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Roni by danilynn87
Roniby Danilynn
Emma receives news that Henry is back in our world, but doesn't have his memories. Emma will travel to Hyperion Heights in hopes to bring him back to Storybrooke. *My r...
In The Depths Of Her Soul  by danilynn87
In The Depths Of Her Soul by Danilynn
While dropping her daughter off at school one morning, Regina Mills bumps into a mother she's never met before. This Swanqueen AU, will focus on the development of char...
Gave Me Life  by bri2795
Gave Me Life by Brittany
An AU where Emma is the surrogate for Regina. However Emma and Regina begin to have feelings for each other. Will they act upon these feelings? It's kinda like Baby Mam...
Beautiful drug  by swanqueenrp
Beautiful drug by Kelsie wise
Emma Swan has newly made detective at NY PD, her first hardcore assignment is simple, get close to Regina Mills, the head of one of NY's most notorious gangs, gather inf...
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The Tie That Binds by danilynn87
The Tie That Bindsby Danilynn
After Peter Pan's curse, Regina decides self-wallowing is not going to fix her life without her son. As she looks back on her time in Nerverland, she knows she has to fi...
Baby Bump (swanqueen) by fancy_garfield
Baby Bump (swanqueen)by I Fancy A Fine Fabric 🪐💫
Keeping secrets in Storybrooke is never easy and Emma and Regina have been keeping a big one... unfortunately, this secret has a due date. *SwanQueen *Fluff I do not ow...
Behind Closed Doors by danilynn87
Behind Closed Doorsby Danilynn
As Emma plans her upcoming wedding, she looks back on her time in Storybrooke. Regina and Emma have come a long way as friends, but are they keeping secrets from their p...
The Secrets Her Heart Keeps by danilynn87
The Secrets Her Heart Keepsby Danilynn
Regina is finally accepted amongst her people and is ready to be crowned The Good Queen over all the realms, but there's only one person that she wishes were there durin...
You and Tequila by danilynn87
You and Tequilaby Danilynn
Emma Swan is a struggling makeup artist in New York City. She's ready to give up on her dreams when an old friend from her past offers her a deal she cannot refuse, work...
Once Upon A Chat by darlene_smith
Once Upon A Chatby Darlene Smith
If OUAT characters chatted SwanQueen
Bittersweet Revenge  by danilynn87
Bittersweet Revenge by Danilynn
A fun Swan Queen AU based on the original movie Overboard. A filthy rich snob, Miss Mills refuses to pay Emma Swan for her labor. When Emma sees an opportunity to seek r...
Forever Yours  by danilynn87
Forever Yours by Danilynn
When a young college student Emma Swan crosses paths with her new teacher's assistant, Regina Mills will they become enemies, friends or something more? This will be a s...
Andante, Andante  by danilynn87
Andante, Andante by Danilynn
When Emma Swan finds herself at a crossroads in her life she makes a spontaneous decision about her summer that will rapidly change the outcome of her future. *Swanquee...
Unwritten // SwanQueen Smut Oneshots by toastydude
Unwritten // SwanQueen Smut Onesho...by hex
⚠️Smut one shots ⚠️Kinks If u don't like that stuff then go plz no hate
Illusions  by danilynn87
Illusions by Danilynn
Undercover detective, Emma Swan, is sent from the big city life of New York to small town Storybrooke, Maine to follow a lead on her new case. She's a determined woman...
Some Girl In A Bar by one2manyOTPs
Some Girl In A Barby 2manyOTPs
Regina Mills is dragged out for five days in Vegas. She lives in a quiet town no one really knows called Maine. Her sister and best friend Kathryn make her go. Emma Swan...
Swinging Storybrooke  by danilynn87
Swinging Storybrooke by Danilynn
Regina Mills and her husband, Graham, take it upon themselves to welcome the new residents from across the street to their neighborhood. *Swingtown Crossover *Swanquee...
Swan Defense by one2manyOTPs
Swan Defenseby 2manyOTPs
Regina Mills 25 year old woman who was raped four times and is terrified of living her life now. Her therapist suggests she learns some self defense and she decides to g...
Andante, Andante: Please Don't Let Me Down  by danilynn87
Andante, Andante: Please Don't Let...by Danilynn
After eighteen years together, four children and one demanding career, Emma and Regina are in search for that flame that used to burn bright in their relationship. Marri...
The Girl Next Door  by danilynn87
The Girl Next Door by Danilynn
Emma and Regina have grown up living next door to each other since the day they were born. They have always been the best of friends and inseparable. *Swanqueen AU * M...