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dude!!  by bloomybugs
dude!! by 🌦
tw; domestic violence, self-harm, depression, homophobia, explicit language. read on your own risk.
stoned ✧ kenma by sanriokenma
stoned ✧ kenmaby 🪐
Kenma gets high as fuck and a girl takes care of him. 。・゜  ♡ 。  ・ ゜    ♡    ♡    ♡ ゜・。。 ♡ ・゜ ♡ ゜・。  . * ・ ♡ ° . 。 .  。・゜  ♡ ・ 。  。...
𝐖𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐃™by veaune
Sequel of : STONED *Completed ! 5th written book
Go to bed Y/N! by CissasBraincell
Go to bed Y/N!by Em
Literally just Cissy x Y/N late night/high thoughts. This is pure crack. I'm not sorry at all.
It's Been A Long, Long Time by funkyderogatory
It's Been A Long, Long Timeby Groovy
A small laugh escaped Eijirou, who looked as intoxicated as Bakugou felt. Maybe if the two were sober, neither of them would be able to feel any kind of warmth and comf...
when im high off my ass & basically write porn by byeimoverit
when im high off my ass & byeimoverit
lol im rushing though this filthy shit and it may or may not be edited.
14.20 oneshot by ilovegreysanatomy129
14.20 oneshotby MerderDempeoStan
Derek is Alive and well for the weed cookies episode...does Derek shepherd get stoned?
Tease [A Billie Eilish story] Discontinued by CashEntertainment
Tease [A Billie Eilish story] cash
What will happened between you and a mysterious girl after being stoned and teasing eachother
Open When... by amazlngmel
Open AmazingMel
Phil gives Dan a box and on the cover it says "Open When..." and when Dan opens it, there is a whole bunch of letters in there. Each one is addressed on the f...
stoned by dolanslol
stonedby cait
this book is a diary full of ever funny/weird/horrible thing that has ever happened to me when i was stoned as fuck enjoy :)
Jason's Nightmare Blunt Rotation by crawlingfangs
Jason's Nightmare Blunt Rotationby fangs
This story is told from my pov and it's a shitfest but at the same time i decided to put *some* effort into it 🙄 please enjoy the nightmare this is, this rotation. Also...
Crush imagines  by jawbreaker__
Crush imagines by Tallulah
I really don't know 😂
BricK by Ahoava235
BricKby Ahoava235
They call her "The Brick". She is - always stoned - never getting a thing ...
Deep Thought by ctsmith20
Deep Thoughtby JuicyPapaBig-Boy
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
in which harry is a stoner, and indigo saves him. ・angst ・pg 13 ・harry styles ・oc's