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Tall Tales - An Ink Sans x Reader Story by PotatoTheChip
Tall Tales - An Ink Sans x Reader...by Roses Have Thorns
Orphaned. Left alone, the definition of it. Like a fantasy, or a dream, saved by a being willing enough to take you under their wing and keep you safe. With secrets to b...
Belle by ParisBetch24
Belleby Mrs. Wayne
No one knew what she looked like, and the ones who did called her Beauty. She always wore her red cloak, covering her face as if she was ashamed or shy. Everyday she wou...
Bring 'Em Back Alive & Unfinished Business by constant_bother
Bring 'Em Back Alive & Unfinished...by constant_bother
BOOK FIVE OF THE SOULMATES SERIES When Ketch returns with Gabriel and (Y/n), who were presumed to be dead, Dean is given the opportunity to open the rift to find their m...
Is This My Happy Ending? Violet x clementine  by animebabe108
Is This My Happy Ending? Violet x...by Animebabe108
Author: It's a violetine fan-fiction, I have been obsessed with this ship since I played the first episode and wanted to make a fan-fiction for it lol so here it is. Tak...
Delusion by Silentwritter15
Delusionby Rohini
Avneet and Siddharth two co-actors who always claims to be best friends amongst the continuous rumors in the city. The two are extremely close and doesn't give a shit to...
Another Cup of Joe by CFarley982
Another Cup of Joeby Charles Farley
More adventures of the gang at Joe's Bar and Grill.
Mystery Spot by constant_bother
Mystery Spotby constant_bother
BOOK TWO OF THE SOULMATES SERIES When Dean, Sam, and (Y/n) are investigating the disappearance of a man from a tourist location, Dean is shot and killed. Soon enough, th...
Changing Channels by constant_bother
Changing Channelsby constant_bother
BOOK THREE OF THE SOULMATES SERIES Sam, Dean, and (Y/n) get stuck in TV Hell when the trickster imprisons them in an alternate universe, putting (Y/n) at risk of their s...
Folklore, Spirits, and Urban Legends of WV. by CoryMeadows12
Folklore, Spirits, and Urban Legen...by CoryMeadows12
I used to live in West Virginia for about twelve years and I heard and read on my own about creatures that skulk about in the Mountain State as well as the spirits that...
Seijoh vs Shiratorizawa  by hanako1kun1
Seijoh vs Shiratorizawa by (ง'̀-'́)ง
"You should've come to shiratorizawa." Oikawas POV the whole story That line wandered through your head as you set the ball and serve with all of your strength...
an other surviver ( male reader x walking dead talltale ) by jordantreglejt13
an other surviver ( male reader x...by jordantreglejt13
A/n: I'm going to add me, my brother ( Payton ), and my friend ( Henry but I like to call him boggie ). Y/n is a 20 year old adult male witch was being transferred to a...
Narnia 🌬🌨  <> Editing  by jojo_500
Narnia 🌬🌨 <> Editing by TurnTurn_Jojo
Aslan was captured by The White Witch, Susan, Peter, Lucy and Edmund thought she was dead but someone brought her back? Will this journey ever end
Origins: Jiren by vegito1308
Origins: Jirenby Arata Arter
The strongest being and enemy Goku has faced in a long time that is said to be more poweful than a hakaishin and Gods, shows the might a mortal can achieve. The question...
He Has Never Lied to YOU! by JimWilliams6
He Has Never Lied to YOU!by Jim Williams
Tall tales from Myassa, Florida, United States of A Merka. The stories here are not presented chronologically. Myassa is not chronological, nor is it specifically geogr...
FIRE & ICE by blacksaphire1
FIRE & ICEby deshawn lamar Brown
the forbidden tale of two lovers there once waz a man boiling hot and filled with rage until he met a girl so cold and filled with kindness she was the only one who can...
Songs of the Sea by MerMaidFanAtic
Songs of the Seaby Siren
The sound of rain pattering against my brow, Left me nothing but unease in the soft air. The slimy fresh water dripping down my sparkling face, Showed me no kindness in...
Stoned is Angel's Grace by JediFromOuranAcademy
Stoned is Angel's Graceby Jedi
People believe in what they can see. They believe that all Weeping Angels are bad and they just want more years lost to feed from. Well you are correct, except there is...
Colourful Brain Cells by imaginationisthekey9
Colourful Brain Cellsby imaginationisthekey9
I think too much. I have too many ideas. I have too many opinions. I don't talk enough. I keep everything in. I'm scared of sharing. I explode. I can't keep everything...
Lanis, E011, Past by RustyKnight
Lanis, E011, Pastby Rusty Knight
A person from Drake's past comes seeking apprentice Lanis. After finding Mage Drake, a mage's dual ensued. The result was blinding and also an outcast. Uncle didn't comm...
Carrot Training at the DMV by DebbAnn
Carrot Training at the DMVby DebbAnn
Weekend Write-In for 29 December 2017 "carrot": In 500 words, tell what happens when a carrot is involved