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NCIS Short Stories  by KaylaCook429
NCIS Short Stories by Kayla Cook
This is all different short stories about NCIS! Let me know what you're looking for and I'll try to include them!
Close by bfugss
Closeby bfugss
Nick Torres Fanfic. Maya Gibbs, executive director of NCIS under Director Leon Vance. This title was created for her because of her unique abilities and the need for a...
The Protector by lunarshewolf01
The Protectorby Alejandra Rivera
Gibbs and the team receive a new team member...a four legged one...a wolf...werewolf...that happens to be mated to the least expect one. What happens when they find out...
NCIS x Reader by bastew5
NCIS x Readerby 1XKornKnot
This list contains the names of all the characters I have written about thus far: Leroy Jethro Gibbs Tony DiNozzo Timothy McGee Dwayne Pride Christopher LaSalla Sebastia...
Hard Case: NCIS fan fiction by mybearsaysbeawesome
Hard Case: NCIS fan fictionby mybearsaysbeawesome
A school bus is ambushed and students kidnapped. All except one... This very student becomes the first NCIS junior field agent, a valued member of team Gibbs. What will...
Trauma Queen: A NCIS Fanfiction by xcaittayxx
Trauma Queen: A NCIS Fanfictionby Cait
EMT Naomi Cahn joins the NCIS team. As a first time field agent, she has a lot to learn. Thankfully she's got a good team to show her the ropes. As someone who saves liv...
The unknown Gibbs daughter by ImpalaAllie
The unknown Gibbs daughterby Allison Balkum
Growing up without a father was hard but having cancer was the worst part of Alexis' childhood. She's found the one man who she has spent her entire childhood dreaming a...
Don't Mind The Pink Elephant by HydraKitty
Don't Mind The Pink Elephantby HydraKitty
Ducky's niece comes to visit and gets more then she bargained for.
Leroy Jethro Gibbs One Shots by special_agent_tia
Leroy Jethro Gibbs One Shotsby Special Agent Tia
This is will be mostly x reader. Maybe sometimes an OC of mine. Will be in his POV
NCIS Imagines by Pellegrino117
NCIS Imaginesby bb
Imagines with your favorite NCIS agents. Imagines may consist of: DDM DSM Multiple partners Regular imagines
Big News by HannahKitsch22
Big Newsby HannahKitsch22
Hi, my name is Hannah Elizabeth Gibbs. I am 27 years old. Also, I am a NCIS Agent that is dating Tony Dinozzo. We have been dating ever since I turned 18. This is my sto...
More Than you Will Ever Know by ncisbabies
More Than you Will Ever Knowby zoey <3
When Nick joins the NCIS team he automatically catches agent Bishop's eye. I don't own NCIS or any or the characters. COMPLETED
Don't Wanna Think (Nick Torres story) by makiwaves
Don't Wanna Think (Nick Torres sto...by Kenna
I'm feeling pretty lonely I guess if I'm not wrapped here in your arms then I can't talk about love (starts with season 14) Cover template credit goes to @humaneity
Resigning into intelligence  by chicagopdfangirl
Resigning into intelligence by Ugly Potato
Ellie bishop a NCIS agent or should I say ex NCIS Agent is still getting over the fact the her ex husband Jake was cheating on her. So with that she packs up, after resi...
Family business  by Agent-Lokitty
Family business by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
NCIS and Supernatural crossover. You'd got out, got a good good and started to feel normal. Going as far as starting to fall in love. Everything was fine until you got...
First Oneshot- *watch season 14 episode 13 first* What would happen if, before Jimmy saved Ryan, did he try and take his own life? And Gibbs saved him? And he was dating...
All This Time by alicept29
All This Timeby crushingonbishop
A new case for the NCIS. And someone from Bishop's past
satisfied ⇢ t. dinozzo  by fairieswater
satisfied ⇢ t. dinozzo by Sophia~
"I have never been the same Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame And when you said "Hi" I forgot my dang name Set my heart aflame Every part aflame Thi...
What Rule 12? by Hoodle2000
What Rule 12?by Megan Jackson
Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop works as an NCIS special agent and prior to that she worked at NSA, but she then got asked by Leroy Jethro Gibbs to join his team. Ellie...
Taking Chances by Acquiecse
Taking Chancesby Acquiecse
Nobody knows for sure what's going to happen in the future, be it good or bad. But sometimes, you just gotta be willing to take chances...