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Beautiful Nightmare by UndertaleSinner
Beautiful Nightmareby Proud SkeleSinner
When a kind, yet abused young woman finds herself lost within the Dark Forest, a forest rumored to harbor a terrible, terrifying Monster, will she make it out alive? Or...
Slenderman's Hidden daughter  by Yasmin720615
Slenderman's Hidden daughter by Yasmin720615
*I don't own any of the creepy-pasta apart from Y/N and her family* This is a Female reader x Creepy-pasta (who she will be with will be decided later in the story but f...
(*DISCONTINUED*) Amphibians, Humans and 1 Freak by Doomboss96
(*DISCONTINUED*) Amphibians, Human...by Doom boi
(Disclaimer: The pictures used in this fanfic belong to their creators. As well as the show) Transported against his will. Male teen, Nathan Collins was separated from h...
Villainess by VanessaKrunchieKu
Villainessby Vanessa Krunchie Ku
Raven Redrum was just an average girl, until she gets a letter, to go to some Vill Death Academy. It's a hard life to be at the top. Does Raven have what it takes? Yes.
Dreamnotfound SEX ( Dream x George) by Chikin1017
Dreamnotfound SEX ( Dream x George)by greg
This is based in a high school setting warning | very sex @ | warning
Tendrils by Melifest
Tendrilsby Aayushi P
'Finding that unknown serenity in places we've never breathed...' A Short Poetry collection. I hope you enjoy it.
Mermaid Girl x Fem Reader!  by everydaywillchange
Mermaid Girl x Fem Reader! by everydaywillchange
this is all about a mermaid girl meeting a human. And soon maybe they'll fall in love 💙
It Will Be Okay by Sithmaster1
It Will Be Okayby Demonic Irken
Venom comforts Eddie after he becomes depressed thinking about Anne.
My heart stopped when she said.. by _glory444
My heart stopped when she said..by _glory444
I can't describe my feelings..
Secret Of The Dark Magic 🪄 by LAURINANATHANS
Secret Of The Dark Magic 🪄by LAURINA NATHANS
Kiara Addison, a normal girl with supernatural powers, trying to adapt with her profound power stumbles across an old book. Will the book change her life forever and sho...
Galaxy  by moomanmichael
Galaxy by mooman
A blue haired boy is on a road trip to somewhere, but later he soon will regret it
tendrils by The_Owlery
tendrilsby Helena
tendrils of thought lick around my ankles poetry