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Are you okay? by tiarobinswrites_
Are you okay?by Tia Robins
We're all just broken kids trying to fix each other. /// "Are you going to jump?!" "No, I just come up to rooftops at 12:03am because I randomly feel lik...
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~°•Random Stuff•°~ by xbfcexe
~°•Random Stuff•°~by xbfc.exe
•^It says it in the title^• |•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•|•
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»weltschmerz« | short stories by leviyeoubi
»weltschmerz« | short storiesby 「ℓєνι」
a collection of short stories i've written at some point. mostly independent. [but i might also rewrite and publish some that belong to a specific fandom] {a short story...
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T.C. Poetry by thethoughtchaser
T.C. Poetryby Neeraj Giri
Let's all take a moment to look around us. Breathe. Widen those senses. And absorb every little feeling out there. Incomprehensible. That's the veracity of the things e...
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Unspoken Thoughts  by liahcentilles
Unspoken Thoughts by Aliah Centilles
Compilation of the poems I wrote. Started writing : July 4, 2020
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Letters for Myself  by liahcentilles
Letters for Myself by Aliah Centilles
Dear self, how are you? Started writing : July 3, 2020
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𝗹𝗼𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗲𝘀 by loafofuwus
𝗹𝗼𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗲𝘀by 🎆
this is just about me :p
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The Chaos In My Mind by unknownalien11
The Chaos In My Mindby تاسها قاتروننادا
To everyone wondering what the hell is happening in my head. All these poems were written after i remembered, Remembered the pain I've been through, Reminded of how cr...
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MELANCHOLIC.  by scintillating-
MELANCHOLIC. by   𝒗𝒆𝒆 
it is beautiful to drown in one's thoughts. • • • completed.
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KILL YOUR DARLINGS. by scintillating-
KILL YOUR   𝒗𝒆𝒆 
murder has never been sweeter. kill your darlings and meet your maker. • • • indefinite hiatus, can be regarded as complete.
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SMASH or PASS by Smashingsardonyx11
SMASH or PASSby ★♪Bonnie♪★
Men and women smash or pass updated daily... (You count too!! put a comment down on whose next)
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TEQUILA SUNRISE by excellingfetus
BE HAPPY; POETRY; oh sweetie, you're not ugly. society is. Copyright © 2020 by A. Islam
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Lost on a daydream  by __Leo__Vargas__
Lost on a daydream by __Leo__Vargas__
A collection of poems and quotes for the lonely souls. May include short stories, aesthetic pictures and music playlists. Hope you'll enjoy😊 *Pictures found in Google p...
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what goes on in my fucking brain lol by WafflesareWeird
what goes on in my fucking brain Fuck
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Thoughts and Quotes  by conny_babygirl
Thoughts and Quotes by conny_babygirl
Thoughts and Quotes going through my head. / Gedanken und Sprüche die mir durch den Kopf gehen.
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Healing: Poetry by roxannecorrine
Healing: Poetryby Roxanne Corrine
Just a soul speaking through poetry to HEAL Please do not use my work without permission & credit back to me. 🖤
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"What If..." by MyHope_17
"What If..."by Jazzie Gum
A Book Filled With 'What Ifs' Are you ready to read each questions that might make you heart and mind feel as if they're in an actual roller coaster ride? ...
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