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Old Friends by -Qveen-T
Old Friendsby Trin🥀
Kayden and Rakell have been bestfriends since preschool. It was hell on earth when Rakell's father got a new job out of state and she was forced to move without even get...
Moment by davi_diamonds
Momentby Davi
moment: noun 1. a very brief period of time. "she was silent for a moment before replying" 2. an exact point in time. "She would always rememb...
Lesbian Erotica  by one_fellow_homo
Lesbian Erotica by _Jayyyy_
A couple of one shot imagines. Stud×Stud GxG/G!P Story Cover: on Instagram✨
Unwanted luv by kdoesdis
Unwanted luvby kdoesdis
Day is trying to start a new life after a traumatic relationship. She wants to be alone but when A pops in her life will that change? This is a stud for stud story no h...
MIAMI | s4s. by _kailaaa
MIAMI | k 💜 .
inspired by : "pedestal" + "the window next door" written by @-oldschool
Oui {studxstud} by takiiara
Oui {studxstud}by @takiiara
"there's no we without u and i." ___________________________ Jaelyn Saverra is 16 soon to be 17. She is a lesbian stud, starting her junior year at a new schoo...
The Flow by saddermind
The Flowby saddermind
"You foreal?" "Yeah, how about we just let it go and go with the flow..." ------------------------------------------------------- Alexis is a 17 year...
Federal by sollo_xxx
Federalby sollo_xxx
This story contains strong language, adult themes, sexuality, violence, and drug use. Viewer discretion is advised. Khano, the biggest drug lord in her area has allowed...
Know Yourself (girlxgirl) (Lesbian) (Urban) by delete3d9383858
Know Yourself (girlxgirl) ( delete3d9383858
Jayla Green isn't your typical new transfer student at Luther Cross High. For starters, she's not who she says she is, and she's got a death wish for the most popular gi...
Lifestyle by tee0315
Lifestyleby tee0315
SJ aka Senae is the most popular kid and stud in school, she gets what she wants and when she wants it but no one knows about her home situation. What happens when the...
Something New {StudxStud} by short_kay
Something New {StudxStud}by Kayla 🌻
Read & Find out😌🙉
Unexpected by TrxllSiera01
Unexpectedby TrxllSiera01
No H8 Allowed!!! Stud4Stud. If you don't support sfs then don't read this, simple. You can kindly exit 🚪. There's absolutely no way I can describe this story to you gu...
What's Love? (studxstud) by dahjuh
What's Love? (studxstud)by JAH
studxstud ❤️ love /ləv/ noun 1. • an intense feeling of affection. 2. • a person or thing that one loves. Jaden (Jay) was raised in what is cal...
A New Chapter  by yourlocalunicorn
A New Chapter by Niyaah Wiyah ❤
Ja'Niyah and Kj are back, but this time it's totally different.
Unexpected Love (stud4stud) by GirlsLoveSara
Unexpected Love (stud4stud)by GirlsLoveSara
Jay is a great person. She owns her own home. She is the boss of her own business. She gets to enjoy all the luxuries of life. And don't even get me started on how good...
What A Life (StudxStud) by HoeSzn
What A Life (StudxStud)by 🖤
Read and find out Yonia faces many obstacles from one person ... Nicole. Is it out of love? Jealousy? Evilness? Who knows? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
Gay for Gabby ( Teen LESBIAN) by albgotwords
Gay for Gabby ( Teen LESBIAN)by #teambrokebitch
Gwen Galley is just like any other "normal" sophomore in high school, really. She has a crush on a boy she "can't have" and has parents on her back a...
Remy & Rae ( Teen LESBIAN) by albgotwords
Remy & Rae ( Teen LESBIAN)by #teambrokebitch
Remy Lane is your typical girl-crazy teenager. In the midst of trying to navigate the world of romance, having had her eyes set on one girl for the longest. When a new g...