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Through Your Eyes (a johnlock AU) by sociopath_at_221b
Through Your Eyes (a johnlock AU)by Sociopath_at_221b
They've never met but something has connected them all their life, when one is in pain the other feels pain but it's never made any sense, will they ever truly meet. A/N...
A Change Of                                                       Heart by sociopath_at_221b
A Change Sociopath_at_221b
On the chase and Sherlock manages to end up needing a dentist. Drugs have a habit of making you say the maddest things as well as your inner thoughts- how does Sherlock...
High Functioning Insomniac  by sociopath_at_221b
High Functioning Insomniac by Sociopath_at_221b
insomnia ɪnˈsɒmnɪə/ noun habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. synonyms: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness
deduce me. by getwholocked
deduce nathaniel
"In many ways, love is a drug, an anti-depressant." John feels that the time is right to confront his feelings for his friend of six years to him - of course t...
One Day by missysbitch
One Dayby Freya
Sherlock is absorbed in his mind palace in 2017, before suddenly being pulled forwards to 2033. He gets to spend one day with a sixteen year old Rosie Watson, while she...
Johnlock fluff   *one shots* by Leahtails
Johnlock fluff *one shots*by Leahtails
Just a series of lil one shots of johnlock full of fluff. Cause I feel like the world need some cute johnlock. Will update as the ideas come to me :) enjoy! I don't own...
The Fall by JeansandShipcrap
The Fallby JeansandShipcrap
A continuing story about the Reichenbach Fall! As the title so generously suggests.
Sherlock Oneshots  by missysbitch
Sherlock Oneshots by Freya
A few Sherlock oneshots for you all (Mostly johnlock) I hope you enjoy them!
beyond the gravestones (sherlock/johnlock fanfic) by snowflake3799
beyond the gravestones (sherlock/ snowflake3799
All John Watson and Sherlock Holmes wanted was a flatmate. But they ended up with so much more... As John and Sherlock try to deal with their inner conflicts and the...
Sherlock Holmes Is Gay And Has Adventures by popcornlesbian
Sherlock Holmes Is Gay And Has Grace 🌈🍿✨
Sherlock is gay. This story is gay. I'm gay. What the fuck. -I do not own BBC Sherlock -contains swearing + wink wink nudge nudge lines -I do know how to speak proper En...
The One Who Would Be Moffat by Writing-Rat
The One Who Would Be Moffatby Tallin! What a loser.
The diabolical Steven Moffat needs a replacement. That's when Tallin steps up, prepared to make a change.
Where Words Fail by tjohnlock
Where Words Failby Hannah
Short stories based on song lyrics. 〘 Includes; ship-based, non-ship based, Y/N, etc 〙
Sherlock Theories by iamxoa
Sherlock Theoriesby -XOA
here to give you all the great theories in one place to avoid endless Google searches. Notice: I do not own any of these theories of the words they're written in unless...
Heartbreaking Choice by therebeltimelord
Heartbreaking Choiceby therebeltimelord
It's been 2 years since Sherlock "died" and John still hasn't gotten completely over it. Just as he's about to propose to the only person who's kept him sane...
Freak ~A Johnlock story~ by SabrielMess
Freak ~A Johnlock story~by Smol Marshmallow
He wasn't always this way. He used to be so full of life. So energetic and in love. With me. Now it just seems strange knowing he isn't the way others perceive him. He i...
Johnlock Oneshots by wholockphandom
Johnlock Oneshotsby Talk nerdy to me ;)
A collection of short stories containing johnlock and possibly TJLC Occasional updates Cover art is not mine (credit to owner) but text added was by me.
When It Snows [Johnlock] by tinynovak
When It Snows [Johnlock]by Ezra James
All is well in London. As usual; never changing; forever constant. Just Sherlock Holmes in his lonely apartment, a young man well known across London, yet whom chose to...