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Hell's mirrors (stud4stud) by Syrup_97
Hell's mirrors (stud4stud)by 🏳️‍🌈S.N.O.T.Y
"I AM INNOCENT" I yell tears prickling my eyes "But didn't you kill him?" "N-" she gives me this look that causes chills to run down my s...
Something New {StudxStud} by short_kay
Something New {StudxStud}by Kayla 🌻
Read & Find out😌🙉
Sexual Desires  by koldheart3d
Sexual Desires by 🤘🏽
Anaika AKA Nik/niko is a well known stud in her section. She's what you would call a "super stud" and has only dated fems. She belongs to neighborhood on 30th...
Unexpected by TrxllSiera01
Unexpectedby TrxllSiera01
No H8 Allowed!!! Stud4Stud. If you don't support sfs then don't read this, simple. You can kindly exit 🚪. There's absolutely no way I can describe this story to you gu...
Oui {studxstud} by takiiara
Oui {studxstud}by @takiiara
"there's no we without u and i." ___________________________ Jaelyn Saverra is 16 soon to be 17. She is a lesbian stud, starting her junior year at a new schoo...
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Moment by davi_diamonds
Momentby Davi
moment: noun 1. a very brief period of time. "she was silent for a moment before replying" 2. an exact point in time. "She would always rememb...
MIAMI | s4s. by _kailaaa
MIAMI | k 💜 .
inspired by : "pedestal" + "the window next door" written by @-oldschool
Tulips(gxg) by hercumtasty_
Tulips(gxg)by _pimpindisguise
"And if I kiss the the moonlight will you pardon me and tiptoe through the tulips with me?"😊
RECOGNIZE | S4S | by ⇻ 🅲 ⇻
This is gonna be a short story. This is not the regular studxfem story but rather a studxstud story. No hate will be tolerated in my book nor allowed in my pm. Enjoy...
fight for dominance.  by cripxxes
fight for dominance. by s .
Stud4Stud ‼️ so don't do to much❗️ Monte didn't think she'll like her moms new girlfriend, but ended up being more than a like.. more than a crush, she was in LOVE with...
Hush Mode (studxstud) by coconutcutie32
Hush Mode (studxstud)by coconutcutie🥥💜
Ajah had never ever really been a fan of talking to people. she believes once u start a conversation it never ends. she anti social and just doesn't fuck with people in...
What's Love? (studxstud) by dahjuh
What's Love? (studxstud)by JAH
studxstud ❤️ love /ləv/ noun 1. • an intense feeling of affection. 2. • a person or thing that one loves. Jaden (Jay) was raised in what is cal...
College Life by icyypear
College Lifeby ❄️
hi this a s4s book please vote:) this the first book i wrote, it's kinda cringey so 🐻 wimme
Flowers blossom (Not all flowers bloom sequel) by zaria340
Flowers blossom (Not all flowers Z340
it's been 5 years since the trip, it's been 5 years since Dez found someone and took in Amia. It's been 5 years since Taylor and Dez have seen each other. What happens w...
Gay for Gabby ( Teen LESBIAN) by albgotwords
Gay for Gabby ( Teen LESBIAN)by #teambrokebitch
Gwen Galley is just like any other "normal" sophomore in high school, really. She has a crush on a boy she "can't have" and has parents on her back a...
OLD LOVER'S by 1amxjojo
two best friends who were madly in love.. but lost connection during an accident
The Flow by saddermind
The Flowby saddermind
"You foreal?" "Yeah, how about we just let it go and go with the flow..." ------------------------------------------------------- Alexis is a 17 year...
Oui (we) S4S (Book 3) by ArielBatez
Oui (we) S4S (Book 3)by Emperical
Eli's home, and recovering. Celeste is in a mental ward, working on maintaining her mentality, and Nina is.....somehow......alive?????? How will Arielle adjust to Eli's...