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The wrong swan by parrillas_gang
The wrong swanby parrillas_gang
25 year old Emma Swan is a sheriff, working in a small town in Maine. Her father is a rich 47 year old man and likes to date young woman ever since his wife died many ye...
Time Will Tell  by danilynn87
Time Will Tell by Danilynn
This story takes place five years after season 6 ended (let's pretend season 7 doesn't exist). Henry is away at college when he discovers Regina is missing. He knows the...
Memorize Me by the-little_mermaid
Memorize Meby Julia Marie
Set after 3x11 Going Home, after Pan's curse hits. This fic ignores ANYTHING that comes after this episode. What if everyone hadn't met Zelena in the Enchanted Forest...
Light Em' Up by shaVslife
Light Em' Upby shaVslife
Emma Swan is a firefighter , she puts her life on the line everyday. what happens when one day she crosses paths with a familiar face and her whole world changes Regin...
Call me Regina { student x teacher} by LanaBexana
Call me Regina { student x teacher}by anika
emma get's a new teacher for French, her favorite subject in school. emma has one friend because she has trust issues. will regina get her to loosen up a bit?
Her dumb partner by parrillas_gang
Her dumb partnerby parrillas_gang
Regina and Emma are both detectives that work at the same station. They get stuck working together in a case. The girls do not get along at all. They hate each other. Be...
Different Beliefs by swanqueenstories
Different Beliefsby SwanQueen❤️
Emma has always been the quiet girl around school. No one knows anything about her. That is, until the popular girl Regina Mills suddenly starts talking to her, trying t...
Hush// A Swan Queen AU by Itsmeavalon
Hush// A Swan Queen AUby 🌈Avalon🌈
*DISCONTINUED* - Emma is a 17 year old high school student Who has an extremely complicated past. Her parents left her on the side of a highway, and she was found by a 7...
Love? Maybe. by swanqueenfic
Love? Maybe.by swanqueenfic
Regina is a college professor at Emma's school. Emma is a regular student who seems to get into lots of trouble. Can Emma find an unlikely friend in Regina? Read to find...
You will be my Revenge (A SwanQueen Story) by HappyGirl3001
You will be my Revenge (A SwanQuee...by HappyGirl3001
The Evil Queen has been waiting for her revenge for way too long. So as word spreads that Snow White is about to have a daughter she makes a plan to finally destroy her...
It Could Be Us by emerson_writes18
It Could Be Usby Gaytie McGrath
As a vampire, Emma Swan has started to grow tired of having to relive high school over and over. So her outlet becomes writing, or more specifically, fanfic for a certai...
If You Love Me, Let Me Go by emerson_writes18
If You Love Me, Let Me Goby Gaytie McGrath
*cover is not mine* Emma and Hook's relationship is starting to get a little bit rocky. One drunken night with Regina changes things with them forever. As soon as Emma...
Letters from war by parrillas_gang
Letters from warby parrillas_gang
Emma goes away to the army. Regina stays at home with there 4 month old baby. Emma promised to send a letter everyday even if there wasn't much to say. To Regina a simpl...
Online dating by parrillas_gang
Online datingby parrillas_gang
Emma finally lets her friend convince her that online dating was a good thing and that his site he used worked. Emma sighed up for it but just got lots of weirdos. Regin...
Thanks to her  by zoe_caswell13
Thanks to her by zoe caswell
Regina mills is an English teacher also the hottest teacher in school she's known as the evil queen a total bitch to her students ever since she lost the love of her lif...
Swan Defense by one2manyOTPs
Swan Defenseby 2manyOTPs
Regina Mills 25 year old woman who was raped four times and is terrified of living her life now. Her therapist suggests she learns some self defense and she decides to g...
1+1 by ijustdontfeellikeit
1+1by Because I said so
Studentxteacher love story. May be cheesy for many readers or too extravagant. 😁😁 What happens when getting extra help turns into much more?? (swanqueen)
The Love I Crave by Flossie08
The Love I Craveby Flossie08
Emma Swan, 17, a trouble maker who had made a name for herself at school as the "kid with no hope" everyone had given up on her, even Emma had given up on hers...
Believing in myself by xen5345
Believing in myselfby xen5345
Rachel quite glee comes and finds out where her life takes her. There will be a cross over with Supergirl, and once upon a time and mai hima. There will be magic, Fighti...
Who Knew? by The_Kyeezy
Who Knew?by Kyyyyyyy💕
Emma Swan a new highschool graduate takes on a job for the summer to start adult life and forget about the place that caused her so much pain. What happens when she real...