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Once Upon A Chat by darlene_smith
Once Upon A Chatby Darlene Smith
If OUAT characters chatted SwanQueen
Jobs, kids and her by parrillas_gang
Jobs, kids and herby parrillas_gang
Sequel to gangs, drugs and her!!!! It's now 7 years later. Regina is living her normal life with her family. April is obviously still in prison since Lola sent her there...
Mute Girl by one2manyOTPs
Mute Girlby 2manyOTPs
Emma Swan is sent to camp for a school year. They teach you and you learn stuff. Regina Mills goes every year and now she meets Emma. G!p
Did You Hear That? by EvilRegal10lp
Did You Hear That?by EvilRegal10lp
Emma talks to ghosts and when Regina's best friend die she searches for Emma for a chance to talk with her best friend one more time.
Detention by parrillas_gang
Detentionby parrillas_gang
Emma Swan is one of the most misbehaved students in Storybrook high, having been held back 2 years for not even trying. Due to her behaviour, when she returns in Septemb...
Crossing Paths by swanqueenstories
Crossing Pathsby swanqueen
Right when both Emma and Regina are about to give up on dating, guys and romance, they meet each other. *This is a SwanQueen fanfiction *I don't own the characters they...
It's my birthday, right? by yellowbugsavior
It's my birthday, right?by yellowbugsavior
Emma's birthday has never really meant much to her, but once she realizes that no one in Storybrooke seems to have remembered she finds it harder than she thought. Swanq...
About Last Night (swanqueen) by Swanqueenc
About Last Night (swanqueen)by Swanqueenc
Read it:)) it's so good *This is not my work* I got it from *fanfic.net* @juicecupswanqueen *I'll delete if not allowed *
Teach Me//Swanqueen by lanasparilla
Teach Me//Swanqueenby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills just Moved to Storybrooke, Main to start her final Schoolyear. What will happen once she Meets her blonde Teacher and can't seem to get her Out Of her mind...
Dark Dark Night by lanasparilla
Dark Dark Nightby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Emma Swan is like any other Girl-except that She's a vampire. Her family moves to Storybrooke but at the Moment the Blonde sees her English Teacher Regina Mills, She can...
Forbidden Fruit by babyemmaswan
Forbidden Fruitby Char
Swan Queen High School au Part 1 in the Forbidden series
Celebrity Crush by yellowbugsavior
Celebrity Crushby yellowbugsavior
Regina Mills is a famous TV star. Emma Swan is a Live Streamer with her best friend Ruby Lucas and just under 500,000 subscribers. Both of them are huge fans of each ot...
Swan Defense by one2manyOTPs
Swan Defenseby 2manyOTPs
Regina Mills 25 year old woman who was raped four times and is terrified of living her life now. Her therapist suggests she learns some self defense and she decides to g...
Look How Far We've Come by reginamillsyeah
Look How Far We've Comeby Kaila :)
Swan Queen AU. The curse breaks and this is what happens to Emma and Regina after. PS this story is my baby and my first SQ story...please nice to it!
A Kingdom Divided by MissaSissa
A Kingdom Dividedby MissaSissa
Regina Mills & Emma Nolan are both princesses in enemy kingdoms. When fate pushes them together, they have a chance to bring their families together. Will they succeed...
Just Another Thief by Little_ga
Just Another Thiefby Little_ga
Emma ran away from home and is now surviving on stealing jewels and money from people. It's working out fine until she robs the wrong carriage, the Evil Queens carriage...
Hold Me by SwanMills
Hold Meby SwanMills
I love seeing Regina vulnerable! *super short one shot*
One Night Leads to a Lifetime by LovaticalSQFanatic
One Night Leads to a Lifetimeby LovaticalSQFanatic
Regina Mills sees a pretty blonde in a bar and has a one night stand. How can this one blonde, this one fling, this one drink change her life? Regina G!P Don't like it...
Swanqueen one Shots by Private_Writer_00
Swanqueen one Shotsby Private_Writer_00
Just a bunch of one shots
Her dumb partner by parrillas_gang
Her dumb partnerby parrillas_gang
Regina and Emma are both detectives that work at the same station. They get stuck working together in a case. The girls do not get along at all. They hate each other. Be...