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Gave Me Life  by bri2795
Gave Me Life by Brittany
An AU where Emma is the surrogate for Regina. However Emma and Regina begin to have feelings for each other. Will they act upon these feelings? It's kinda like Baby Mam...
Detention by parrillas_gang
Detentionby parrillas_gang
Emma Swan is one of the most misbehaved students in Storybrook high, having been held back 2 years for not even trying. Due to her behaviour, when she returns in Septemb...
If You Love Me, Let Me Go by emerson_writes18
If You Love Me, Let Me Goby Gaytie McGrath
*cover is not mine* Emma and Hook's relationship is starting to get a little bit rocky. One drunken night with Regina changes things with them forever. As soon as Emma...
Can't Fake Love // SwanQueen by swanqueenstories
Can't Fake Love // SwanQueenby SwanQueen❤️
What if both Emma and Regina went to New York with Henry once Peter Pan had enacted his curse? *SwanQueen fanfiction *You have to have watched Once Upon a Time to unders...
Different Beliefs // SwanQueen by swanqueenstories
Different Beliefs // SwanQueenby SwanQueen❤️
Emma has always been the quiet girl around school. No one knows anything about her. That is, until the popular girl Regina Mills suddenly starts talking to her, trying t...
It Could Be Us by emerson_writes18
It Could Be Usby Gaytie McGrath
As a vampire, Emma Swan has started to grow tired of having to relive high school over and over. So her outlet becomes writing, or more specifically, fanfic for a certai...
Crossing Paths // SwanQueen by swanqueenstories
Crossing Paths // SwanQueenby SwanQueen❤️
Right when both Emma and Regina are about to give up on dating, guys and romance, they meet each other. (That was just a brief description, because I suck at writing des...
About Last Night (swanqueen) by Swanqueenc
About Last Night (swanqueen)by Swanqueen
Read it:)) it's so good *This is not my work* I got it from *fanfic.net*
Dark Dark Night by lanasparilla
Dark Dark Nightby Gay Bish🌈🔥
Emma Swan is like any other Girl-except that She's a vampire. Her family moves to Storybrooke but at the Moment the Blonde sees her English Teacher Regina Mills, She can...
Queen Wears Prada by FandomXWriterX
Queen Wears Pradaby CalzonaSwen💕
Emma Swan works at one of the richest companies in America and who owns it? None other than Regina Mills! Can Emma survive her job as well as all of the other obstacles...
🙈😌✨ S W A N Q U E E N✨😌🙈 by shleepinglia
🙈😌✨ S W A N Q U E E N✨😌🙈by 🇦 🇸 🇮 🇦 
a story idfk read it😌✌🏾🙈💕😗 _______________________________ ✨DISCLAIMER✨ THIS STORY IS NOT MINE I GOT IT OFF OF FANFICTION.COM IM NOT THIS GOOD AT WRITING WE ALL KN...
Keeping A Secret (COMPLETE) by Kenzey_Queen24
Keeping A Secret (COMPLETE)by °Morrilla°
Regina Mills is a princess who hates every guy that her mother forces upon her. Until one day, Cora doesn't take no for an answer. Regina is brought to the man's castle...
Blood  by onceuponatime992
Blood by onceuponatime992
It has just been discovered that Regina's blood is able to cure a new devastating disease. Her only issue is that she is not needed alive in order the synthesize the med...
Shared Pain // SwanQueen by swanqueenstories
Shared Pain // SwanQueenby SwanQueen❤️
Emma is married and has three kids when one day Regina moves to a house in her street. Her new neighbor locks herself out of the house and asks her for help, which leads...
To Ignite by LovaticalSQFanatic
To Igniteby LovaticalSQFanatic
After Emma runs away from her depressing life as a princess, she comes across the Dark Kingdom and its Queen. How will the Evil Queen and Emma interact? Will Emma thrive...
Celebrity Crush by yellowbugsavior
Celebrity Crushby yellowbugsavior
Regina Mills is a famous TV star. Emma Swan is a Live Streamer with her best friend Ruby Lucas and just under 500,000 subscribers. Both of them are huge fans of each ot...
SwanQueen : Starting Over by Charmin21
SwanQueen : Starting Overby Charmin21
Regina and Emma is the perfect married couple that everyone loves. Emma is the Sheriff and Regina is the Mayor. They have two kids.. Henry and Samantha.. Emma and Regina...
College Teacher Crush by MyMajestyParrilla
College Teacher Crushby Lana Parrilla
Emma swan is a 18 year old girl who was born with a males part , when she starts at her new school things start to get out of hand when she start to fall for her new pro...
The Lies We Tell by laynaZdavis
The Lies We Tellby CRACKHEAD
Emma is a seventeen year old girl in foster care. A nice couple just adopts her without a second look. She moves in with them and everything is great. She meets her next...
To The Man Who Let Her Go by CatchThese1000Hands
To The Man Who Let Her Goby Tati
Henry just wanted to stop the curse he never thought he'd complete his family...