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Special Agent Loki Laufeyson by darthwitty
Special Agent Loki Laufeysonby Skylar Wittenborn
After the devastating invasion of New York, the war criminal Loki is being punished. He has been sentenced to work for a mortal law enforcement agency, and S.H.I.E.L.D...
Rogue (NCIS K-9) by AdventureTime66
Rogue (NCIS K-9)by Who Knows
(Told through the eyes of an NCIS K-9) Rogue a German Sheperd mixed with a wolf. Her life as been filled with dog fights and various forms of abuse. An opportunity rises...
Working with Gibbs (a NCIS story) by gracewilliams16
Working with Gibbs (a NCIS story)by gracewilliams16
This is gonna be a GibbsxOC story which, if you've read my other stories you prob know who it is 😂
Don't Mind The Pink Elephant by HydraKitty
Don't Mind The Pink Elephantby HydraKitty
Ducky's niece comes to visit and gets more then she bargained for.
stiles dinozzo  by lamming19
stiles dinozzo by Ashleigh
stiles has ran from his past and has decided to go and see his uncle Anthony dinozzo or tony. find out what stiles is running from and see how his life changes. I do n...
DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction) by caler_jo_hyden
DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction)by Caler Jo Hyden
"Wait, what? She really is my kid who's five years old?" Anthony DiNozzo asked shocked as he stared at the screen with the DNA results of his and a kid who sho...
MURDER || NCIS || by Vanilla_Pudding
MURDER || NCIS ||by M_Swiggity2020
When a Petty Officer is found dead in an abandoned warehouse, Team Gibbs has to find the murderer. As they investigate, the team stumbles upon a girl who rivals Gibbs li...
It's a feeling by Dragon_T9
It's a feelingby Lia
" Jethro- " " He goes by Gibbs, " " Do I look like I give two shits about what he 'goes by'?" " No Ma'am " " Do not fucki...
My Family by AJ_Bennington
My Familyby AJ
Tony DiNozzo a member on team Gibbs, has a Family the team don't know about. He has a wife named brie and two young children a 5 year old boy named Mitch and a 2 year ol...
The New Agent by NCIScrazy
The New Agentby NCIScrazy
A murder of two married Navel Captains result in an orphaned 15 year old. There is no other family to Madeline Green. What will happen when the same people that killed...
I'm a DiNozzo by 37YearsLater
I'm a DiNozzoby Elizabeth L-G-W-D-C
NCIS Agent Anthony DiNozzo has a secret. He hasn't told anyone. But he has a daughter. Not even his boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs knows. Tony's wife Hope, passed right after h...
Alex Rider Crossover by Rider_007
Alex Rider Crossoverby Rider_007
A little Alex rider and NCIS crossover.
The Dinozzo Winchester by ncmesust
The Dinozzo Winchesterby ncmesust
The winchesters have a third brother that works at NCIS in DC. What happens when they get arrested by NCIS. Discover the secrets hidden by our favourite senior field ver...
The unknown Gibbs daughter by ImpalaAllie
The unknown Gibbs daughterby Allison Balkum
Growing up without a father was hard but having cancer was the worst part of Alexis' childhood. She's found the one man who she has spent her entire childhood dreaming a...
DiNozzo's Daughter » NCIS [Discontinued] by angiegami
DiNozzo's Daughter » NCIS [ angie
Karen Cranston, 16 and soon-to-be motherless. While her mother, Elsa, is dying of cancer she tells her daughter that there is a box underneath her bed that will tell Kar...
The Blue Guitar (NCIS fanfic) by JTKirk96
The Blue Guitar (NCIS fanfic)by The Gibblet
Gibbs and his team are called to what seems to be a murder scene, but one of the hostages that were there survived. Ellie Bluinto (Blue) can't remember why she was taken...
Hadrian Gibbs and the Sorcerers stone by slytherinqueen4life
Hadrian Gibbs and the Sorcerers rose Potter
When 6 year old Harry James Potter and His Family go to Washington When Vernon has a work Trip, He meets Leroy Jethro Gibbs Who's wife took a Liking to when They fou...
Doppelgänger: The Beginning- An NCIS fanfic by AllySoftball15
Doppelgänger: The Beginning- An Ncislover
One by one, 4 children walked into the NCIS building. Each of them, surprisingly had each of the agents personalities and character. But the real question is, where did...
Why.. by HannahPierce6
#19 Hannah Pierce
Ellie ends up in hospital because of jake and something goes wrong. Will everything be ok or not.....
G biggest secret  by just_me_4321
G biggest secret by just_me_4321
What if G Callen isn't the lone wolf as everyone thinks? What is if he in fact has a fiancée that also is the daughter of the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs. And what...