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The roommate series. by NuggetsNotDruggets
The roommate series.by Joey Eli.
Ville and Bam are best friends. But how did they get to be friends?
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20 Roasts by epizoc
20 Roastsby Alexandra Fisher
20 Roasts Level: Extreme
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Sword Art Online Volume 20 - Moon Cradle by TaeGirlOfficial
Sword Art Online Volume 20 - Moon...by Nelle
Moon Cradle (ムーン・クレイドル, Mūn Kureidoru?) Part 2 is the 20th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on September 8, 2017. It is the last volume of a si...
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just breathe by coachcartier
just breatheby coachcartier
"I can't," he croaked. "I can't do this." "Yes you can," I promised, "Just breathe. Do it for me." **** 17 year old Ines lives a...
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NC KPOP🔞🔞🔞🔞 by sugarbbaby
NC KPOP🔞🔞🔞🔞by sugarbbaby
y'll can req who's next #1 -19
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The Hustle ; (MPJ) Michael Porter Jr. by Petals__Amor
The Hustle ; (MPJ) Michael Porter...by Petals__Amor
We're living in a fantasy I feel it when you dance with me It's feeling like you need to be My lady, my baby, yeah Can't you see I'm talking about eternity Tell me would...
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Mr. Brock by cutiigolbrock
Mr. Brockby ♫
There's a new teacher about in your college and you never liked him to begin with. That was until one accidental kiss that changed your perspective... Completion Date: -
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Jealous | JJK Smut (17+) [edited] by lollieforprez
Jealous | JJK Smut (17+) [edited]by LØLLIE 🍭
Funny how it's 17+ but when I wrote it I was 12 lmaoo or prolly 13 idk It all starts from that one night. From a friend's betrayal to getting married and living happily...
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My lady (18+) by Lemonxhikari
My lady (18+)by Lemonxhikari
ဆုပ္ကိုင္ထားမိတဲ့ ငါတို႔လက္ေတြရဲေႏြးေထြးမူက ငါႏွလံုးသားထဲမွာ နက္နက္နဲနဲအျမစ္တြယ္သြားခဲ့တယ္......
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20 Questions | Vkook by Kookie_2_My_Tae
20 Questions | Vkookby Tae_Ji🥀
"Jungkook wait up!" Taehyung yelled trying to catch up with Jungkook's pace. "What is it Taehyung?!" Jungkook yelled back now looking at Taehyung. &q...
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Cruz and Jackson Fanfic - Humanised by 95writes
Cruz and Jackson Fanfic - Humanisedby 95writes
I really like humanised Cars fanfics and I really like Jackson and Cruz together so hence this story was written.
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Ngụy Thiếu Phụ ( Np, Cao H) by hoatinh3005
Ngụy Thiếu Phụ ( Np, Cao H)by Họa Tình
NP Cha vs con gái, chị gái, anh trai, giáo viên và học sinh, chú, dì , chồng chưa cưới
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Continuación de: Resurgir. Saga AMOR ETERNO: - Libro I: Todos los caminos me llevan a ti. - Libro II: Resurgir - Libro III: Incendios Después de que todos mis caminos...
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the story of us ~ willxmia by ilovewillne
the story of us ~ willxmiaby willne&mia🥺😤🤩
willne and mia story!!!
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the girl *Latrelle* by pradawhore1234
the girl *Latrelle*by guxrlain
Real ass bitch meets the prophets boy <3
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Falling for my best friend. by Mrs_sleepy23
Falling for my best friend.by Krissel
They pooped together, They dressed together, celebrated birthdays together gone to school together and so much more. He was her pillow, She was his Blanket. People see t...
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e x p e c t  t h e  u n e x p e c t e d by tylercrispen
e x p e c t t h e u n e x p e c...by tylercrispen
welcome to the 20th season of big brother! will you cause a back door or will you be back doored? will you win comps or become a floater? will you win the 500,000 cash p...
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Royal by 100Memoriae
Royalby Julie
Rean Alves ist erst 18, als er den Thron des Landes Lacraine übernimmt. Im Frankreich des 22. Jahrhunderts soll er als König gemeinsam mit dem Parlament das Land regiere...
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Alois x claude by senpai9298
Alois x claudeby senpai9298
very dirty 20+++ omegaverse