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My Random Yoonkook One Shots by YoonkookInfiresMann
My Random Yoonkook One Shotsby YoonkookInfiresMann
My one shots smooshed into one book cuz why the fuck not? Also, these are all Jungkook Tops cuz Yoongi is a panicked smol gummy
SUGAR CAKES. by yoonxiety
SUGAR softie
❝ The girls dream of me, the boys fear me. What about you, sugar cake? ❞ - in which Yoongi falls head over heels for the school's bad boy, Jeon Jungkook. ©YOONXIETY
Willow Tree ✓ by ink-memories
Willow Tree ✓by -`moonchild
There was one place that kept their fate tied together. ©ink-memories
candy boy [jjk×BTS] by just_janh
candy boy [jjk×BTS]by mokusei.
Having a candy shop was his dream, and now he got it. Jeon Jeongguk, owner of the candy shop named 'sweet dreamland'.
Sinceramente [YoonKook] by _Erin_Kate_
Sinceramente [YoonKook]by _Erin_Kate_
Jeon Jung Kook nunca esperó que su hyung favorito sintiera algo por él, pero va a afrontarlo como un niño grande y valiente. 💖Fluff. 💖Historia corta. 💖YoonKook/SuKook...
Dance me •[Kookgi]• by Meownggi
Dance me •[Kookgi]•by 메원기
Donde Jungkook conoce a Yoongi porque este le perrea. -Jungkook ¡Top\\ Yoongi !Bottom
(All Kook) bảo bối của Bangtan by kook2811
(All Kook) bảo bối của Bangtanby kook2811
Thiên thần đáng yêu từ trên tr rơi xuống cửa nhà Bangtan Có lẽ tiểu thiên thần là món quà may mắn kèm hạnh phúc từ ....
Amores Prohibidos; kookgi by soporkg
Amores Prohibidos; kookgiby itsJungkookhyung
Relatos cortos acerca de amores prohibidos. Jungkook Activo Yoongi Pasivo fecha de incio: 9 de marzo del 2019. Cumpleaños de una personita muy especial.
❝ Holy fuck you're naked! ❞ - In which Jungkook's cat Yoongi, turns into human, and he falls in love with it. ©YOONXIETY
¿"Tipo de novio"? ;; KookGi by JungYooriLee
¿"Tipo de novio"? ;; KookGiby Manjarate.
Donde JungKook descubre los imaginas "YoonGi es el tipo de novio que..", e intenta comprobar esos datos. •JungKook Top, YoonGi bottom. •Comedia, creO. •Me burl...
[LONGFIC][ALLKOOK/DRAW DEVIL][Drop] by Gabotkookbot
[LONGFIC][ALLKOOK/DRAW DEVIL][Drop]by Gà bớt cúc bớt -Nii
Fanfic đầu tay của mik Chưa có nhiều kinh nghiệm nên xin mọi người ủng hộ -Nghiêm cấm Chuyển ver ###khi chưa có sự cho phép❌❌❌ -Cấm đem truyện ra ngoài khi chưa có sự ch...
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Stolen Kiss [Kookgi] by Meownggi
Stolen Kiss [Kookgi]by 메원기
En donde a Yoongi lo asaltan pero este termina besandose con el asaltante.
SPAM 2 (m.yg×j.jk) by yoongayandjungcock
SPAM 2 (m.yg×j.jk)by ceo of myungjin
yoongi has been very distant and busy lately and drives jungkook insane. he spends countless hours at the studio working. but it doesnt stop jungkook from being a horny...
COLORS 색상 by ohsoftmyg
COLORS 색상by [💜]
Colores que alegran el día.
A fictionalized theory of HYYH, WINGS, and LOVE YOURSELF (HER, WONDER and soon TEAR). This theory will follow the format of the notes published by bighit in the last al...
Minor Injuries by WorldofTrash
Minor Injuriesby World of Trash
No faltaba día en que YoonGi llegara con graves heridas a casa. ¯\_No prometo nada con este fic. ¯\_Serán capítulos MUY cortos... Mínimo unas 120 palabras Idk. ¯\_Probab...
Ruthless Love by umiariayoung
Ruthless Loveby ARIA._.YOUNG
Min Yoongi being the son of Top most CEO's is cruel and cold-hearted. Park Jimin is a normal city boy who struggles hard to free himself from the debts and als...
Pretty Lies. ❀ YoonKook. by Velkynsen
Pretty Lies. ❀ K.
❝El amor que sentían el uno por el otro resultó ser una mentira.❞ → Yoonkook/Sukook. → Capítulos cortos. → Las actualizaciones varían. →...
MON Prof {SuKook} by MinSori
MON Prof {SuKook}by MinSori
C'est impossible. Premièrement, parce que c'est un homme, deuxièmement parce que c'est son professeur. Il ne peut pas. Il ne doit pas. (NamJin en fond)
[trans][sugakookie] the air you breathe is full of ghosts by annavyxkookie
[trans][sugakookie] the air you lụt nghề
yoongi x jungkook author: bellames translator: annavy do have permission to translate. pls dont take out.