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Meant to be a Fling by mXaXtXuXrXe
Meant to be a Flingby GxG
What happens when the Queen Bee and the Bad Girl of the all girls school, start sharing the same bed?
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shoto todoroki x reader ✧ oneshots ✧ on hold! by -MINNIEMIN
shoto todoroki x reader ✧ ✧ 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙇𝙄𝙀 ✧
❝my love, you are my all and my everything.❞ a book filled with lots of one shots about shoto todoroki and the reader. ♡ (shoto todoroki x various reader) [EDITING ONCE...
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One-shot by vampiregeek2002
One-shotby Vampiregeek
any one-shot that comes to my mind from smut to angst. have fun.
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I'll Protect You (Stony AU) by TPmusic
I'll Protect You (Stony AU)by TPmusic
Steve Rogers had always thought he was the one destined to protect people. As a scrawny kid, as a soldier and after saving the life of a billionaire named Tony Stark. H...
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Charismatic Lie (Iori x reader) by AnimePlopPlop
Charismatic Lie (Iori x reader)by Miyuki Kuzunoha
(L/n) (Y/n) is Trigger's assistant manager, and Gaku's younger sister. She has many clashes with her father due to their incompatible personalities, where their anger le...
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The Stepfather (MxM) ✓ by SeizeTheButt
The Stepfather (MxM) ✓by SeizeTheButt
Forced out of his home in London, Sam has little choice but to show up on his mother's doorstep in Florida. Absent from each other's lives for the last nine years, Sam...
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Trapped//One Direction// Harry's Little Sister by SkyeCullen190
Trapped//One Direction// Harry's Lizzy
Rae is Harry Styles little sister. She hides her self with tears and acts like a bad girl. She curses and gets into fights. Harry takes her on tour to try and figure out...
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T R I G G E R E D by LostCauseOfficial
T R I G G E R E Dby ♡Lucifer♡
Just some random short stories I decided to write. Yes, they are original. No, I do not own any pictures, gifs, or videos I use in this. And please at least try to enjoy...
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Be More Chill One Shots by DarlingBeanz
Be More Chill One Shotsby DarlingBeanz
I'm obsessed with Be More Chill and I can't stop myself so this book is to satisfy my bear with me
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save me | jeon.jk by minfires
save me | jeon.jkby distant
In which a boy named Jeon Jungkook saves a girl with nothing left to live for; or so she thinks. written by ~ minfires word count per chapter: 1000-2000 (as 2020 approac...
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Hotch's Niece | Criminal Minds by izzieswritings
Hotch's Niece | Criminal Mindsby izzie
AU-ish. Avery Hotchner is Aaron Hotchner's 18 year old genius niece. When her parents (Hotch's brother and sister in law) are killed, Avery decides to leave college and...
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The Support Group || OT4 ⚓ ✔ by kelliclashton
The Support Group || OT4 ⚓ ✔by kelliclashton
In which four boys with very different personalities attend the same support group and somehow find their way into each others lives. chapters marked with a + in the tit...
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Submission by korielyn
Submissionby korielyn
Highest ranking #1 as on 4th July 2017 "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not...
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Saving the Broken (boyxboy) by Insomniatic_love
Saving the Broken (boyxboy)by waifu
It started when Jack was ten. His older sister's boy friend would come into his room at night; At first just to watch, but soon it progressed. It turned into small touch...
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Behind These Walls || Cashton ✔ by kelliclashton
Behind These Walls || Cashton ✔by kelliclashton
In which Calum is serving a 16 year prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit and Ashton is his loud, obnoxious doctor.
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Pain ~ Noah Schnapp by 1-800-CLOUTT
Pain ~ Noah Schnappby 1-800-CLOUTT
Being left in the shadows isnt always easy, but there is always someone to bring you into the light ♧◇♡♤ Noah Schnapp X reader ☆COMPLETED☆
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Nutella || Lashton by daddy_luke
Nutella || Lashtonby Peaches 🍑
It started with lukes head wound, Ashton's spoon, Ashton's kitchen, lukes jar of Nutella, and Ashton's insomnia.
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Idolish7 x Reader Oneshots by neko-chansaysnyaa
Idolish7 x Reader Oneshotsby Mad Trigger Hoe
Random Idolish7/TRIGGER x reader oneshots.
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Husbands But Not  by AidenSummers
Husbands But Not by Aiden Summers
[Completed] Noah is confident. Kent is not. Noah is popular. Kent is not. When a group project ties their knot, everyone at school is shook. But if you ask Noah, it's n...
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Hold My Hand [boyxboy]  by AidenSummers
Hold My Hand [boyxboy] by Aiden Summers
Raiden never had it easy. Abused and hurt at a young age made him a shut off person. He wasn't the same person he was a few years back. Depressed, lonely, and cold. That...
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