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Forest Tentacles by Connieslenderfic
Forest Tentaclesby Connie
Daddy Slenderman suddenly gets horny in the forest so instead of killing you he fucks you
Random horny (weird) shit by 420simplol
Random horny (weird) shitby dumb
this is kinda just a bunch of smut shots of the random things I think abt sometimes. I hope you enjoy 😀
Tentacle locker  by myfriendforcedmelol
Tentacle locker by Gon’sToiletPaper
There is a special locker at my school that has A TENTACLE MINSTER IN IT?!??
Male X Incubus by Rhysmaybetrans
Male X Incubusby Rhys Zaturn he/they
⚠️🔞nsfw 🔞⚠️ t e n t a c l e. g a y. S m u t. You having seggs with Incubus 😩
mystery girl and the tentacles (smut) by 0al3x0
mystery girl and the tentacles (sm...by 0al3x0
!WARNING! this is VERY sexual so please do not read unless you are ready for sexual language and thoughts. !WARNING!
Breed Me|| YoonMin  by enchantaeed
Breed Me|| YoonMin by Mwah
Jimin's lived all his life between these clear and crystal walls. He's never seen anything outside of it except for once. He's seen humans and creatures getting bred wit...
public sex  by sznyaoi
public sex by sznyaoi
one day, kaneki decides to do something different :)
The Vibrating Eggs by painttastesgood
The Vibrating Eggsby painttastesgood
Eli gets captured by an impregnation company as a slave to carry vibrating eggs
Oh My Gosh Offendy x Reader Lemon! by rubystar248
Oh My Gosh Offendy x Reader Lemon!by Ruben
It's a lemon! A lemon is a lemon!
NSFW Oneshots (Tentacles) by l3wd_stuffx
NSFW Oneshots (Tentacles)by Linn (she/her)
These are NSFW oneshots. This of course contains sexual content, so this is directed to mature audiences. These oneshots revolve in tentacle hentai, so if you're into th...
Midnight Fucking  by painttastesgood
Midnight Fucking by painttastesgood
Sunny wakes up to being fucked by two egg laying tentacles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Enmu x reader (female) by _Valentine_0
Enmu x reader (female)by _Valentine_0
‼️‼️(PLEASE READ)‼️‼️ This is my first time really writing a story like this, so criticism would be great ^^ I think this would be considered smut, but it's honestly jus...
Tentacles x fem reader  by justaweeb14
Tentacles x fem reader by kay.
I'm trying out something new once again. Right now I am going to do the tentacles for female readers. But later on we will be doing males and such. If you don't know wha...
Slenderman x Reader Lemon!! by rubystar248
Slenderman x Reader Lemon!!by Ruben
Just some Slendy x reader lemon. If you don't read lemons and you don't like it. Go read something else.
Smut Oneshots by succubus_bae
Smut Oneshotsby mistress
Lots of smut, sex, kinkiness, tentacle monsters, milking and more. Warning: these stories contain rape, forced impregnation and bondage. *IMPORTANT* THIS IS FOR ENTERTA...
Baby Boys & All Things Unholy (gay NSFW) by Retro_Sad
Baby Boys & All Things Unholy (gay...by SomeFloral
Brayden gets a special surprise from someone
Namjoon Tentacles (18+) by Bangtan_Koala
Namjoon Tentacles (18+)by Koala
Namjoon tentacle porn because he is a bottom, AND he is just so, so cute and deserves all the love and attention :) (SORRY FOR SHITTY COVER I CAN'T MAKE GOOD ONES)
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge Story by im_a_p0tat0
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge S...by im_a_p0tat0
The way Spongebob's hips shook made Mr. Squirdward's tentacle's shiver with ecstasy. Those luscious hips would be the death of him. Maid AU All smut. Porn without plot...
Among us Smut 😖 by Oofergoofer2
Among us Smut 😖by Oofergoofer2
Cyan finds himself between a wall and an impostor, and a little turned on in the process... (I'm sorry lol)