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Unsteady by Masquerade16
Unsteadyby GG
Taehyung is deaf. Jimin is blind. Jungkook is mute. Yet they fill in each other's void in the cold hallways of the hospital that they call home. __________ Disclaimer: I...
✔️Soft //Namjin// by _Bangtanilicious_
✔️Soft //Namjin//by _Bangtanilicious_
COMPLETED -- Although Namjoon is a huge nerd, he is also viewed as the "sexy and dangerous" type. Namjoon, however, is the complete opposite. He has a secret...
stutter || taeminkook by -yoonminvevo
stutter || taeminkookby .
jungkook has a stutter. taehyung and jimin both adore it.
i like it illegal. (vminkook) by fightmebighit_
i like it illegal. (vminkook)by ✨🌟✨
Jungkook has two silver strings of fate. Everybody else has one red string. And Jungkook needs to find out why he is different and fix it. Under any means necessary.
DANGER 『vminkook』 by fightmebighit_
DANGER 『vminkook』by ✨🌟✨
Jimin is a vampire. He became one of the most powerful beings in the world after the vampires overthrew humans. Taehyung & Jungkook are best friends. Normal, but ultimat...
Flames *VMinKook* by Masquerade16
Flames *VMinKook*by GG
*Notification from Twitter* [Taps open the bird app to see a notification from Taehyung] Jimin's eyes widen, "That bitch IS WHAT?!?" _______ Taehyung and Jimi...
Taeminkook - little space  by bangtan613army
Taeminkook - little space by Bangtan.Amry613
What happens when Jungkook and Jimin found out that Tae is a little. What will happen......
Spring Day | VMINKOOK     (completed) by fightmebighit_
Spring Day | VMINKOOK (complet...by ✨🌟✨
Taehyung, the rich mafia boss, buys the handsome stripper Jimin and also takes in his friend, the runaway orphan Jungkook. #9 in VMINKOOK ♥️ Taehyung↑ Jimin↓ Jungkook↓
Culpable *Unsteady Sequel* by Masquerade16
Culpable *Unsteady Sequel*by GG
Jungkook was in the hospital after ten years due to an accident that made him mute and forget everything that happened that horrid night. Once he's out, he makes sure to...
Third Wheel~ Vminkook by crystal_peters
Third Wheel~ Vminkookby Black and White
"You really thought you were better?" Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung are best friends since childhood and there bond could never be broken until Jungkook and T...
Bangtan Exposed //Namjin/Vminkook/Sope ff by JkTaeandJiminshipper
Bangtan Exposed //Namjin/Vminkook...by Jk+Tae+Jimin=♡
"Joonie, let's do a V Live!"......probably one of the worst desicions Kim Seokjin ever made. *Warnings* Smut Adorable Bangtan
Whipped Heart | Namgi by KatKatty__
Whipped Heart | Namgiby Kat
"You made a heart out of the cream in my coffee." Namjoon meets a new customer that causes an unexpected change to his repetitive world. [Café AU] STARTED: May...
⚣𝙵𝙰𝙽𝙶𝚂 || 𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙹𝙸𝙽⚣ by lavishh_koo
Different fangs, but not different hearts. Werewolf: Jin Vampire: Namjoon
Snow white and the 7 dwarfs by Na_Naan
Snow white and the 7 dwarfsby Naan
"She's Beautiful, Just Like An Angel" "There's Nobody Like Him, Anywhere At All" Modern day Snow White meets the 7 dwarfs, Disney snow white with a t...
Just One Day (Vminkook) by Btsarmy137429
Just One Day (Vminkook)by Bts army 137
It was his first day of college and he was already late. Park jimin dashed out of his house to the bus stop. And suddenly he bumbed into someone. He had no time to find...
bossy - knj x ksj by xannlo
bossy - knj x ksjby !?!
a lot can happen when you have a little running the mafia, especially when he sees daddy material. little!namjoon mafialeader!namjoon caregiver!seokjin top!seokjin sta...
Taekook, Sope/Yoonseok, and Namjin oneshots by klance_solangelo_
Taekook, Sope/Yoonseok, and Namjin...by Obsessed With Bts and Kalafina
So this was originally just Taekook Sope and Namjin but around chapter 20 I just started doing whatever ship I want lol. I'm just too lazy to change the name. The titl...
ᴅʀeaᴍs by oceantaekook
ᴅʀeaᴍsby fᥲᥒtᥲᥱ᥉ιᥱ᥉
a taeminkook fanfiction based off of the boys in real life ♡ tops ; jimin & tae bottom ; kookie hope you enjoy uwu
With Love by catchthekookie
With Loveby Kookiecrumbs
JIMIN, TAEHYUNG AND JUNGKOOK have finally fallen IN LOVE. Not with each other of course (although we know that they do), but with THREE BEST FRIENDS who have arrived in...
The CEO's boyfriend Taeminkook by darlaARMY
The CEO's boyfriend Taeminkookby darlaARMY
Jimin a normal student in Seoul University has some secrets. But no one knows about it except two people... A lot of Fluff Mpreg Crossdressing Three some CEO!AU Top...