high school life, which she loved! She planne...
Hey Skater Boy *On Hold* by Annaxo99
Hey Skater Boy *On Hold*by Annaxo99
Anna Brown and Austin Taylor had both grown up in a world where they were expected to be perfect. When Anna fell in an accident, she was forced to give up almost everyth...
Power by SamanthaWilliams334
Powerby Samantha Williams
Power is Sarah's childhood friend, then Sarah starts to fall for him but the secret he's been trying to hide for so long has come out. does she fall for him harder or di...
Feelings by Jasonzz36
Feelingsby Jasonzz36
It is about a teenageboy named James, who just moved to California with his parents. Therefore he had to leave his past life behind and started a new one in California...
Mr. Tumblr Boy by Ngel_Hippie
Mr. Tumblr Boyby Angel Boiii
Life is so simple when you live in Alexstane; that is as long as you keep away from the gang... But sometimes you can't help but be intrigued to find out their secrets o...
An Unexpected Affair by MrSwaglie
An Unexpected Affairby MrSwaglie
I clicked the repost button on his post. That was how we met. Not exactly the spectacular story I was looking for.
Falling for the Tumblr Boy by yalittlenasty
Falling for the Tumblr Boyby yalittlenasty
Ever since her father cheated on her mother, Cassie James swore to herself that she will never fall in love with a boy. In Cassie's world, boys are just arrogant fools w...
Running Again by crazies4ever
Running Againby Kenna
Joe is a small town girl who has a terrible family home. Her father drinks himself away at night while her mother leaves constantly for business trips. On a journey to...
Watch out for those killer eyes  by hiden_girl17
Watch out for those killer eyes by hiden_girl17
A school year of being alone always alone ever since grade one and now it's grade twelve, *boom* I fall down I'm on my ass now thanks to this jerk! He turns around as he...
BE YOU. by EmmanuelBcl
BE YOU.by Emmanuel LARA
On a tous des baisses de "régime" en d'autres termes, baisse de notre motivation, confiance, et autres. C'est être humain, ne vous laissez pas abattre , persév...
Hacker// Jeff Gee // Based on a True Story by josiexgee
Hacker// Jeff Gee // Based on a Tr...by josie ! ❤
come on a journey with jeff & his nerdy computer stuff ! **i had to add details that didnt actually happen (jeffs real life is boring af)**
Hipsters Don't Mix with Internet Geeks by xVintageBearx
Hipsters Don't Mix with Internet G...by xVintageBearx
In school, I’m part of the outcast. Well, I’m probably outer than the outcast seeing as I don’t even hang out with my outcast friends. To be honest, I’m the loner of hig...
relatos de la vida cotidiana by migurl_1
relatos de la vida cotidianaby miguel spellman.
ɐuɐıpıʇoɔ ɐpıʌ ɐן ǝp soʇɐןǝɹ cosas que me pasan a diario, y quisiera compartirlas con ustedes ya que no tengo muchos amigos en quien confiar;
FACECLAIMS | The Male Edition. by camaldita
FACECLAIMS | The Male Edition.by camaldita
names to faces, faces to names, visuals for your characters. a collection of popular and lesser-known males to play your characters. that's it. disclaimer* all of phot...
De vuelta a tí ® by KylieCass
De vuelta a tí ®by ĸ y l ι e 🌙
Él ya borro las fotos, la eliminó de sus contactos, la saco de todas sus redes sociales y tiro a la basura todo lo que hiciera referencia a ellos dos. Ella esta planeand...