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Shut Up And Kiss Me (Loki x Darcy) by EarthAngelGirl20
Shut Up And Kiss Me (Loki x Darcy)by A l I C e AnGeL
Darcy has a habit of making questionable decisions, but when she's offered a job that she'll actually be paid for -- and by the Avengers, no less -- she accepts without...
All the ways lead to Sakaar by GrandmasterDisaster
All the ways lead to Sakaarby GrandmasterDisaster
"Is that usual in here?" Asked Loki ironically. "You know people falling from the sky?" Darcy laughed quietly on the allusion, but The Grandmaster to...
An Interesting Arrangement  by rebellionmaster
An Interesting Arrangement by rebellionmaster
"Why on earth do you think we're qualified to watch your brother?" Thor shrugged. "You two are already watching Sergeant Barnes, so you obviously have so...
Darcy (TaserTricks) //Avengers Fan fiction// by ilovewolfs1234
Darcy (TaserTricks) //Avengers Fan...by •|«Aubree»|•
Finding a passed out amnesiac god in her backyard is not something Darcy Lewis wanted to do. With no knowledge of his bitter past, Darcy figured Loki couldn't be that ba...
Marvel One-Shots by april_sunshowers
Marvel One-Shotsby april_sunshowers
Just a bunch of random one-shots about Marvel. WARNING: the level of feels may be high in some parts... Includes: -Steggy -Winter Widow (a lot) -The Maximoff twins -Blac...
Of The Good, And Of The Evil (TaserTricks) by ilovewolfs1234
Of The Good, And Of The Evil (Tase...by •|«Aubree»|•
SHIELD agent, or rather intern, Darcy Lewis is assigned her first mission, this will earn her keep. Which is, Babysitting Loki. The two are under house arrest due to th...
Fluffy Avengers One-Shots/Preferences by HawkeyeIsLegolas
Fluffy Avengers One-Shots/Preferen...by Black Widow is Tauriel
A whole lot of fluff with your favorite characters Bruce Banner Bucky Barnes Clint Barton Loki Laufeyson Pietro Maximoff Sam Wilson Scott Lang Steve Rogers Thor Odinson ...
Bewitched: A Tasertricks Collection  by Canablah
Bewitched: A Tasertricks Collectio...by Canablah
Warning: this story contains explicit sexual content that's not for everyone and some non-con elements as well as death. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to read...
An Asgardian Lullaby by whiteliesarereal
An Asgardian Lullabyby whiteliesarereal
A little Oneshot about Loki's first time being left alone with their child without Darcy there to help him. Blame hiddenrainbowheart. She asked for tasertricks I gave he...
Misadventures in Babysitting Mischief by Morticiamonday
Misadventures in Babysitting Misch...by Morticiamonday
Varian is revealed to be the long lost demigod son of Loki. Unfortunately Varian has de-aged into a emotionally unstable toddler but with unbelievable reality-warping po...
Trailer Maker + Cover                FAST by TrailerMaker2
Trailer Maker + Cover...by Trailer Maker [Open] + Cover
I make professional-looking trailer for all types of Wattpad Storie ! You can fully customize the trailer to fit your book perfectly ! I just need some basic information...
Coffee With a Psychopath (Tasertricks) (Darcy x Loki) by im_not_natalie
Coffee With a Psychopath (Tasertri...by what
Darcy Lewis is more than stunned when one day the murderous Norse god of mischief and lies, Loki Laufeyson, walks into the diner where she works. A relationship is built...
Victims of Chance | TaserTricks by lucidhalos
Victims of Chance | TaserTricksby Lucid✨
They say that our fates cannot be changed. That one cannot alter the twined thread of destiny -- however fate does have a tendency to be fickle. It is just easier to see...
Giving Truth to the Lie | L. Laufeyson by lucidhalos
Giving Truth to the Lie | L. Laufe...by Lucid✨
No one understands defeat better than Loki Laufeyson -- so when the opportunity to change his course finally appears, he takes that plunge. The temptation of wielding ul...
Sailing Ships by MissPyralspite
Sailing Shipsby Miss Pyralspite
A collection of different fictional couples doing adorable things come chapter by chapter.
Loptr  by Alle1313
Loptr by Alle1313
The Jotnar are a pack tribe. Unlike popular belief, they do have hearts and care about each other deeply, even if the rest of the realms are blind to it. That's why Odin...
Confuso Despertar by PilyPeraza
Confuso Despertarby Pily Peraza
Salí de la habitación de Darcy rumbo a la cocina, ¡vaya que había sido una noche intensa!, al pasar por donde ocurrió el ataque, vi en el piso la mancha de sangre de Fos...
The Vault of Tasertricks (Loki/Darcy) by Death-For-One
The Vault of Tasertricks (Loki/Dar...by Death-For-One
This is just where I will post everything Loki + Darcy. Enjoy. :) #MA2K16
El amor nunca muere (Tasertricks) by lizzy9516
El amor nunca muere (Tasertricks)by Lissete
¿Que pasaría si Darcy y Loki se hubieran conocido antes de la invasión chitauri? ¿el amor puede durar para siempre? ¿Puede sobrevivir a cualquier prueba? Inspirada en...