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Kendall Jenner & y/n imagines by bey4life
Kendall Jenner & y/n imaginesby Chloe
Imagines of you with none other than Kendall Jenner. Enjoy the highs and the lows and please don't forget to vote and comment. I accept requests. Mature content - gxg ...
Chloe kardashian's daughter by babyygalRaye
Chloe kardashian's daughterby Raye
Kylana Kardashian 16 years old daughter of Khloe kardashian After her dad died which she was living with for most of her life Kylana Moved in with her mom Khloe Kardas...
Red Love » A Greek Royal Family Fanfiction  by ThelovelyAngels
Red Love » A Greek Royal Family 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕𝚜
𝑅𝐸𝒟 𝐿𝒪𝒱𝐸 An ambitious businesswoman, Kylie delves into the world of living a hectic life in the celebrity spotlight and now dealing with dating a Prince. Started:...
The Unknown Jenner by moonlightbabes_x
The Unknown Jennerby moonlightbabes_x
Kelsey is an 18 year old girl who works behind the scenes for her famous sisters; the Kardashian /Jenners. She promises to keep her profile a mystery so no one finds out...
I Love The Nanny  by SimpGang
I Love The Nanny by SimpGang
you're a photographer from New York You're a POC Strong language will be used. G!p Don't like...don't read
another jenner? [kardashian/jenner fanfic] by laacolee
another jenner? [kardashian/ kamz
"at the end of the of the day we have each other. that means everything." the life of the famous kardashian/jenner family. [ MAJOR EDITING COMING SOON ]
His Younger Brother. by YolandaJaca
His Younger Yolanda Jaca
Kylie Jenner x male reader
Kylie Jenner Imagines GXG by youmenewyork
Kylie Jenner Imagines GXGby youmenewyork
Kylie Jenner x Female reader 🤎🤍✨
This Is Love ↠ KUWTK + OBJ Fanfiction by BriFlare
This Is Love ↠ KUWTK + OBJ -BriFlare
This is love follows the couple as they try to balance their hectic schedules, families, friends, and, perhaps most importantly, their romantic one-on-one time together...
Just Us? Right? by YolandaJaca
Just Us? Right?by Yolanda Jaca
Kylie Jenner × Y/n Y/ln Sorry I don't edit!
Why Does It Have To Be Him? by RoseTs4
Why Does It Have To Be Him?by RoseTS#4
COMPLETED STORY! BOOK 2 POSTED! Adrian Pucey love story😝 Okay I'm not going to do a description though, I just want you to read it. Thanks loves!
Saved by a Woman (GirlxGirl) {Complete} by Albaluz
Saved by a Woman (GirlxGirl) { Albaluz
Alex is no princess. Her life is no fairy tale. She has gone from home to home ever since her parents were killed. Her life changes when she is brought with a rich and p...
Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Broflovski x Reader by sarcastic_penguin_77
Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Magi
This is a simple Kyle x Reader. In this story, (Y/N) is the top female student in the class, while Kyle is the top male. Throughout the story, the two grow a close bond...
Kendall Jenner Imagines by theflashfan52
Kendall Jenner Imaginesby AYAxSafetyNet
This is a bunch of imagines containing Y/n and Kendall Jenner. Note: Y/n is a guy in this
DRUG LORD-JADEN HOSSLER///completed by Leilafayad6
DRUG LORD-JADEN HOSSLER///completedby Jaden hossler is hot
When Jaden Hossler's buttlers were walking down the streets they saw a young girl and thought there boss would be happy but when they kidnapped her and bring her back t...
MADRASTA  (Spg X Action) COMPLETED JUNE 2 TO SEPT 8 2021 by sanggrella101
MADRASTA (Spg X Action) Author EL 🥰
si kylie ay magkakaruon ng step mom ngunit ayaw nya dto kahit magkaruon pa sya ng kapatid dto !paano kung pati sa pag ibig ay magka agaw sila mag kapatid,? paano kung...
Enemies or Lovers? by mxo2244
Enemies or Lovers?by Thehoodieboys
You and jiggy hate each other or so you thought
CLOACKED IN LOVE  by DivaQueen_28
CLOACKED IN LOVE by DivaQueen_28
Kylie Swan a 19 year old girl who has strange dreams and often experiences deja vu ,never thought that her dreams were signs that warn and encourage her She never reali...
His Home (Ineffable Series #1) by unknownpurplewriter
His Home (Ineffable Series #1)by Mishhhkeilaaa
My Love for you is just like the word Ineffable too great to define to