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A Graveyard Of Words by Flightywords
A Graveyard Of Wordsby Flightywords
A poetry collection ------------------- My words will just die without having been read My voice will only be swallowed by the cavern of thoughts without living an echo ...
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excerpts from books by jarianaclit
excerpts from booksby Rima
"I swear one day, you'll taste me in every lips that you will kiss. and you'll never be quite satisfied." p.s: not all of these are mine.
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Bloody Inspired... Or Whatsoever?! by AnNiA_Sangster
Bloody Inspired... Or Whatsoever?!by Black Sail
Challenges, Σκεψεις, Συζητησεις (γιατι οχι;) , γκρινια και γενικοτερα Whatsoever that it's bloody inspired! Enjoy!!! :)
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Thoughts and poems by forbidden_storiess
Thoughts and poemsby kenzie ✌︎
the thoughts of others terrify me... so here's mine. (#1 poet - 08.03.19) (#1 sadpoems - 08.04.19) (#2 poem - 08.11.19) (#1 thoughtsandfeelings - 08.14.19)
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UNPOPULAR OPINIONSby beyoncé’s daughter
nobody asked for my opinion but here you are
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This is my heart (completed) by miss1writes1alot
This is my heart (completed)by miss1writes1alot
A collection of poems. Journey through love, heartbreak, feeling and healing. This is my heart bare to you. All rights reserved
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Death Battle Ideas by Craftfury
Death Battle Ideasby Craftfury
Okay, guys. This book will be showcasing Death Battle Ideas that I hope Screwattack decides to use one day.
On The Other Side by rawan_alamin
On The Other Sideby Rawan Alamin
Expressing the thoughts that cross my mind ,, Thoughts which are dark and not so nice .. They come sneaking late at night ,, I be surprised every time ..
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Thoughts by HananeBe
Thoughtsby Hanane Be
~Just some random scribbles ! You can call'em poems or whatever !
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My Stars by vivalapluto00
My Starsby darby
"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." -John Green A collection of my thoughts, poems, and dreams ✩...
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Sibaquis by volenerable
Sibaquisby Samantha Beatrice
Sibaquis is a shark which was said to be the cause of the first human death according to Philippine Myth.
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Feelings book by jpo811
Feelings bookby Jocee
This is basically just a story about all my life questions. Read if you want I don't care. I might rant when I'm upset about something, sometimes i'll write ideas or son...
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The Lace Age by Iamarianas
The Lace Ageby a r i
"My head is full of thorns too harmful to leave unattended. " A collection of poems, short stories and free speeches. Copyright Iamarianas.
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|DREAM|by Drew M. Metcalfe
As we grow in life we may face many obstacles from anxiety, change, love, or perhaps the inner battles of our own demons. These are many things that may alter the path o...
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1:24 am//poetry by collapsingxstars
1:24 am//poetryby ella.claire
Exploring the depths of my oh-so complicated brain / poetry / quotes
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seventeen by Flightywords
seventeenby Flightywords
Life lived and love lost In seventeen syllables-- Words uttered and crossed This is a collection of senryu and haiku.
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Dҽɱσɳby HOE
demon /ˈdiːmən/ 1. An evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.
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If Only You Knew by ughmilena
If Only You Knewby m i l a .
|| poetry for the people who touched my heart || lower case intended. highest rankings: #4 in poetry / #1 in unsaid
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Deep Sea of Thoughts by kvblackmore
Deep Sea of Thoughtsby K. V. Blackmore
A collection of short thoughts written during a hard stage in the authors life and showing the process of healing mentally. The book starting off with damaged, heartbrok...
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Something In Between {Alec Volturi love story} by demongoddess14
Something In Between {Alec demongoddess14
"Alec..." His name was the only word that I could force across the barrier of my lips. The lips that he'd kissed in ways that should be illegal. I tore my soul...
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