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A Poignant Fallacy  by idk040705
A Poignant Fallacy by idk
"good from far but far from good" Wealthy American family with father, John Warren and wife/mother, Laura Warren, to five children. 4 boys and 1 girl. Jackson...
Shut Up & Listen by vonize-Arie
Shut Up & Listenby sad boys ent.
Cole, Dame, Cecil jr. and Cobe grow together and sometimes apart as they navigate adulting, loss, family problems, sexuality, friendships and mistakes, all while redefin...
Gaslighter by violadavis
Gaslighterby cate
Penn Romero is a smart girl. Smart girls don't get involved with their professors. ***** It begins wit...
The Last Daughter of Elysia by RSaladine
The Last Daughter of Elysiaby Ruth Freitas
A stolen grimoire. A court of lies and secrets. A hidden identity. Seventeen-year-old Morgana lives in Golah Court, one of the two fae courts in the magical and danger...
The Wrong Wedding  by Hareem_Riaz
The Wrong Wedding by Hareem Riaz
MARRIAGE /ˈmarɪdʒ/ noun The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. A tale spanning over 3 generations; tainted by lie...
Booth Three by frangipanii
Booth Threeby frangipanii
#3 CHICKLIT ❤️ #2 MILLIONAIRE ❤️ Amelia Bradshaw is barely getting by. Her apartment is falling apart, her family needs medical help, and she's already doing everything...
𝕀ℤ𝕋𝕀ℝ𝔸𝔸ℝ by Aaradhyarora
𝕀ℤ𝕋𝕀ℝ𝔸𝔸ℝby Aaradhya Arora
Feeling helpless and powerless by the power of love is like a drug that they don't sell over the counter....... "Muskurana tu ki jaise waabasta nhi mere iztiraar s...
Love and the Sea and Everything in Between by BrianMcBride
Love and the Sea and Everything Brian McBride
NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! [WATTYS 2016 WINNER] [Highest Ranking #190 in Teen Fiction] [#2 in #FreeYourMind] [#4 in #Social Issues as of 11/25/18] [First Draft Only] Coll...
Unnecessary Enchantment || 2ho by WhatAtinyWorld
Unnecessary Enchantment || 2hoby •.°•.🌱.•.°.
"Hyung." The sound barely escapes his lungs, even less his lips. "You have really nice eyes." •☬• 마법. A thing of the past. Some place of dangerous si...
The Social Deviant - Countryhumans Russia x Germany by Arrin99423
The Social Deviant - Raudkajull
Russia. The Aggressor. Life is a show and sometimes you just hate your role. The big city demands a large sacrifice, and thousands give up everything to just survive th...
Arjun Kashyap is a famous and successful criminal lawyer who takes up cases with only a single thought to serve justice... He is a believer of the famous Sanskrit saying...
Violet Potter and the Basilisk Plague (Year Two) by ShawnaMScott
Violet Potter and the Basilisk Shawna Marie Scott
Violet Potter's Second Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has begun. When Harry Potter and his best friend, Ron Weasley are almost expelled for (illegall...
childhood neighborhood  by Astrid_laylay
childhood neighborhood by Liz Horbez
15 year old Myra Reed faces tragedy after knowing the truth behind her family. She tries her best to hide her mysery from her bestfriend who soon turns to be something e...
CAN WE LOVE??? - Abhigya FF By CrazyMahiz.. (Completed) by crazymahiz
Winner of Best Chicklit story in Abhigya awards 2018.... He is a Terror and Terrific man.... She is a Bubbly, Bold and Daring girl.... An unknown circumstance makes them...
Ancestral Cataclysm (Illustrated) by VinoLeunc
Ancestral Cataclysm (Illustrated)by Vino Leunc
In 2055, a magnificent discovery happen. A new race of hominins is found frozen in deep Alaska. This unidentified-yet-hominin has a unique DNA that can be human next hop...
The Black Stars of Melanin by TheBlackStarWriter
The Black Stars of Melaninby TheBlackStarWriter
These chains... they bind me. Her face... it reminds me. My love was turned to hate, my freedom revoked by those who subjugate. That nightmare became a reality. That fa...
Kizzy fly by night. by lovelies707
Kizzy fly by lovelies707
A young runaway arrives in 1980s London determined to escape from her past. However, the past is reluctant to let her be. She can run and lose herself in the darkest p...
Hope Lost by smcochran5
Hope Lostby smcochran5
Secrets. My world is full of secrets and lies. And death. 18-year-old, Alaska was raised on the poor side of the wall; where every day was a challenge to stay alive. Bu...
It felt like a punch to the face. The pain rushed through my nerves, my hands shaking from the chills. Exhausted, I laid straight on my mattress, letting this pain run a...
Chasing Gold by goldenlittlething
Chasing Goldby paulina
Everest Green was determined to go through her four years of college unnoticed by steering clear of any kind of trouble. Law school was her ultimate goal and no one was...