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Gumball Watterson x Modern! reader by ILoveFood749
Gumball Watterson x Modern! readerby Louisa
Gumball recently got dumped by Penny because she thought he was cheating on her, and she still gawks over him. You were watching the show as this happens, but some force...
Tawog oneshots & Multiparters :3 by Pluto_The-Nobody
Tawog oneshots & Multiparters :3by Pluto_The-Nobody
this is a book for characters that don't have oneshots or stories at all , or you see them regurarly or rarley , i will sometmes accept requests ,but not all of them, ha...
Not solitary anymore (Rob x Reader) by Mechocholy
Not solitary anymore (Rob x Reader)by ('^')
You moved to Elmore because your mom wanted to find a better job, while you didn't want leave as you had couple of friends. You got into a school called "Elmore Jun...
Julius x Reader(Female) by AbbyWolf7
Julius x Reader(Female)by Abby Wolf
Julius finds love after Debbie dumped him, but will it be enough to satisfy his heart and pranks?? Disclaimer:I own none of the art, credit goes to the artists This is a...
Rob x reader (TAWOG) by BerryKitty4
Rob x reader (TAWOG)by I bark at people
IK this starts boring af but I swear it gets interesting!!! This is my first book so sorry if its bad 😔
Rob x Reader {Null & Void} by 00TheGreatGeek00
Rob x Reader {Null & Void}by 00TheGreatGeek00
((I know it doesn't look like much the first page, but keep reading, maybe you'll like it?)) (Y/N) has just returned to Elmore high from being homeschooled, and they not...
TAWOG: GumballxReader by CLinLin
TAWOG: GumballxReaderby CLinLin
Just a simple GumballxReader. Also plan to put a sister in this story who will be with Darwin. I guess read on if this kind of thing interests you.
The Stone (a rewrite of a very cringy fanfic) by ImaginationStudios8
The Stone (a rewrite of a very cri...by ImaginationStudios8
When the Watterson children hear a strange noise, they find a crater with a weird rock in their backyard. Unfortunately for them, Gumball thinks its a good idea to touch...
Gumwin one-shots. by mcstarco
Gumwin one-shots.by Kelsey
One-shots of one of my favorite ships. •I do not own The Amazing World Of Gumball or any of the characters. •No hate please or you will be blocked. (Real cover will be...
You're my Hippie-A Larry x Mr. Small fanfiction  by Gamergirl_3221
You're my Hippie-A Larry x Mr. Sma...by Gamergirl 129
Larry always had to work hard to keep Elmore citizens happy, but what happens when his work becomes too much to handle? Will he give up, or will the guidance counselor f...
Well, This is Awkward - Gumball x Hot Dog Guy by inactive-archive
Well, This is Awkward - Gumball x...by archive
an old story I wrote a couple of years ago. you guys seem really thirsty for it so im keeping it up lmao If the art belongs to you, let me know! I'll give credit!
TAWOG X Reader by Confetti-Cupcake
TAWOG X Readerby sara!!
Hey! Do you want to date the boys from The Amazing World of Gumball? Well, you've come to the right place! The characters you'll be dating are known as Gumball, Darwin...
𝐆𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐢𝐚𝐬 𝐎𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 //𝐓𝐀𝐖𝐎𝐆// by 12spacebias34
𝐆𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐢𝐚𝐬 𝐎𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬...by T O B I A S
Yo wazzup? read the first chapter lol (The cover is not drawn by me btw because I'm not talented LMAO!)
Rob x female reader (TAWOG) by OakySmokyBish
Rob x female reader (TAWOG)by PansexualGeek
"Yep." She said, looping her arm through Rob's and got them walking. "And it is definitely a date!" He smiled, then stopped them both. "Hold up...
hot dog guy x gumball fanfic by shutgefuckup
hot dog guy x gumball fanficby pang concern
Just Follow Me! (Gumball x Chi Chi Story) by Cool3speon
Just Follow Me! (Gumball x Chi Chi...by Your Stalker, Angel
I know I'm weird for shipping this but I have no regrets writing this book So if this ship isn't really you're thing, don't read ;D 🐐 + 🐈 = ❤️
The Gift: A TAWOG Story by TheThreeHubs
The Gift: A TAWOG Storyby The Three Hubs
Gumball's mother Nicole can do the unthinkable! She can age people, melt things with her eyes, and turn into a savage beast when provoked, but she can also see into her...
Love Cats (Gumball x Reader) by 3rran_playz
Love Cats (Gumball x Reader)by midnight_woo
Hello! This is first story on Wattpad so just prepare for cringe! XD But really I worked on this in class cause I had nothing else to do but worked on this. Now here's...
Multifandom memes by black-pixel44
Multifandom memesby 🌻Bee🌻
Hamilton, Six, Heathers, total drama, she ra, steven universe, Spiderman, batfamily, 21 chump street, big hero six, Harley Quinn, Tawog, Teen titans, Fairly Odd Parents...