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Wounded Heart ✔ by LiliacViolet_97
Wounded Heart ✔by LiliacViolet_97
"Will, you ever move on, forget him?" Her friend asked. "He is my breath and I will forget him when I forget to breathe." She answered with a smile o...
TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES {On Hiatus} by Orchids_970812
TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES {On Hiatus}by Orchid
It's a short story of our favourite couple Swara and Sanskar. It's from the serial track. "I Loved You like no one ever never loved someone else like that but you j...
Shukla's Pregnant Mistress (Completed) by KashishNaaz
Shukla's Pregnant Mistress ( Prayers
Peep inside to know about Junior Shukla's arriving story
Believe Me(swasan ss)[Completed] by mars_111
Believe Me(swasan ss)[Completed]by mars_111
#32 in short stories on 14/08/2017 the story is about two teenagers who are in relationship. Swara loves sanskar truely but he takes swara as granted. swara will face my...
Destiny Yoonmin by Jocelyn_sim
Destiny Yoonminby Chiminnie
Where Jimin have experienced a horrible past which affected his mental health. He was abused by his father and his mum have left them. At the age of 15 he was rescued an...
Just like a Maple Leaf.  by Saltandsand01
Just like a Maple Leaf. by d"liya
Yes, their relationship was just like a Maple leaf There was sweetness in their relation but when the bitterness overpower it, they themselves didn't knew. These human e...
Princess Forever... by harshali_abhira
Princess a_b_h_i_r_a
For all those who love akshu a lot and also how akshu childhood would have been without any problems and being the princess of her family..
Shattered Soul (swasan ten shots) [Completed] by mars_111
Shattered Soul (swasan ten shots) mars_111
#122 in short stories on 14/08/2017 The story will describe the pain sufferings of sanskar who after getting betrayed from his love got shattered. How he will recover an...
Why can't you love your wife? - Abhigya TS by CrazyMahiz (Completed) by crazymahiz
Why can't you love your wife? - MAHII / CRAZY
Winner of First prize in Best Two/Three shot story in Abhigya awards 2018... Marriage is a sacred bond... What will happen to the lives of three people who cared for eac...
I belong to The Vampire King by abi2402
I belong to The Vampire Kingby Ambrosia Drac
I've never ever thought that, I'd meet a man like him. How cruel! On the same way loving more than anyone! I wish I hadn't met him. On the other hand, I'm scared inside...
WE ARE UNITY {Season 1 "Destined to be chosen"} by Fantasy_Writer_4
WE ARE UNITY {Season 1 "Destined Fantasy Writer
Destined To Be Chosen is season one of this book namely "WE ARE UNITY" This season tells the story of some frienemies who live and study in an orphanage and a...
EXPERT THIEF  by kingdevildemon
DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER . It's not always that thieves left a clue for us . Some themselves remain a great mystery . Here's a story of a thief who makes thousan...
Endlessly  by ellearie_vj
Endlessly by Ellearie Villaluna
A girl named Zenayah Ree Cruz has a life that you can almost say that it's a disaster, but when there is an endless pain, there is also an endless hope. There, she met a...
Its still you by writer_JP
Its still youby Witchy Princess
I thought everything was over. I thought it was the end.. until Until, you again came in my life and I realised... it was all a lie "Maybe it was in our fate to be...
My blindness  by anaz1994
My blindness by anaz
Its an raglak sr track ...emotional one...
Letters to my son.  by typical_Indiangirl
Letters to my son. by typical_Indiangirl
A mother of a new born discovers that, she has only 20 hours left in a body that she has been residing in for 19 years. She breast feeds her baby for the first and last...
Shattered  by aartificious_
Shattered by Rey
How do you feel when you have millions of things to say, to yell at, to tell , to accuse, to fight but all is the end is you do is to keep silent. Knowing your silence i...
my broken heart 💔 by duniyakijaan
my broken heart 💔by duniyakijaan
it's an manan story. Manik is from a rich family and nandini is an orphan. Both fell in love and get married. Nandini was pregnant that time when Manik's accident happen...
From Here To You (under Editing) by loveanddeath0909
From Here To You (under Editing)by Cassy_kuo
Thank you readers it is already rank #2 in 2worlds. April 10,2020 DESCRIPTION Note: Plagiarism is a Crime. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters...
Beautiful agony by Destiny  by MeeraAgrawal7
Beautiful agony by Destiny by Meera Agrawal
This is not like any other typical story. It is the complete life story of girl named Yati, her struggles, her achievements, her problems.