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hot dog guy x gumball fanfic by shutgefuckup
hot dog guy x gumball fanficby pang concern
Bloody claws by Yaoispecialist
Bloody clawsby Yaoispecialist
A step outside the door,was the biggest step of their life,even though hunting,running and hiding will be their hastened fate as they walk at the streets,they don't care...
The Final Rewind by SupremelyFabulous
The Final Rewindby Dream man
Gumball has it all. Amazing friends, a quirky town, and a dysfunctional yet loving family. However, that all changes for the worst when his arch nemisis Rob finally thin...
Emotions (one-shot) by ImaginationStudios8
Emotions (one-shot)by ImaginationStudios8
(Some good ol' Gumball angst woo) (a one-shot story) After a bad day, Gumball will have to confront his emotions he's been bottling up for a while. And it's not going to...
Rob x Reader {Null & Void} by 00TheGreatGeek00
Rob x Reader {Null & Void}by 00TheGreatGeek00
((I know it doesn't look like much the first page, but keep reading, maybe you'll like it?)) (Y/N) has just returned to Elmore high from being homeschooled, and they not...
anime amazing world of gumball male reader story by sasukekuraminaruto
anime amazing world of gumball Uchiha Sasuke
you're the baby brother of gumball and Darwin anese I think that's her name you are running out of blood so they put a demon blood in you so you got powers
"The Teenage World of Gumball" (TAWOG Fanfiction by nnewuusernname
"The Teenage World of Gumball" ( ・
(Note: This story is all about Gumball and all of his friends in there teenage wolrd). "Since gumball move to another school last year, he decided to change his per...
Neko and the Watch by CynetCTalker
Neko and the Watchby á´¡á´¡á´¡
The least athletic, dumbest, laziest in his family Gumball Watterson suddenly feels like he has a purpose in life when he saves a strange creatures life. Please comment...
Claws of Rage by BlackDogWrites
Claws of Rageby Black Dog Productions
We all know about the temper of Gumball's mother, Nicole. But what if she has been holding herself in all the time? What if this story tells more about that rage within...
Well, This is Awkward - Gumball x Hot Dog Guy by inactive-archive
Well, This is Awkward - Gumball archive
an old story I wrote a couple of years ago. you guys seem really thirsty for it so im keeping it up lmao If the art belongs to you, let me know! I'll give credit!
Gumwin: can i have a crush on my bro? by YTCat123
Gumwin: can i have a crush on my Lollipop simp💜🌈🥺💖🥵
Gumball and Darwin are (almost) always together and know all each others secrets. But Gumball don't know about one secret of Darwin. Darwin has a huge crush on Gumball...
The Keys - A TAWoG Adventure [ON A DANG HOLD DON'T HATE ME PLS] by CartoonAddict
The Keys - A TAWoG Adventure [ON Patches McGee
After accidentally obliterating the school, Gumball and his schoolmates had been transferred to Amirath Academy to meet a principal that has a lingering hatred toward th...
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me (Discontinued Look For Full Story On New Profile) by oneraincloud
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me ( oneraincloud
Okay, so this is probably a crack ship and I'm really sorry. Warning: Updates are Random the story sucks I'm bad at this Homosexuality I'm sorry Also the cover art is fr...
Tawog Gumnny - The Warmth by Gumnny_fans
Tawog Gumnny - The Warmthby Gumnny_fans
This is part 2 of "The Moment"!! In this story, Penny and Gumball's relationship is still going strong, but they still haven't figured out what comes next, or...
TAWOG ( Darwin x reader) by ScribbleFluff
TAWOG ( Darwin x reader)by ∵Lilac∵
:P some of you guys really wanted Darwin x reader,so here it is! It is just like Gumball x reader but Darwin is not Pervy,and more innocent :D Enjoy!
adoption (a tawog rob fanfic) by nightangler-books
adoption (a tawog rob fanfic)by Nightangler
what if gumball and Darwin never discovered rob in the basement? what if Nicole found him instead? and felt sorry for him. the fanfic that no one asked for! yay! the cov...
Human Mistakes by SheDemonAndrea
Human Mistakesby SheDemonAndrea
It is January 2018. Life is hard. Life is painful. Life is life, right? There's always an escape out of reality. But when an 11-year-old girl escapes her reality and ent...
Amazing World of Gumball Ask or Dare by ConeticFusion
Amazing World of Gumball Ask or Alexander_Banana
This is TAWOG Ask or Dare where Gumball and his friends find someone new named Double Side but her real name is Hart. But she just wanted to play a little game called Tr...